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  1. tar, I am not measuring myself against anyone. I am wondering if anyone else had their own way of thinking from a young age and then discovered that their way of thinking lined up with logic and wisdom(philosophy). This would indicate an internal ability. I would also add that my Italian report cards from grades 1 to 3 pretty much say the same thing.. autonomous, refuses to participate(because I didn't agree), defends his ground when debating, is always in his own internal world, etc.. I've been persecuted from a young age for refusing to be a sheep. A much bigger ques
  2. Ignorance must be bliss. Evidence please that humans are omnivores. Just because humans do something, doesn't mean that we are. Some humans smoke... should all humans be smoking?
  3. Which tautology? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tautology The bold does apply to animals in nature. I highly doubt it can be applied to current humans since it is pretty easy for anyone to have children. Regarding evolution; someone can believe in evolution as in all life originating from different independent cells and evolving independently of each other, and not believe in evolutionary theory as in all life originating from a single cell. -- We know that DNA is the blueprint for life. Evolutionary theory is basically overlapping a blueprint with another blueprint to try to fit them toge
  4. Do you have any evidence for your assertion that we are omnivores? Any knowledge of neuroscience? You actually eat animals. Meat is a made up word so you can disconnect the animal from your mind that you would and could never kill up close yourself. Of course we are part of the food chain; when did I say we weren't? Also we are near the middle of the food chain with the elephants.
  5. The hipbone in birds and amphibians has a different purpose because they aren't large animals. Remove the hip bone from a bird and let me know if it is able to fly without control of the rear feather, and remove the hip bones from a frog and let me know if it is able to jump those long distances. Everything is open to interpretation. I can't wait for the inevitable train wreck of evolution theory.
  6. You seem to assert that everything needs to be learnt. I dont see how cynicism has anything to do with critical thinking. To me, a person who lacks critical thinking can give the illusion of being a critical thinker by denying what they don't understand and display cynicism from their inability to critically think. -- Unfortunately there is plenty of block heads in society that have been brainwashed by society to believe that they can learn to become geniuses or leaders and later in life have a very hard time accepting their inferiority. I was scolded in school by teachers for my
  7. Those are examples of how humans disrespect nature.
  8. Do you know the definition of evidence? Will see when the theory of evolution is able to see over the horizon. If you're trying to brainwash me and have me accept the half ass collected information, its not going to work. The hipbones are to hold the sexual organs in place. To support the vagina and the penis during sexual intercourse. I am astonished at the wrongful interpretation of the biology of these animals. Even dolphins have hipbones... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5b/Dolphin_anatomy.png/1280px-Dolphin_anatomy.png
  9. If you genuinely ask for love from a higher power, you will receive love. If you have doubts when asking for love, you will not receive love. Would be great if everyone stopped clumping God with religion.
  10. https://theconversation.com/the-meat-paradox-how-we-can-love-some-animals-and-eat-others-149 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nancy-colier/can-we-really-do-this-to-_b_3668079.html
  11. The definitions on the internet suffice. Please don't confuse empathy/sympathy with compassion. Thank you.
  12. What I noticed about myself from a young age is that I "knew" instinctively what logic and philosophy were without learning about them from anyone or anywhere. Anyone else feel that logic and philosophy are inborn abilities?
  13. Isn't it strange that so many generations of humans across the globe believe in (a) higher power(s)? Isn't how evolution is laid out by evolutionary scientists, can be considered as wishful thinking? How life diversified is very open to interpretation though. Like the religious books. I am not disputing whether evolution happened or not because it is obvious that it happened and that it is happening. I am saying that no one without knowing exactly how life began, the starting point, can know exactly how life diversified. Hence have any evidence.
  14. Fossils just indicate that there was life back then. Fossils are no evidence of how that life form came to be.
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