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  1. REPLY: Thank goodness I got that straightened out. Your Friend, ...Dr.Syntax
  2. THIS WAS IN RESPONSE TO A YOUNG MAN WHO SEEMED VERY TROUBLED. I don`t think it was meant for you. It had some elses name. Please don`t be mad. I don`t how it happened. I really don`t. I got an incoming message and responded to that and went back to this . It``s a screw up some where and I`ll try and erase it. ..your friend, Dr.Syntax Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged This is a mistake, It was not a reply to you. I don`t know how it got posted here, i really don`t. Sorry, it was not in reply to anything you said. Now I have erased it. You posted it as a quote by me . To erase that you have to go edit and just hold down the backspace button until it is all gone then just type in mistake or something and press save,
  3. dr.syntax

    Bond Angles

    REPLY: I thought of you because I wanted to know if that molecular modeling kit you suggested I buy would in some way: as in I use it to make a model of any given molecule and could I or could I not, simply measure the different bond angles using a [ protractor ? ] I really do appreciate the advise you give me. ...Dr.Syntax
  4. I have no idea what head desk means, but team suckhole is showing up so whatever it is I am sure it has some clever meaning intended to let me know,WHAT ? ...DS
  5. Hello toasty, I think I am on my way out of this forum tonight. Stopped by to wish you well, now and always, ...Dr.Syntax

  6. I am saying goodbye to the few friends I have here. You are the most valued of them. I wish you well. It will be a hoot when those AIs emerge. What a time to be alive. It`s amazing, it really is. Goodbye, ...Dr. Syntax

  7. I wanted to post a good-bye while I still am able to. ...Dr.Syntax

  8. REPLY: You are getting real good at sucking up. You should go far in this World , you can`t stop yourself. There is iNow and you just got 2 big brown nose points so far today with him. Did you ever bother to read what Dr.Janov had to say? You know how people get a brown nose don`t you ? STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT and I am sure the answer will come to you. You are no friend of mine. ...DS
  9. Are you happy now ? You will probably end up getting me banned. I guess you get a lot of satisfaction out of this. What does that say about the sort of person you are. You and team suck hole who I guess you are the leader of can be real happy about all this. Once again you showed the forum who is in charge here. I see how you operate and you are good at it. What your pupose is other than to let everyone know that you are somehow special, well that is your purpose isn`t it little man. ...DS Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged screw you. DS
  10. Why is Primal Therapy a forbiden topic in this forum ? This iNow person takes it upon himself to kill it every time I post about it. I moved it over to General Discussion and he no doubt has some file he keeps of people making derogatory statements about primal at hand to immediately post in reply every time I attempt to post about primal therapy. The reason I know that he keeps this file is that it happens immediately and it is a long list he has put together and it`s the same list. That is how he kills this discussion before it ever gets started. Please go to the link[ http://www.primaltherapy.com ] and explain to me anything offensive or with ill intent toward anyone ? I don`t get it. ...Dr.Syntax

  11. How or why is Primal Therapy not a legitimate topic for discussion in this forum. And why is it iNow has the ability to kill any discussion I start about this important topic. This is a topic that only promotes the common good, the health and well being of mankind. Why of all topics does this one generate such hostility ? I see postings explaining to proven dangerous people how to create dangerous compounds, A-bombs, shit like that. And this topic I post about to promote the well being of mankind gets stomped out of existence because iNow does not agree with it. What the ,,,, kind of forum is this ? ...Dr.Syntax
  12. REPLY: You never quote Janov, only his detractors. What they say is their opinion, nothing else. And as far as quoting so called authorities goes, you yourself pointed out to me that is not proof of anything. Darwin is an excellent examlple of how valid the opinion of authorities is. Not much. Authorities` historical record regarding revolutionary concepts that challenge their self interests is a poor one at best. All you have ever done is to find some detractor to quote. For someone as famous as Janov there will always be some one some where to quote a derogatory statement by. In fact it was you yourself that said essentially the same thing in my posting about Einstein. Always this double standard with you. When you do it ,it is all supposed to be some valid proof of something, when I did it I was a racist and some other things I cannot recall off hand. No, you are not going to do this to me. I could dig up an endless list of Einstein detractors. They at least had historical accounts to reference. Those you refer to have only their opinion and nothing else. I have never heard of any of them. Unless you are willing to pick out a statement by Janov himself, and discuss that with me I see nothing to discuss with you AND WILL NOT. D.S.
  13. I need to note that this argument for the validity of Primal Therapy is going to be my words and wording,not those of Dr. Arthur Janov himself. I may very well choose to quote him from time to time and will indicate when I am doing so in the customary way. I do not have Dr.Janov here with me to argue the case for himself ,here in this forum. Dr.Janov does an excellent job of doing just that in the many books he has written on this extremely important subject. A true CURE for neurosis was discovered and developed by Dr.Janov beginning back in the 1960s and his research and development of this revolutionary approach to the treatment and prevention of neurosis is an ongoing process . The name of this institute is: The Janov Primal Center: For Treatment, Training and Research . " Where Primal Therapy is a Science." The web address for the "Janov Primal Center " is: [ http://www.primaltherapy.com ]. A brief overview is presented on the opening page [ one short paragraph ] and many links to pertainment information such as " Supporting Evidence ",DrJanov`s Blog,the Legacy, and on and on. Myself and many others consider Dr. Janov`s discovery and developement of Primal Therapy to be among the most important discoveries of all time. I and others see it that way because of the enormous implications it holds for the relief of the suffering of mankind. For the first time ever the causes of and treatment for neurosis is here,now,real and available. This also provides for the prevention of neurosis to begin with. This is a subject Dr.Aletha Solter is an internationally renowned expert on who has written many books discussing and made a very many presentations about throughout the World. I wish to quote Dr.David A.Goodman,director of the Newport Neuroscience Center,San Marcos, California,USA. QUOTE: " Dr.Janov is the discoverer of a remarkable feeling therapy that taps into the feeling side of the brain. I will join the men and women from 21st Century Science and take part in this remarkable therapy, demonstrating the persistence and integtegrity of Dr.Janov"..." Read what Janov writes , he writes the truth about what happens in the brain." UNQUOTE. I hope all responders will take the time to click onto Dr.Janov`s website and at least have some minimal read by Janov himself before responding. Sincerely, ...Dr.Syntax
  14. REPLY: Maybe you should at least take a few minutes of your time to read at least the basic premise of what primal therapy is before you start posting opinions based on second hand opinions written by Janov haters. You can do so by going to : [ http://www.primaltherapy.com ]. Allow the man to speak for himself before judging him and his work. He presents a brief overview of primal therapy and provides links for any questions you may have about primal therapy. Any notion that PT is a bunch of mindless screaming is a bunch of lying nonsense put out on the web by Janov haters or so called authority figures who`s own concepts of psychology are directly challenged by Janov. The reason people benifit from accessing suppressed feelings is that those feeling are there exerting harmful entities such as cortisol into your body. By going through the primal process you resolve these repressed feelings and they exist as nothing more than a memory. No longer needing to be suppressed because you have resolved the feeling by allowing yourself to express what for whatever reason you forced yourself not to feel. It can be many things that happened when you were an infant. Not being breast fed and in very close contact to your mother or someone else for extended and repeated lengthy periods of time can and does make a developing infant neurotic. Think about monkeys for instance. They are in constant physical contact with their mother or one of her sisters or some other female in the group CONSTANTLY. They are never left alone. They are in constant physical contact as I just described in the early year or two of their lives. What makes us humans so different from them. Watch a mother dog with her new born puppies. She spends almost all of her time lying there nursing and caring for them in the early weeks of their lives. At least read what Janov has to say for himself before offering up opinions of his work based on the opinions people who are threatened by what he has to say in the same way many are threatened by what Darwin has to say.It strikes at the core of their different belief systems. Ones they were forced to create themselves as a means of suppressing feelings they for varying reasons could not allow themselves to feel. Many infants soon enough realize that crying out as they instinctively do, for their mothers,does not get them the loving attention they so desperately need almost constantly in the first 2 years or so. I would think a human infants needs for such attention is at least as much as that of a chimpanzee`s Do you think that a human child is smarter and therefore it`s needs are therefore less. I will say I think it is exactly the opposite. There were studies done at orphanages where the infants were bottle fed and diapers changed and such, but other than that, they received no touching. ALL 100% OF THESE INFANTS DIED !! That is how vitally important this need to be in touch with a loving or caring mother is. ...Dr.Syntax
  15. REPLY: YOU WON`T DEBATE ME,but choose to link to a bunch of lying crap filled websites written by Janov haters who will not give their names and you consider them to be some sort of authority. I am quoting YOU : Appeals to authority prove nothing or something very close to that in a previous response to me . So it is fine if you do it and a bunch of crap when I do it. Is that the way you see things in this World ? Rules and such apply when they suit your purpose but those very same rules and principals have no meaning when they do not serve your purpose. Well I do not buy into that insane logic for one instant. You can not just run this forum in such an unfair way. What sort of a forum would that be ? By the way,the same sort of authority figures argued and more against such Greats as Galileo, and Darwin. So called authorities have always been appealed to when NEW AND POWERFUL NEW CONCEPTS are presented to the World. Arthur Janov is just such a man. His revolutionary,scientifically based ideas are in fact being embraced by many others such as Dr.Aletha Solter who has created quite a following of her own. You will not find it so easy to trash her name, and yet she adheres to all the concepts Janov originated and her work is based on his prior findings. Janov`s only short coming was his lack of political skill in presenting his revolutionary concepts.To view Janov`s work go to http:http://www.primaltherapy.com and see for yourselves what he has to say. LET THE MAN SPEAK FOR HIMSELF. What is wrong with that ? ...Dr.Syntax
  16. REPLY: I will debate it with you. Anyone can go to: http://www.primaltherapy.com and get a very quick over view of the subject and pursue the subject as thoroughly as you desire there. ...Dr.Syntax
  17. Reply:Well,the whole purpose of adrenaline and it`s accompanying cortisol is to prepare the body for fight or flight, so it would make sense that this would include toning down your sensitivity to pain. So in a way it would be like alcohol or some other drug that numbs ones awareness of pain. I believe most people are neurotic to one degree or another, which to me means they live in a perpetual state of having to suppress pain. Therefore any thing that helps suppress pain feels better. The same reason people drink and take drugs.And adrenaline and cortisol are powerful hormones that help suppress pain along with energizing the body so there you have it. ...Dr.Syntax Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged REPLY: That`s your opinion and to quote or paraphrase you: appeals or references to so called authorities or experts [ the one`s you choose ] prove nothing. If the opinion of authorities and experts was any sort of proof then Darwin and a bunch others were proved wrong in their day for a while until people gradually decided they were in fact correct. Anytime anyone has challenged organized groups guiding principals they always meet strong resistance,natually enough. Have you ever taken a look at his work ? I will argue every point he makes with you point by point and win because he is right. We can do it here in this forum and call them the:Syntax vs iNow debate RE: Primal Therapy. I am sitting here saying it so I guess I`ll have to put up or shut up. Are you interested in such a debate ? ...Dr. Syntax
  18. REPLY: Benjamin Franklin quote: " Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety" unquote. I think Mr.Franklin would agree with you: " it`s not worth it." ...Dr.Syntax
  19. REPLY: Frankly, I have a very hard time understanding things in what seems to me such an abstract manner. I want to be real clear about this: I see this as the lack of this ability on my part, my mind lacks this ability to comprehend things on this level. I know with absolute certainty, Richard Feynman was a far more intelligent person than I am . ...Dr.Syntax
  20. REPLY: Thank you moth,there it was and the context it was given in. I still don`t know what to make of it other than he said a lot of things,much of which there is a public record of. I do not consider it one of his best, far from it. That is my opinion. I can surely remember a very many things I have said and would rather I had not said them. For me just about every day. Thank you for digging up that piece. I very much appreciate it. ...Dr.Syntax
  21. REPLY: I think my goal in this important discussion is at least simmular to yours. That is to find ways to reduce and hopefully someday eliminate mankind`s propensity for self destructive behavior. I do not believe it is NATURAL,or genetically based. I can think of no other species,not one,that has any history ever observed of any of it`s members risking their lives for the fun of it, adrenaline rush, whatever one chooses to call it. Do they at times fight amongst each other ? Yes, but always for an evolutionarily sound reason, such as: mating rights,establishing dominance,expanding or defending territory. Things like that. These sort of events usually do not result in the death of any of the participants and sometimes they do. But these sorts of violent behaviors always have a purpose and are never done for the fun of it. Not truly life threatening behaviors for the thrill of it. I think there are two reasons this sort of behavior is exhibited by some significant minority of people in our species and that one is the result of the other. Throughout recorded history mankind has organized itself into groups : clans,tribes,city states,nations and such. What I am discussing here I will call:Cultural evolution. I know I did not coin that phrase. Anyway, in this cultural evolution a sort of natural selection is at work. Those that succeed and propagate do so. A fierce at times competition between the different groups. The groups grew in size and the wars and technologies used to fight them advanced. One of the the successful traits that emerged in this mix of events was the advent of the warrior culture. The dedication the different groups put into creating the best warriors. The methods of training children and young men in particular to develope the necessary skills to be be a good warrior: Strength,courage,fortitude,endurance,loyalty,fidelity. The ability to endure pain,the ability to face extreme danger and fight no matter how fearsome the enemy confronting you or the sheer numbers of foes when vastly outnumbered and to have the ability to stand and fight when stuck in such situations.And the discipline required to manage coordinated manuevers. All these things and more go into making a good warrior or soldier. Now I will come to my second point in all this. This cultural evolution is the direct cause of much of the mental illness,neurosis that permeates mankind. The Idealization of these traits of warriorism, and the embracement of them by the different groups, that successfully competed against the different groups in this cultural competition. Those qualities that competed most successfully in this deadly cultural competition are the very qualities that have led to the almost universal neurosis of our species. Those peaceful Indian tribes that met Columbus on the Island of Hispaniola did not stand a chance against the Spaniards that invaded their Island. These warrior traits do not come naturally or instinctually. Anyone who has gone through a modern day boot camp can attest to the many times they had to do many,many things they did not feel like doing. The desire to defend one`s self may, but all the crap you endure day in and day out for months on end do not. Parental treatment of infants and young children is all a part of this cultural war that has been ongoing and endless. A child`s natural need to cry as a way of healing the pains and such all children absorb is denied them. They are trained not to cry. Who among you was NEVER TOLD to quit being a CRYBABY ? This suppressed pain is what is at the heart of neurosis. You end up living in a state of perpetually suppressing pain. People find many ways of coping with suppressed pain: drugs [ legal prescribed ones or those that are illegal ]. Alcohol,television,obsessive eating, and on and on. This also of course includes THRILL SEEKING AND ADRENALINE RUSHES. Anything and everything our minds can devise to keep all this buried hurt and other feelings we were forced to train ourselves not to feel. There is an answer to all this and it is called PRIMAL THERAPY. ...Dr.Syntax
  22. REPLY: Do you know the source of this statement attributed to Feynman ?quote: " It is important to realize that in physics today,we have no knowledge what energy is "unquote. It seems a very extreme statement for anyone to make. And it seems to me we understand and know as much and more about energy than many other aspects of our Universe. That is why I question it`s authenticity. I hesitate and won`t say more than that. I mean no disrespect for you whatsoever. I am a bit amazed he would say this. ...Dr.Syntax
  23. REPLY:Hello Bob, you correct me if I am Wrong. I take this to mean you disagree with this statement attributed to Feynmann. I disagree with this statement. It seems to me we understand the nature of energy very well. ...Dr.Syntax
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