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  1. REPLY: Thank goodness I got that straightened out. Your Friend, ...Dr.Syntax
  2. THIS WAS IN RESPONSE TO A YOUNG MAN WHO SEEMED VERY TROUBLED. I don`t think it was meant for you. It had some elses name. Please don`t be mad. I don`t how it happened. I really don`t. I got an incoming message and responded to that and went back to this . It``s a screw up some where and I`ll try and erase it. ..your friend, Dr.Syntax Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged This is a mistake, It was not a reply to you. I don`t know how it got posted here, i really don`t. Sorry, it was not in reply to anything you said. Now I have erased it. You posted it as a quote by me . To erase that you have to go edit and just hold down the backspace button until it is all gone then just type in mistake or something and press save,
  3. lol why what happened this time?

    take a vacation from this place, you'll get to hate it a bit less after then..

  4. dr.syntax

    Bond Angles

    REPLY: I thought of you because I wanted to know if that molecular modeling kit you suggested I buy would in some way: as in I use it to make a model of any given molecule and could I or could I not, simply measure the different bond angles using a [ protractor ? ] I really do appreciate the advise you give me. ...Dr.Syntax
  5. I have no idea what head desk means, but team suckhole is showing up so whatever it is I am sure it has some clever meaning intended to let me know,WHAT ? ...DS
  6. Hello toasty, I think I am on my way out of this forum tonight. Stopped by to wish you well, now and always, ...Dr.Syntax

  7. I am saying goodbye to the few friends I have here. You are the most valued of them. I wish you well. It will be a hoot when those AIs emerge. What a time to be alive. It`s amazing, it really is. Goodbye, ...Dr. Syntax

  8. I wanted to post a good-bye while I still am able to. ...Dr.Syntax

  9. REPLY: You are getting real good at sucking up. You should go far in this World , you can`t stop yourself. There is iNow and you just got 2 big brown nose points so far today with him. Did you ever bother to read what Dr.Janov had to say? You know how people get a brown nose don`t you ? STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT and I am sure the answer will come to you. You are no friend of mine. ...DS
  10. Are you happy now ? You will probably end up getting me banned. I guess you get a lot of satisfaction out of this. What does that say about the sort of person you are. You and team suck hole who I guess you are the leader of can be real happy about all this. Once again you showed the forum who is in charge here. I see how you operate and you are good at it. What your pupose is other than to let everyone know that you are somehow special, well that is your purpose isn`t it little man. ...DS Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged screw you. DS
  11. The reasons for the closure of your thread are here: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showpost.php?p=524860&postcount=6


    iNow is not killing your discussions. He is not a moderator. He is simply an active member who reads most threads on this forum, and so he notices your threads and happens to disagree with primal therapy. So he responds.

  12. Why is Primal Therapy a forbiden topic in this forum ? This iNow person takes it upon himself to kill it every time I post about it. I moved it over to General Discussion and he no doubt has some file he keeps of people making derogatory statements about primal at hand to immediately post in reply every time I attempt to post about primal therapy. The reason I know that he keeps this file is that it happens immediately and it is a long list he has put together and it`s the same list. That is how he kills this discussion before it ever gets started. Please go to the link[ http://www.primaltherapy.com ] and explain to me anything offensive or with ill intent toward anyone ? I don`t get it. ...Dr.Syntax

  13. How or why is Primal Therapy not a legitimate topic for discussion in this forum. And why is it iNow has the ability to kill any discussion I start about this important topic. This is a topic that only promotes the common good, the health and well being of mankind. Why of all topics does this one generate such hostility ? I see postings explaining to proven dangerous people how to create dangerous compounds, A-bombs, shit like that. And this topic I post about to promote the well being of mankind gets stomped out of existence because iNow does not agree with it. What the ,,,, kind of forum is this ? ...Dr.Syntax
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