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  1. Shout out to all my British friends.
    England bombed Germany today.
    Twice !

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    2. Prometheus


      Congratulations Italy. Hope Saka grows from his missed penalty.

    3. joigus


      Congratulations, Italy. Poor kid Saka; he looked devastated. We can't say Italy didn't deserve it either. They played brilliantly for many minutes.

    4. MigL


      Yeah, I felt bad for him when they showed him crying after the game.
      Penalties have always been a crappy way to decide a game, but it's better than a coin toss.
      For me, there was no losers. Both teams played to their strengths, and I thoroughly enjoyed the match.
      Judging by the Copa America, South American national teams aren't going to be a big threat in next year's World Cup, so who knows, we might see a replay of this match next winter.

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