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  1. The definition of electronegativity is the atom's ability to attract electrons in a bond. A +94 Plutionium atom is unable to bond with anything. As the Cap'n said, you have to be inside a molecule, and electronegativity consequently is referring to it's ability to attract valence electrons, as those are the only electrons used in a chemical bond.
  2. The conservation of momentum states that when two objects collide the resulting vector is the sum of the other two vectors. Say you have Object A that is 5 kilos and Object B that is 5 kilos. They are moving in a one dimensional path, opposite each other at 5 and -5 m/s, respectively. They then collide with one another in a elastic collision (sticking together the conservation of momentum says that they will stop moving. What happens if I have an electron for object A, with a mass e, and a positron for Object B, with a mass e. They are also moving in a one dimensional path, opposite each other with velocity v and -v, respectively. They then collide with one another and annihilate. Upon annihilation they produce photons in equivalence with E=mc^2. However, the net momentum is 0. I know photons have momentum, so this means that the photons themselves would be stationary, but this seems to violate special relativity. What am I missing here?
  3. Is it possible? I thought of this when we were doing applications of integrals today (disk method, shell method bla bla) in calculus class. I was trying to figure out how you could get a negative volume. Would turning spaceitme inside out make that possible?
  4. If I was living in Gaza, I would get a brain and get the hell out of there. Israel even gave them an extra three hours today to do just that. Anyone who stays is stupid.
  5. More democrats voted early, remember during the presidential campaign that like 25% of democrats voted early, while only like half of that in republicans did.
  6. Oh man, don't drop Xbox's, as soon as the red ring of death hits, they'd go crazy. Drop a wii.
  7. Isn't Hamas also a tasty lebanese dish?
  8. I like offensive things, its like feeling pain. It lets me know I'm alive.
  9. This is a novel idea. Citing yourself! I'll have to try that in class sometime.
  10. True. Aryan Nation, what the hell are those people thinking? At least Adolf Hitler is a NAME. I think they are just trying to get attention. ---- As an extra tidbit to this discussion, Wal-Mart immediatly jumped in after this was publicized and make little Adolf a birthday cake, which pissed some people off.
  11. Well. I turned my sonnet in, and it crapped itself. Apparently all my words weren't in Iambic Pentameter or... whatever. So I just wrote 14 lines of one syllable words that rhymed talking about how much I hated sonnets. I liked my first one better
  12. The parents are allowed to name their Kid Adolf Hitler if they want to. They are assholes for doing it, but they are allowed. The bakery is allowed to promptly say "No" to the stupid request and tell the parents to STFU. What a bunch of morons. I may be a Christian but I'm not naming my kid Jesus.
  13. I'm trying to write a sonnet for english class. The sonnet is about chemistry. I need a 3 syllable word that rhymes with Theory. (Chemistry won't do). I hate sonnets
  14. The good news is that this is Canada we are talking about, which means it doesn't matter.
  15. I remember reading that NASA actually was good! http://www.universetoday.com/2008/10/01/reflections-of-nasa-at-50/
  16. OOO!!! I LOVE THIS GAME! Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons ....And those are made of?
  17. Time does slow down as you approach the speed of light. For something that actually travels at c, in this case a photon, you will not experience time at all. Photons do not experience time.
  18. When you guys say "Van Der Waals" attraction are you talking about the London Dispersion Forces, or is that different?
  19. 60 seats would be terrible. Bi-partisanship is needed, to have one party ruling, whether it be democrats or republicans is a setup for disaster.
  20. I don't think it's anyone's right to say whether anyone can have kids or not. So whether it is 'good' or 'bad' has no meaning.
  21. Exist - to be comprised of information Object - something that exists that is not biological space - a medium through which objects move universe - An entire system
  22. Organic Chemistry in my school started out with 300 and by the end of the semester was down to about 75. Not all of those people passed.
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