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After being banished from Harvard for the inability of the teachers to keep up with his learning material, Alex spent his early life attending a secretive, most ancient and noble professional technical collegium. The School of Magical Hands and Technical Wizardry, Hogwarts, a school that is little known to the world; it does, however, have a well-known kindergarten and preschool located on the Franco-Swiss border (not too far from New York City), CERN, where kids digging in the playground sandpit have recently stumbled across the Large Hadron Collider, a failed necromancy masters thesis project that was deemed too simple. At Hogwarts Alex quickly became proficient in most modern sciences and earned degrees in telepatheticity, telekinesis, trollolololology, esoterology, spiritology, soteriology, necromancy and proctology.


While on spring break, in the early part of the 20th century, Alex traveled the world in search of martial arts he could master. It is said that he settled somewhere in the Himalayas, in a secluded monastery run by a twice-exiled sensei, who, over the next 50 years, taught Alex what can best be translated as "Focus Misdirection" - an ancient and deadly, but forgotten martial art that once (accidentally) nearly exterminated the Zhou dynasty. Alex, now in his early 20s, is highly skilled in the art of distraction.


Nobody really knows exactly how Alex obtained his superhuman "Focus Misdirection" energy. Historians, however, speculate that at the end of the 2nd century, as the First Qin Emperor of China ordered his people to build him the famous Terracotta Army, (which is known today to contain the figurines of over 8000 human-sized soldiers, 520 horses, 150 cavalry horses, 130 chariots... and 1 bobble-head dog figurine for the Emperor's chariot dashboard); he also ordered them to create a figurine of a pink yeti (the rarest), to protect him from the dangers of the underworld after his passing, including that from his enemies, assassins and annoying song birds that keep waking you up in the morning. It has been said that the figurine had then been taken to the most powerful of shamans of the day, and after decades of travels, wielded enormous power. However, something happened to the figurine between the its return and the burial of the First Qin Emperor, because it was never buried with his army.

Historians speculate that as a part of his training, Alex was to battle a yellow yeti (the rarest) in a top secret cave, high in the mountain tops of the Ladakh region of the Himalayas, 12km NNE of Markha (peak of Stok Kangri). Local legend says that for 5 days the villagers could hear the roaring and chanting emanating from the cave. On the 4th day Alex emerged victorious, having slain the yeti by distracting it to death. He then proceeded to go back into the cave because he dropped his pen inside, continuing with the chanting, roaring and distracting, to finally emerge once again on the 5th day having nearly distracted himself to death.


The SS Ahnenerbe branch, a secretive part of the already secretive SS ranks, the purpose of which, amongst other things, was to research mythology, folklore, track down artifacts and investigate the paranormal; in 1937 the Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, founder of the SS Ahnenerbe, organized an expedition to Himalayas, lead by the German zoologist Ernst Schafer. Officially the expedition goals were record local legends, folklore, traditions, music, and hunt down the brown yetti (the rarest). The expedition yielded many results, 1600 species of barley, hundreds of species of previously unknown mammals and insects, and zoologists finally uncovered the secret of the centaur; "what you need" Ernst writes, "is a man, and a very curious horse"... Upon trying to achieve their goal to discover and document the nearly lost martial art that was said to have been originated in that area, art of "Focus Misdirection", the expedition got lost and ended up in a forbidden part of Tibet, being tormented day and night by the Tibetan nucivorous langur monkeys. Two years later, the Japanese will send their most elite spies to attempt to find the ancient art form as well, centaurification and monkeys happened only to the luckiest.


Alex, however, never gave out his secret, and as the story goes, once misdirected a Japanese spy so well that he (the spy) didn't leave Tibet for over 10 years, trying to remember what it was he was supposed to remember to find and do.


Upon his return back to school, Alex started on another doctoral dissertation in which through the use of precise sciences, sleep deprivation and dark magic he was finally able to show why Chuck Norris has never cried. The impact of his work was so high that it was immediately made top secret in the world, all copies and evidence of his work were immediately destroyed, and his memories were erased. Three days later, Alex had to presented his work to a doctorate committee and got his second degree in world domination, beating his own record of getting the first doctorate in world domination earlier the same year.


Alex was always very active in the school program, participating in a large amount of school clubs and activities. He quickly became known as the Hogwarts shenaniganist; spending much time creating versatile and deeply-involved pranks, some of which stuck in the school folklore. It is said that at a boy by the name of Harry Potter accidentally became the target of one of Alexs' prank. The story was so wild that not only did JK Rowling write 7 books about it, but she had to use magic to be able to describe it to the general readers, while cutting out the most wild parts and replacing them with magical hokum.


Having invented the time machine, Alex was expelled from Hogwarts based on a rule that will have been introduced in 2125, when the use of his invention was linked to bringing Jesus to the future, an event that seemed like the second coming of Christ. An interview of Jesus by the Pope on 60 minutes invalidated most of the Christian scriptures and beliefs, which caused the Christian church to reevaluate the sainthood of Jesus, who was denounced as a heretic, causing a massive uproar in the religious community, which lead to World War 3. During which an accidental nuclear arsenal discharge by the North Korean president, due to a typo in the address while testing UPS as a reliable delivery system, led to the end of the world, which saw the outlaw of time manipulation devices. According to Hogwarts rules, violation of any past, present or future laws leads to the expulsion of the student. And so, having earned all but one offered degrees from the school, Alex was forced to make a choice of either joining workforce or becoming a dictator of a non US-backed country. But due to the fears of his extreme ability towards world domination, after all Alex defended over a half dozen dissertations on the topic, the choice was forced, and Alex joined the workforce.

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