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  1. Java is not the most popular programming language, C/C++ is still more popular, don't follow the propaganda...
  2. Python or Ruby work well for NP, security is in your code, so that depends on how you write things, and overall they are both excellent languages also How much speed? I can easily term 10k cps with a ruby server, maybe more if i wanted to get fancier with it, python would be no different, so how much performance are we talking? Speed-wise i would be done well before C/C++ even goes into debugging. If you intend to do real network programming, with real performance, really emphasizing security, and uptime, Erlang is the tool for the job.
  3. Don't be silly, that is not a security solution, give you an example: i steal your cookie while you are browsing the site at starbucks... we have the same IP... or do you trust the IP address i sent you? There is no way to prevent session hijacking, short of really good crypto (dnssec + strong ssl) and even then it is possible locally. The only thing you can do is to detect it. The way you detect it is you have a 2 token system, one is your login token, another token rotates every request. as soon as a login token matches but the rotating token does not match, you know that someone hijacke
  4. It does, but not for the reasons you have listed. Boy, you must not have had any high-end gaming mice then; my rat does not work like a basic mouse without the driver, glitches like you wouldn't believe (os x and windows) Yes and no, if you want to draw something to the screen, yes, if you want to be a progressive gaming engine than no, you have some code that is different on NVidia then AMD; they do things vastly differently and so your optimizations and some implementations will too differ. If I'm to take interest in modern eyephones, I want it to be the s
  5. Don't take sans courses, go to people who are good at it, like offensive-security or eccouncil, and really nothing replaces real hands-on experience...
  6. 4 - Not if you have a wire long enough, which for cars would not be achievable. And another thing, you can deliver power via other em spectrum frequencies, microwaves or IR for example. I'd be interested to know how much if any efficiency would be gained by that...
  7. I bet its a UTF-8 issue, try simplejson sir, its a much better library. (you can install it through pip or apt)
  8. OO gets as complex as you make it. I mean you throw in complex data-structures like dancing trees, templating, virtual classes and virtual inheritance and you got yourself a party!
  9. There are tons and tons of resources on setting up MySQL, it is only the most widely used database engine on the planet, and there is plenty of documentation, official and otherwise. No you cant set up mysql through python, you can access a mysql service/database with python, but its a database, a daemon, a service, and thus needs some system setup. You can create,delete,modify users, tables and databases with python, but you cant set up mysql itself as a pip install... You dont tend to store whole lists in single fields of databases, that is generally a poor db design (unless you are
  10. JS does follow a standard set by ECMA-262 specification and ISO/IEC 16262, that said, having read the spec, it is very strange in a lot of places. The original ECMA script spec literally stated that semicolons were not necessary to terminate the lines, but can be used as such, and that the actual point/use of the semicolon will be determined later... Tis a strange language Ok, i would not do my job if i did not pick on this statement, but a compiler actually does not generate assembly. C/C++ compiler parses the code into a parse tree, checks syntax and common mistakes, consistency,
  11. More correctly it's a job for somebody who has a lot of experience in protocol developement, computational linguistics or compilers... Implementing protocols correctly and safely is part science, part black magic.
  12. You can create an arc that is < 1m long, you need a lot of voltage to do this. Following Paschens law, the breakdown voltage necessary to jump 1m of air is 3.5x10^6V. There are many problems with your idea however, and no, it can not be made safe. First problem is the current of an arc has to be stabilized, because an arc will only stop at the power supply level, this is a problem. Arc looses a lot of energy to photon and heat emission as the current travels through the plasma. And then there is the safety of the arc itself, the moment you speak of a an arc, you are talking about plasma
  13. Java is no more, and i would argue is less complex than C and Python. You can express object design in C, while cumbersome, it is doable. And Python is also an object-oriented language. Objects are just ways to represent your data, there is nothing scary about them
  14. Twitter has an API, please consult it https://dev.twitter.com/docs
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