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  1. Happiness is the purpose of every human being , everybody is dedicating all his capacities to live a happy life including time , money , physical activity , and obviously intellectual abilities including intelligence . what's the point of being intelligent and unhappy !! for me the answer to this question is quite obvious , we all should choose happiness . And for those who chose intelligence , they must use it to seek happiness otherwise it's useless .
  2. junk food is more yummy .

  3. you know you're a geek when you use scientific terms in your daily conversations .
  4. programmers have no life

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    2. Tridimity


      Unless you live to work which, so long as you find the right profession, is not a bad thing at all.

    3. Tridimity


      In fact, I cannot think of anything worse than spending the vast majority of your time doing something that is not your passion just for the sake of paying the mortgage and putting bread on the table. This way to Depression, all aboard.

    4. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      Indeed. Fortunately, I get to do what I love, and get paid for it. That's what they call win win.


  5. I just found a magnificent Ebook that gathers all the formulas of electrical engineering , .. it's a real treasure for me.

    1. DevilSolution




      My brothers just started a mechatronics degree and will appreciate it :D

  6. being a genius means to have the ability to comprehend the most complicated ideas and to solve the hardest problems . And arrogance is the feeling of superiority , seeing oneself as better than others in everything , and showing off . So they are to different words . But some people see the genius person as arrogant when he shows them they're wrong and tells them their mistakes even if he's doing it humbly . So it's not the genius who is arrogant but the people have a complex of inferiority .
  7. philosophy is the art of thinking , it's a logical manner of thinking and solving a problem far from subjectivity .
  8. you now you're a geek when you compose a song out of mathematical formulas
  9. I'm reading a new book " Electrical Actuators , models and control "
  10. it's not only about the appearance of the girl , but also the mentality , .. if a girl is stable , wise and kind , the boy will have a tendency to love her and to take care of her , but if she's a vibrating girl and who enjoys only showing her beauty , the intention of the boy would be completely different .
  11. hi there , I've been here since 2010 but I didn't introduce myself so , I'm Kowalski , student in electrical engineering , I like to read and discuss topics in science and technology . glad to be in this forum .
  12. I don't agree . We begin with time , time is a quantity that we can define or measure by something that has a periodic nature , for example on earth we're measuring time according to the movement of earth , the day is always 24 hours . but in space the problem is just the reference , but it's not difficult , we can take the movement of any planet around the sun as a reference and count the age of the universe , " we can say for example 2000 mars years " . Although we can't really measure it precisely because the universe has been created since a long time , and the period in which we've been in it is negligible . No one has a conclusive scientific evidence whether the universe has been created or not and whether it has a beginning and an end , there only some hypothesis such as big bang theory which says that the universe is expanding . At the end , the idea of the universe is endless is beyond imagination , it has to have limits , we're just tiny beings and perhaps we represent nothing in the scale of the universe , that's why we can't conceive it's magnitude .
  13. since a long time physics was one of the fields that attracted scientists and boggled their minds , ... since then the discoveries of different phenomenas and the elaboration of the laws that governs them has taken a fast pace . That was a big fortune for many other domains who have benefited greatly from these discoveries . but since many years , we notice the the frequency of these discoveries has decreased and physics comes to an era where its facts are becoming more like science fiction , the duality of light , the multiverse , the quantum entanglement , ... etc now we wonder , has physics come to its end ? , are we going to see in the incoming days some other great discoveries ? and , for me physicists have to focus more on the applicable results , not just predictions and hypothesis . sorry for my horrible english .
  14. Kowalski


    robotics ! , it's not only about assembling things , .... it's full of maths , electronics , physics and computer science .
  15. sun won't really give a big amount of energy that matches gas , .. that would help only in powering the electrical devices , and not lifting the rocket !
  16. As talking about books , .. recently , I just finished reading a book for Paulo Coelho , its title : " Like the flowing river " , it was an extraordinary work . He shares in it many experiences that he passed through , some other stories told to him , and some legends . Honestly , this book was very beneficial , I recommend it for every one . My next target will be the famous book of Albert Camus : " the stranger " , I hope it would be great as they say .
  17. There's nothing like reading a good book in a quiet night under a soft light

  18. Perhaps some people think they will be happier if they're immortal , but no one will be . Our life goes up and downs , and no one is sure that he'll last on one situation , sometimes the rich becomes poor , the healthy sickens , .. etc . Besides , we don't forget the negative feelings that makes people hurt each other , and many other things makes life hard . As a religious person , I think life is just a journey full of exams , we can't endure it for ever , which makes us need another place to find rest and the ultimate happiness .
  19. Hello , thanks for adding me to your friends :)

  20. Thank you for accepting my friendship request .

  21. HAVE YOU EVER HAD TROUBLE LEARNING SOMETHING? DID YOU OVERCOME THE PROBLEM? HOW? Have you ever sat in class wondering if you would ever grasp the information that was being taught? maybe the presentation didn't fit your learning style!! Our minds and bodies gather information in different ways and from all around us: seeing, hearing, and doing.... Then our brains process that information, organizing it and making connections to things we already know. This process can also work in different ways: Do we think in pictures or words? Do we remember details or the big picture? When we're trying to learn, it helps to know how our brain works. How do we best gather and organize the information? Different people have different learning styles. For example, one person might struggle with written information but understand it immediately in an illustration. Another person might have problems with the picture, but not the written texts. Psychologists have identified seven basic learning styles: 1-LINGUISTIC: These people learn by using language - listening, reading, speaking and writing. 2-LOGICAL: These people learn by applying formulas and scientific principles. 3-VISUAL: These people learn by seeing what they are learning. 4-MUSICAL: Instead of finding music a distraction, these people learn well when information is presented through music. 5-KINESTHETIC: Movement and physical activities help these people learn. 6-INTRAPERSONAL: These people learn best if they associate new information directly with their own experiences. 7-INTERPERSONAL: These people learn well by working with others. You will often encounter situations that do not match your strongest learning style. if u know what your strengths are, you can develop strategies to balance your wicknesses, for a more successful learning experience. P.S. what's your learning style?
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