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  1. How do you solve questions like this? I really need help cause i cant get the hang of it: A neutral pion of mass 135MeV/c^2 traveling at 0.8c decays in to two photons traveling in opposite direction. What is the ratio of the frequency of photon A to that of photon B???
  2. Ok thank you for all the replies. Interesting, however i want to assume that the tissue will be let flat in air (even though its not realistically possible given the equipments i have). Now i have another question, how would i drop the tissue paper such that it will fall with equal velocity at all 4 ends? (given that the tissue [paper is held flat on air)
  3. Say that we have a piece of tissue paper, how do we find the center of mass ? step by step experimentally???
  4. so basically measuring the young's modulus of the tissue paper? Hmm that is very interesting, would you share how you would do this more preceisely?? thanks
  5. Could anyone give me some ideas on an experiment with tissue paper which in relation to physics? Any simple experiment will do. thank you
  6. Thanks for the reply. However this is going to be an experiment i will conducting at school where i will have 6 plants in an aquarium exposed to bowl of gasoline where the gasoline will evaporate and as by our hypothesis the plant will die. I m sure it will die out however i want to find a way to improve the life span of the plant. Is there a more direct way for example leave it under a warmer condition or something like that?
  7. Umm that could be an option, but is there a more straightforward way of doing this?
  8. I am aware that when plants get exposed to gasoline fumes in air such as plants nearby roads, plants in nearby school traffic area, they seem to die out more quickly and i affected in a bad way one way or another. Now i am interested in finding out how to prevent the plants from dying when exposed to the aromatic hydrocarbons produced by cars, buses etc.... Is there any specific way of doing this, (maybe if not preventing, just improving the sustainability of the plants life under these conditions would also be considered). i would greatly appreciate the help Thank you
  9. Enthalpy: thank you for the reply but we dont have any electrical equaipments you have mentioned, so i guess manually is the answer. Swansot: Im sorry i dont get your explanation, could you please clarify abit more in detail please? thank you
  10. In a physics discussion when during lab times, we had to measure the speed of sound forming a standing waves in a long tube filled with water, by adjusting the height of the water in the tube. Now the frequency we produced was directly from a tuning fork, not some machine, so after we tap on to the tuning fork, we put it above the tube and listen to the loudest sound it produces. My question is how on earth do you get the uncertainty values for the tuning fork or the frequency? i mean i know the other uncertainty values such as the wavelength etc... you can calculate them through the uncertainty of the height of the water column on the tube. But i have no idea how to find the uncertainty values for frequency because the range isnt given on the tuning fork, so how would i do this? i will appreciate the help
  11. I happened to find some random probability question im my book and im stuck on this one .... can anyone help me please, im really weak in probability so.... -There are two players A,B, player A gets to roll twice but player B only rolls once, whoever gets the higher number on the upper face wins ( A can choose the higher score of the two rolls), also note that if A and B draws, then B is automatically is the winner . What is the probability that player A will win? -For the same game, analyze the chance of any player winning 1) if both players can roll twice, 2) roll more than twice I will appreciate any help, thank you
  12. Ok i have a set of questions which asks: Use De moivres theorem to obtain solutions to z^n=i for n=3,4,5 Use a graphing software to plot these roots on an Argand diagram generalize and prove your results for z^n=a+bi where [tex]|a+bi|=1[/tex] What happens when |a+bi| does not equal 1 So the first 2 bullet points i can do, so i have found the roots and plotted them on the diagram. Now what the heck do they mean when they sa generalize and prove your results for a+bi=z^n????? will appreciate any help thank you
  13. Ok im quite confused on wrapping my head around the concept of subgroups. I mean i understand the definition and the general requirements that is needed in order to be a subgroup, but im lost when it comes to doing exercises, just cant seem to do them. So can anyone help me solve these two problems im somehow stuck at? 1. if [latex]H=[ x \in G : x=y^2[/latex] for some [latex]y \in G ][/latex] prove that [latex]H[/latex] is a subgroup of [latex]G[/latex] 2. Let [latex]H[/latex] be a subgroup of [latex]G[/latex] and let [latex]K=[x\in G: x^{2} \in H][/latex], prove that [latex]K[/latex] is a subgroup of [latex]G[/latex] given that [latex]G[/latex] is Abelian. Why does [latex]K[/latex] fail to be a subgroup of [latex]G[/latex] if [latex]G[/latex] is not Abelian? 3. Prove that a Group [latex]G [/latex] is abelian if and only if for every [latex]a,b \in G[/latex] and positive integer n, [latex](ab)^n= a^n b^n[/latex] Now i know these questions may seem fairly simple to many people but i would appreciate a clear explanation. Thank you
  14. Ok guys in my school we are on thesystem of IB curriculum, and over here we need to write this one 4000 wordessay on a particular area of knowledge (Mathematics in my case), its known asthe Extended Essay. Now i have a topic, i just dont know if its good enough,because no one in our school is that mathematically capable of overlooking atmy topic including the teachers, so i was thinking some more experienced peopleover here could help out. So here is my researchquestion: "Do all polygons with n number of sides associate with Φ ?, ifso, aspect the 3 dimensional polyhedron "dodecahedron" and"Hexahedron" in relation with the Golden ratio." How viable would this be totalk about in 4200 words max? is it good? can anyone give me some feedback? I would appreciate immenselyfor any opinion or help thank you
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