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  1. "Since the dawn of rational thought, the advancement of science has been retarded by the minions of mysticism, and profound revelations have often been opposed or suppressed by the greater part of the dominant religion, because dogmatic faith is not based on reason and zealots will not be reasoned with." AronRa

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    2. iNow


      Let me ask you... Was their mysticism rooted in reality? No. Just because Newton was an alchemist doesn't mean his belief led to advancement in the science of chemical reaction. Also, sure... we can find singular examples, but anecdotes don't negate the median trend. Those were quotes from Richard Feynman. Not me. Take your challenge to him. ;)

    3. Appolinaria


      The first quote's by Feynman?

    4. iNow


      Opening quote of this conversation from AronRa. All subsequent quotes I've shared are from Feynman.

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