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  1. Which is better Python or java? For network programming, security and over all.
  2. What is your opinion about EHCE?
  3. As we all know that Supreme Lord, is omniscient (all knowledgeable). Who knows better than Him? So, we all must pray to the almighty, "Oh, my dear Lord my knowledge is very limited. Your knowledge is absolute. You are the most well wishing friend of every living entity. So, you know better, what is the best thing for me. So, instead of I, asking you for anything with my limited knowledge, I plead to you that please give me the best according to your vision."
  4. What should we pray to God?
  5. What are the standards of being moral? Only religon can tell us the standards. e.g Among the dacoits who is a moral person who steal after murder or without murder?
  6. The butcher is very careful while chopping the animal that knife must not even touch his finger. But what about that poor animal? Can't he see the connection that there is also life in that animal. Animal also feels pain. In addition to that there are many harmful effects of meat eating. For details visit this link : http://www.evolvingwellness.com/essay/15-reasons-why-you-may-want-to-reconsider-eating-meat
  7. How can something come from nothing?
  8. Have a positive goal in your life. If you have a goal to die for means you have a goal to live for.
  9. Is there any authentic theory, how actually universe was created? If yes, please explain.
  10. If the walls of all slaughter houses in the world were made up of glass. Every one would have been a vegetarian.
  11. Thank you LaurieAG for that link but is that available in India? As I am an Indian. Dear Endy0816, Its not in our course.
  12. What are the courses available in ethical hacking?
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