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  1. You translate with haste based on your own opinion.The post is an example of synchretism, "modern intelligent systems with regard to prophesy" posted originally in religion by the author. That should make it clear. Its main focus is the logical progression towards a universal truth, the modern technology used to achieve it, the semantics and benefit of its implementation to the collective whole, the relevance to past predictions, and the validation of its future authority.
  2. Its hard to see the association to religion with blinders on. Recursion states, " a universal covenant that is objectively true and repeatedly confirmed to be undeniable, could be understood, logically, as a covenant between God and all the worthy inhabitants of existence." The covenant is the law of physics, science, natural law , the source of that law is the creator of it, God. Undeniable logic and the basis of belief in a deity for many of the greatest minds to ever walk this planet. Children are not born in an enlightened state. They must choose their path and learn from it. Every individual has the choice of what path they take and what they glean from it. Some achieve the inner peace of heaven on earth and some live in turmoil internally conflicted by their own choices. The potential for both is constant.
  3. After defining God as the source of creation, the creator, in a previous post the question was asked what was the benefit of labeling the source God. I thought long and hard and the answer did not come easy. I felt compelled to get it right and with some help and finesse I have made my attempt. Some time passed since the question was posed until one chilly winter day when we were using huge amounts of electricity struggling to stay warm. The roads were icy and dangerous so I decided to take the bus to work. As I entered the bus I noticed the driver smile at me in a most peculiar manner. I filed in with the rest of the drones and took my seat. When my bus stop approached I notified the driver to stop. When he passed my stop alerted him again and he ignored me and just kept on going. In fact,he started accelerating. When I demanded he stop he responded with a sinister grin and laughter. With my patience worn thin I rose from my seat to confront him. He wouldn't listen to reason so I was forced to get physical. As my hands clenched his throat I looked back at the other passengers for their approval. They all nodded their heads with consent. Apparently this driver wasn't stopping for anyone. As I squeezed tighter cursing him he just laughed louder and the bus appeared to be driving itself. I felt helpless. Soon I realized our destination was the local nuclear power plant and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. We entered the facility and were greeted by men in radiation suits carrying machine guns. They forced us inside at gunpoint locking the containment door behind us and funneled us through a maze of corridors to the reactor. When they started pushing people into the cooling reservoirs which housed the fuel rods all hell broke loose. Alarms were ringing and panic ensued as bodies were vaporized and noxious fumes filled the air. I managed to fight my way past some minions dodging bullets along the way navigating the passage towards freedom. I began to succumb to the heat and fumes when I finally reached the containment door. I rushed to open it but when I grabbed the handle I froze. Through the thick glass I saw my three year old son standing on the other side looking at me with his beautiful eyes and innocent smile. I knew what would happen to him if I opened the door. An eerie calm overcame me as I released the handle and fell to my knees surrendering to my end. When I awoke my eyes were fountains and my last cry echoed in my head, please don't kill my son, please don't kill my son. The bus ride signified the path society is on now and the reactor it's eminent doom. The answer to the benefit of labeling the source of creation God is an end to internal conflict, the dawn of a new era of enlightenment within one's self, the messianic age. "We talk of world peace, yet those who are to plan the new world do not know the answer, the solution. Present knowledge of man's relation to nature and natural law which controls his human relation is, as yet, inadequate to meet the situation. Man is still too near his jungle to either know the law which inexorably governs his every action and that of everything in nature or to comprehend that he must obey nature or be self-destroyed. Still dominated by his jungle habits, he settles human relations by jungle methods. Wars and world chaos will continue until new knowledge applicable to the coming new cycle in man's evolution is acquired by him. The fulcrum from which all power springs is knowledge. When man has the omniscience which is unfolding within him, he will no longer misuse, break or disobey God's law because of being unaware of it. He will command it because he will know the law." Lao Russell The universe is God's masterpiece so give credit where credit is do and discover humility in your life. Fear not the eyes of the sun for the salvation of mankind and of it's children undoubtedly lies within.
  4. I have already agreed that the logical progression is into infinity, the cosmological argument is simply evidence of cause alone, the teleological argument is evidence which describes that cause as precise. It is the combination of the two which are evidence of an intelligent source, cause and precision engineering. I have drawn no lines and made no assumptions. Nor have I speculated on the cause of the cause except that for me the aphorism "God" allows me to cope with that perpetual mystery. I concede that the origin of a source of infinite nature may be impossible to define completely, describing it as intelligent however is not. When we finally have our TOE, if we live long enough to figure it out, it may give us more insight into the nature of the infinite source. The point is if we don't learn to cooperate and live in peace with a common goal we have no chance of ever figuring it out.
  5. It is the difference in saying something so precise had a cause or did not. Knowing the laws of nature are ruled by cause and effect, cause seems the obvious conclusion. If so, the cause must encapsulate the potential, precise, intelligent, and exquisite.
  6. Carl believed that knowledge should be shared and was criticized by many of his colleagues for doing so. No doubt some of which were consumed by greed. At least the new cosmos attempts to honor his legacy. Sometimes standing for what you believe means standing alone. I said the source, the cause, who or what, is the only subjective part, the engineering tolerance level of our universe is empirical and repeatable, proven fact, it is not subjective, for me it is concrete evidence of an intelligent source.
  7. We live in a universe of cause and effect. The degree to which our universe is fine tuned is empirical and repeatable, who or what caused that degree of exactness is the only subjective question.
  8. The goal is to strive to understand the universe, by the acquisition of knowledge, through scientific means, and eventually the source, all the while keeping faith in the source itself. For me fine tuning is not an assumption of evidence, it is concrete evidence with a margin of error less than one grain of sand in all the sands of the world. A margin which would free or condemn in any court. Truth is self evident. It is not prejudice. I also believe that the universe, and or God, includes all of reality, inner connected, everyone, whether they know it or not. It is awareness that we should strive to attain, and knowledge and truth are a common flag we may all fly under. It is fear which holds us back, and those hoarders of knowledge who capitalize on it instead of sharing it in order to maintain power. Some labor to acquire it, for others ignorance is bliss. If the universe does recycle itself, possible and likely probable, under the same governing factors, the only variables that affect change are the choices made by the living. Now I have shared with you a glimpse of how precious and significant my life, yours, and everyone else truly is. Can we now live in peace and aspire to achieve this goal?
  9. I have often speculated and would agree with you that the universe will also undergo an expansion and contraction period. A universal oscillation so to speak just as the energy it is comprised of does. What I disagree with you on is the fact that it does not require an architect. No matter how many times it recycles itself the controlling factors, the potential, which govern that cycle must precede it. If you have a dice with only ones on every side no matter how many times you roll it you will always get a one. The multitude of numbers must preexist in the potential of the dice itself. An architect must design the archetype. I would also agree with the "common conscious" from the stand point that we are all manifestations of the universe connected and comprised of energy. However I believe what makes life special is the individual part, the power to choose, to affect change. Otherwise the universe would be nothing more than probability. Imagine if we are all vessels of God, and/or of the universe, knowledge will allow us all to close our eyes and sit in the throne of our kingdom. If I were God, I wouldn't listen to the same single song all the time, I would divide myself, and revel in the symphony of all the melodies of my potential.
  10. You are backtracking. Have we not just revealed the evidence for an intelligent source? The only assumption is what now lies beyond that, if anything.
  11. I was referring to the evolution of your mind. The evolution of energy is from simple to complex and back again, and again..............Oscillation is an essential part of the dynamic universe, just like the harmonic beating of your heart or the harmonic pulse of the sun. Energy resonates. Yes, I do. That's where infinity comes into play. That's also why I kneel humbly before the source. Beyond that is where God exists for me. Looking further would most likely burn your eyes out or drive you to insanity but I invite it. So now will all join us at this frontier? Our discussion has fostered an infinite conclusion. For me there is only one solution that allows me to sleep at night, God.
  12. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/teleological-arguments/#CosFinTun Have a look for yourself correct, based on cosmic fine tuning
  13. I am a pantheist. As far as evidence of intelligence behind the potential, if the potential of the fundamental forces differed by a margin of one quintillionth, we wouldn't be here. That's 1 with 18 zeros. I'll put faith on those odds any day. The fundamental forces govern the dynamics of energy. They were in place from the beginning. That level of accuracy proves an archetype and an architect.
  14. What change is your mind open to? We have to be convinced to change. Is it really change or evolution, adding to but not taking away.
  15. I'm suggesting an intelligent source which creates potential, once the universe begins, it is a game of chance and probability. Probability is the constant, chance is the variable.
  16. multiverses are pure speculation and based on flawed logic. The outer boundry of the cmb is not the edge of the universe. I am referring to the one word which summarizes the complete original model of which our universe is based upon, and which we are all manifestations of, the source potential. If any word deserves to be capitalized, shouldn't it be this one.
  17. Do discussions not foster conclusions? Isn't that the root of the problem? Figuring out what we all can agree on is the tough part. Is reality not the same for everyone no matter what our perspective? If I assert that it is am I preaching or has our conversation simply fostered a conclusion? Is it really unknowable? Isn't the periodic and harmonic symmetry of energy and the beautiful architecture of the natural constants enough evidence to contrive an archetype? Is God not simply an aphorism for the archetype?
  18. So lets leave my definition of the source, "God", completely out of it. Do you agree that scientific fact, "creation", is the same for everyone?
  19. I agree. We don't decide what the truth is. It was forged in the very essence of creation. We can only strive to discover it. Religious differences exist because they are a product of environment and tradition. The one true reality is the same for everyone. I believe the source of creation is God, most religions would agree. I would also assert God is the same for everyone, no matter what our perspective.
  20. So let us clarify your viewpoint Swansont. The dream itself and my philosophical interpretation you label "preaching" because I include a creator? I wonder if the philosophers of the past were condemned as preachers when they pondered the source? I think not. I speak clearly on the grounds of a unified civilization under the flag of universal truth and reason. What is true for one is true for all, scientific fact. Look around you. The wars of the world are fought for two main reasons, religious differences and greed. None of our words change natural reality. It existed before us, now, and will continue long after we self destruct. Being a parent I must believe that our species can change that gloomy future. We don't know it all but all that exists can be known with enough time, cooperation, and the scientific method. Explain to me why you think my viewpoint is vacillating trumpery when the only unproven fact is the definition of the source. It is as steady as the natural constants which rule this realm, and form the foundation of my perspective. You disregard any value of my story because you are biased towards me.
  21. Since you feel I'm obliged, the discussion is about the detrimental effects caused by religious prejudice. If we fail to unite under the flag of universal truth, the human race is doomed. Bravo! some may interpret it as a spiritual experience This reply is so preposterous that it doesn't deserve a response.
  22. I was on hiatus with some close friends and we were living out our dreams. We would summit great heights, overcome imposing obstacles, and endure the ominous storm. At the end of our journey one friend asked me to join him at the mainstream church which he attended. I reluctantly agreed knowing that although I had always believed there was a creator, I did not believe in idolizing those profits whom supposedly delivered God's message. I believed nature exposed God's secrets. Accompanying me were my five year old son Maximilian, my newborn baby boy, my friend and his father, another best friend, and some acquaintances who were fellow church members. I was stunned to see a limousine awaiting which delivered us and even more astounded when we arrived at the vast complex and everyone had been brought by limo. It was extremely busy and I immediately became separated from my friends as my focus was on my two sons. The church bell rang and I rushed to find a seat among the endless pews. All were quiet as the preacher began his sermon. My newborn was fast asleep tucked under the flowered Hawaiian button up I was wearing. I also began to periodically nod off as I was exhausted and the slow, warm, breathing of my newborn began to resonate with my lungs. My eyes were closed but I heard the preacher begin to speak of danger and the presence of God. He spoke of overcoming the fear of the unknown and the resulting closeness with the creator. This made sense to me and soon the alter boys were passing around a picture of the priest himself dangling precariously from some giant cliff side wearing a grand smile and giving the cameraman the thumbs up. Along with the picture there were holographic cards that when peered into would reveal each individual's own idea of fun with danger. When I looked at them at first I saw nothing then suddenly a hot rod appeared. I was flabbergasted because part of our trip included racing some cars at the drag strip. I began to wonder if this was some kind of magic trick or surveillance tactic. I nodded off again and heard a woman's voice a few rows back obstreperously exclaiming to the church that a man in a flowered Hawaiian shirt was disrespecting the church by sleeping during the sermon. I opened my eyes only to see everyone glaring at me in judgement and disgust. I stood my ground and asked the woman if she was referring to me and if she, and everyone else, wanted me to leave. I explained my newborn was sleeping and that I was exhausted and apologized but meant no disrespect. They all pointed their fingers and degraded me as an unworthy father. As I stood to exit I expected to finally see my friends rise and defend me but no one else stood. I pulled my sons close and lowered my head in betrayal as I walked out chided by the priest. I went to the front where we had been dropped only to find there were no limos awaiting to service me. realized there was only one way in and one way out. I noticed a small coffee shop across the intersection and thought I might find a sympathetic ear that would rescue us. The officer directing traffic acted like he didn't even see us as if he knew what had transpired so I scurried across as soon as there was an opening. During the melee Max fell behind and cars were honking and cursing at him as I pleaded for him to cross. When he finally made it I found myself even more frazzled and embarrassed as many were smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee gazing at me like I was some precocious adolescent. I began to feel ill and rushed to the nearest trash can to vomit. Even the janitor lady now looked upon me with malice as she had to switch out the trash. I almost started to sob when a nice old man noticed me and offered his assistance. As we exited the complex I explained what had occurred. I asserted that if I treated my children with such presumption and judgement that they would not love and respect me as they do. There was a silent pause and tears of sympathy poured down the man's face. Overcome with emotion I closed my eyes and when they opened, I was lying next to my loving wife, my children fast asleep in their beds and the tears were pouring down my face. I thought what a vivid, dreadful nightmare it was then I immediately had an epiphany. It was no dream, it was a message. Any religion which presumes to know God fully and judges those in contrast, denies themselves the God given right to follow the continuous scientific path which predicates the one ultimate reality of creation. They are unaware of the fragile balance between beauty and horror within the complex nature of God's work and within themselves. They will never know the essence of God's love for creation. JDE
  23. Probability is the constant, choice is the variable, chance is the combination of both.
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