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  1. You translate with haste based on your own opinion.The post is an example of synchretism, "modern intelligent systems with regard to prophesy" posted originally in religion by the author. That should make it clear. Its main focus is the logical progression towards a universal truth, the modern technology used to achieve it, the semantics and benefit of its implementation to the collective whole, the relevance to past predictions, and the validation of its future authority.
  2. Its hard to see the association to religion with blinders on. Recursion states, " a universal covenant that is objectively true and repeatedly confirmed to be undeniable, could be understood, logically, as a covenant between God and all the worthy inhabitants of existence." The covenant is the law of physics, science, natural law , the source of that law is the creator of it, God. Undeniable logic and the basis of belief in a deity for many of the greatest minds to ever walk this planet. Children are not born in an enlightened state. They must choose their path and learn from it. Every individ
  3. After defining God as the source of creation, the creator, in a previous post the question was asked what was the benefit of labeling the source God. I thought long and hard and the answer did not come easy. I felt compelled to get it right and with some help and finesse I have made my attempt. Some time passed since the question was posed until one chilly winter day when we were using huge amounts of electricity struggling to stay warm. The roads were icy and dangerous so I decided to take the bus to work. As I entered the bus I noticed the driver smile at me in a most peculiar manner. I fi
  4. I have already agreed that the logical progression is into infinity, the cosmological argument is simply evidence of cause alone, the teleological argument is evidence which describes that cause as precise. It is the combination of the two which are evidence of an intelligent source, cause and precision engineering. I have drawn no lines and made no assumptions. Nor have I speculated on the cause of the cause except that for me the aphorism "God" allows me to cope with that perpetual mystery. I concede that the origin of a source of infinite nature may be impossible to define completely, descr
  5. It is the difference in saying something so precise had a cause or did not. Knowing the laws of nature are ruled by cause and effect, cause seems the obvious conclusion. If so, the cause must encapsulate the potential, precise, intelligent, and exquisite.
  6. Carl believed that knowledge should be shared and was criticized by many of his colleagues for doing so. No doubt some of which were consumed by greed. At least the new cosmos attempts to honor his legacy. Sometimes standing for what you believe means standing alone. I said the source, the cause, who or what, is the only subjective part, the engineering tolerance level of our universe is empirical and repeatable, proven fact, it is not subjective, for me it is concrete evidence of an intelligent source.
  7. We live in a universe of cause and effect. The degree to which our universe is fine tuned is empirical and repeatable, who or what caused that degree of exactness is the only subjective question.
  8. The goal is to strive to understand the universe, by the acquisition of knowledge, through scientific means, and eventually the source, all the while keeping faith in the source itself. For me fine tuning is not an assumption of evidence, it is concrete evidence with a margin of error less than one grain of sand in all the sands of the world. A margin which would free or condemn in any court. Truth is self evident. It is not prejudice. I also believe that the universe, and or God, includes all of reality, inner connected, everyone, whether they know it or not. It is awareness that we should st
  9. I have often speculated and would agree with you that the universe will also undergo an expansion and contraction period. A universal oscillation so to speak just as the energy it is comprised of does. What I disagree with you on is the fact that it does not require an architect. No matter how many times it recycles itself the controlling factors, the potential, which govern that cycle must precede it. If you have a dice with only ones on every side no matter how many times you roll it you will always get a one. The multitude of numbers must preexist in the potential of the dice itself. An arc
  10. You are backtracking. Have we not just revealed the evidence for an intelligent source? The only assumption is what now lies beyond that, if anything.
  11. I was referring to the evolution of your mind. The evolution of energy is from simple to complex and back again, and again..............Oscillation is an essential part of the dynamic universe, just like the harmonic beating of your heart or the harmonic pulse of the sun. Energy resonates. Yes, I do. That's where infinity comes into play. That's also why I kneel humbly before the source. Beyond that is where God exists for me. Looking further would most likely burn your eyes out or drive you to insanity but I invite it. So now will all join us at this frontier? Our discussion has fostered
  12. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/teleological-arguments/#CosFinTun Have a look for yourself correct, based on cosmic fine tuning
  13. I am a pantheist. As far as evidence of intelligence behind the potential, if the potential of the fundamental forces differed by a margin of one quintillionth, we wouldn't be here. That's 1 with 18 zeros. I'll put faith on those odds any day. The fundamental forces govern the dynamics of energy. They were in place from the beginning. That level of accuracy proves an archetype and an architect.
  14. What change is your mind open to? We have to be convinced to change. Is it really change or evolution, adding to but not taking away.
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