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  1. Happiness is the purpose of every human being , everybody is dedicating all his capacities to live a happy life including time , money , physical activity , and obviously intellectual abilities including intelligence . what's the point of being intelligent and unhappy !! for me the answer to this question is quite obvious , we all should choose happiness . And for those who chose intelligence , they must use it to seek happiness otherwise it's useless .
  2. junk food is more yummy .

  3. you know you're a geek when you use scientific terms in your daily conversations .
  4. programmers have no life

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    2. Tridimity


      Unless you live to work which, so long as you find the right profession, is not a bad thing at all.

    3. Tridimity


      In fact, I cannot think of anything worse than spending the vast majority of your time doing something that is not your passion just for the sake of paying the mortgage and putting bread on the table. This way to Depression, all aboard.

    4. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      Indeed. Fortunately, I get to do what I love, and get paid for it. That's what they call win win.


  5. I just found a magnificent Ebook that gathers all the formulas of electrical engineering , .. it's a real treasure for me.

    1. DevilSolution




      My brothers just started a mechatronics degree and will appreciate it :D

  6. being a genius means to have the ability to comprehend the most complicated ideas and to solve the hardest problems . And arrogance is the feeling of superiority , seeing oneself as better than others in everything , and showing off . So they are to different words . But some people see the genius person as arrogant when he shows them they're wrong and tells them their mistakes even if he's doing it humbly . So it's not the genius who is arrogant but the people have a complex of inferiority .
  7. philosophy is the art of thinking , it's a logical manner of thinking and solving a problem far from subjectivity .
  8. you now you're a geek when you compose a song out of mathematical formulas
  9. I'm reading a new book " Electrical Actuators , models and control "
  10. it's not only about the appearance of the girl , but also the mentality , .. if a girl is stable , wise and kind , the boy will have a tendency to love her and to take care of her , but if she's a vibrating girl and who enjoys only showing her beauty , the intention of the boy would be completely different .
  11. hi there , I've been here since 2010 but I didn't introduce myself so , I'm Kowalski , student in electrical engineering , I like to read and discuss topics in science and technology . glad to be in this forum .
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