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  1. Water pressure P=(density). g h But, air is compressible fluid. Air density is not constant. It is a function of pressure, P. And, other factors, i.e., temperature, humidity, etc. give an influence on pressure. They can vary with altitude.
  2. Without an existance of the background back side something, transforming from energy to particle can happen? At the BigBang point, the high energy seperate away the background back side particles too far. But, current low collision energy does not have a capacity to push away the background back side particles so far. So, antimatters are background back side particles which exist not so far away ?
  3. For safety Is this calculation wrong? FB =~ 5 x total load + platform weight + two pontoons weight FB =~ 4 x total load +700+ two pontoons weight
  4. Other factors, i.e., humidity, temperature variation according to altitude are not considered.
  5. This is a calculated result by using this equation. P2 =P1exp(-C(Z2 -Z1)) T=25oC
  6. On the ground, Z=0 [latex]\Delta P=-\rho \ g \ \Delta Z[/latex] From the ideal gas equation. [latex]\rho =\frac{PM}{RT}=K \ P[/latex] If T is constant, K=constant [latex]\Delta P=-C \ P \ \Delta Z[/latex] C; constant [latex]\Delta Z \rightarrow 0[/latex] [latex]d P=-C \ P \ d Z[/latex] Pressure equation Let [latex]Z_{1}=P_{1}, \ Z_{2}=P_{2}[/latex] [latex]\frac{P_{2}}{P_{1}}=exp (-C \ (Z_{2}-Z_{1}))[/latex] [latex] C =\frac{gM}{RT}[/latex]
  7. In the case of solving mathematical equations, using dimensionless forms of the equations is more reliable.
  8. Paper chromatography. Carrier liquid is water, water+ethanol or water +methanol, etc..
  9. In general, the piston type compressor is used at the high pressure compression. We can control the compression ratio by reducing the empty space. However, without good sealing, the compressor can not generate high pressure gas output.
  10. This Figure represents the intensity of Coriolis effect with latitude.
  11. This is a Figure about the coriolis effect. The first Figure is about the height effect, and then, the second Figure is about the latitude effect.
  12. Before doing this experiment, have you done any experiment about the reference reagents by using the same apparatus? Quantitative experiment always should be exact, even the experiment is in the elementary course.
  13. The main compression is occuring at the upper part of the machine. Botton part sealing state is not so good. To maintain a good sealing state , suitable spring pressure is required. Sealing is one of the important factor in the compressor design.
  14. The experiment was carried out at the room temperature?
  15. Is this essential amino acid the vestige of metabolic evolution in human as a result of environmental change and human adaptation? From the knowledge of the essential amino acid, can we learn what our ancestors ate at that era ?
  16. How about thinking about these conditions again? 1) Iron particle size. The particle size is too large? 2) Charcoal property. Charcoal is an important material for the oxygen supplier. To occur that oxidation reaction, sufficient oxygen must be supplied to the iron surface. And, always watch out, dust explosion!!!
  17. The exotic electrons, which are projected onto the front time as positrons, are really in the other parallel world? http://phys.org/news/2012-06-neutrons-parallel-world.html
  18. Using modified Beer Lambert Law, I tested the Steady State Universe theory. But I could not fit the obtained redshift data to that model anyway. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/71791-light-interaction;-calculated-results-about-the-steady-state-universe/#entry720407 The blue line is a redshift data line, and the red line is a model data line.
  19. This is a more modified figure in the #32. If the calculated result has a physical meaning, which one is more correct?
  20. Which one is more correct between these two cases? Does the "backward" mean a back ground time?
  21. From protozoa to human beings, all living organisms use twenty amino acids? And, used amino acid distribution is similar?
  22. In the case of incompressible fluid and the same height. [latex]\frac{\Delta P}{\rho } +\frac{\alpha \Delta v^{2}}{2} + f=0[/latex] When there is no fraction loss, the fluid velocity difference between two points appeares to their pressure difference. And, pressure difference also appeares to their velocity difference.
  23. Making a command codon is not difficult. We can make a special command codon by using dual codon. For example, we can set "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA" as a start command codon. Evolution and protein structure might have been more dominant for going to the way?
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