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  1. Hmm, because otherwise I have to believe that pharmaceutical companies were not capable to estimate their own production capabilities, not even close. And this is hard to believe for such experienced companies. (Yes, it can be that evil EU politicians fabricated and influenced all of it... companies were really careful when making promises, but EU politicians presented overinflated promises to the public... then companies made clear public statements that they never made such overinflated promises... but evil EU politicians managed to suppress such statements and even rewrote them to look like apologies for not being able to deliver...... The problem with this hypothesis is that nobody in EU believes our politicians are that smart.)
  2. I fully agree. And I think EU failed big time... (and it will fail every time a quick decision must be maid). Still, I would be surprised if companies were honest when they made initial delivery estimations - this dishonesty now opens a space for EU politicians to clear themselves of their own guilt. Sadly.
  3. I am struggling to find good media articles in English that mention official statements given by AstraZeneca that AstraZeneca will not be able to keep up with their delivery promises to EU... here is one that I just googled: https://www.sortiraparis.com/news/coronavirus/articles/241757-astrazeneca-vaccine-new-shipping-delays-in-the-eu/lang/en "...this reduction could reach 60% of doses secured in the first quarter of the year, for a total of 31 million doses instead of the 80 million doses expected in the EU..." Here is another article (but without numbers): https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/22/astrazeneca-says-initial-eu-delivery-volumes-of-covid-vaccine-to-fall-short.html Apparently, they experienced low yields and therefore delays. How should I understand this: a) Something really unexpected happen, something that almost never happens during vaccine production? b) This industry is such that they never have much control over how the production will go - this is a known limitation, yet they are jolly fellows happy to make very optimistic promises? c) They are delivering to others instead (say USA, Israel...) because the others are paying more? d) Something else? How do I know they intentionally overstated their delivery capabilities (to grab contracts)? If I would know, I would sue. I said "I am not buying it", which is a typical intro into a sentence that you are strongly suspecting... But even if not true, the important is what people in EU believe (and I think they believe that companies are selling elsewhere despite promises to EU, forcing EU into a dire situation). This belief is the reason, I speculate, why it was so easy to 'demonize' AstraZeneca vaccine with EU population (especially after frau Merkel refused to get the AstraZeneca vaccine shot).
  4. I don't understand this part. The quantity and schedule of vaccine shots promised by politicians was clearly much more optimistic than actually realized - are you saying that politicians lied about what they agreed with companies (and somehow intimidated companies not to deny such lies)? Or are you saying that politicians somehow managed to extort such unrealistic promises from sales departments of those companies? Maybe, but imo the simpler explanation is that the promises politicians obtained from companies were already inflated. (European politicians might be too dumb and incapable to intimidate and extort.) (BTW, I am just curious - did you ever have to deal with sales department in your company? Maybe you were a sales person yourself? In companies where I worked, I always had to remind the sales personnel that what they are promising to customers is not very realistic. That is why I have this strong hunch that also sales people in pharmaceutical companies were clearly warned by their engineers that the production schedules announced publicly are not realistic.)
  5. But when companies started making delivery deals, they somehow overestimated their capabilities by a large margin. Where was all those great experience and knowledge then? I am not buying it - they knowingly overstated their delivery capabilities only to get contracts. Now people feel betrayed and then any irrational behavior is not unexpected. I honestly believe that in continental Europe people feel betrayed by AstraZeneca (being it for righteous reason or not). Media sense this and cherry-pick the stories to publish. I think this is all that there is, but AstraZeneca is not without its sin.
  6. Who knows (But If you love conspiracy theories, here is a pet of mine -> AstraZeneca promised vaccine shots to Germany, and Merkel promised this to German people... then AstraZeneca sold vaccines elsewhere... Merkel waited to slap them back and the opportunity came quickly .)
  7. I don't think it is a payback for Brexit :)... I don't think Europeans even know from where AstraZeneca is... I guess it might more likely be because Merkel refused AstraZeneca vaccine.
  8. The increased friction in gas engines (compared to electric motors) pollutes mostly through engine oil burning and (inadequate) disposal, I would guess.
  9. My understanding of the Noah's flood is that water raised everywhere (not only over land) so you would have pressure increase also on the ocean floor. When I read the Bible, I didn't notice that the water was stacked only over the land - did I miss this delightful detail? Right. It would really make me angry if anybody seriously suggested ancient memories from 5 million years ago - as some SFN members say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Black Sea flood seems as more realistic inspiration for the Noah's flood, imo. Although, I would say, more probably the inspiration came from many flooding events (tsunami included).
  10. We don't have just male and female sports.... we have many more. For example, in boxing you have several weight categorizes (male and female). We make categorization in many different ways (by weight, by age, by sex, by disabilities.... or even by allowance of certain drugs). Once categorized, we can separate athletes into category-clean groups or we can include some handicap to certain categories to make them even. I agree with Curious Layman that future of sex-based categorization is not bright. I think, after some longer time, some other categorization method (depending on sport) will become more popular (in boxing, for example, we might choose to categorize only by bone+muscle mass). What I hope is that there will be the ultimate category. The category where anybody can try to compete.... (btw, is this already so.... are all 'man' sports open for females who might be able to compete?)
  11. Some of the gas energy is wasted through the chimney of your home. So I don't think the kWh comparison would be fair (it could be more fair if you count how much energy was wasted during production of electric energy).
  12. Unexpected weather? Or efficiency drop? Or you some unexpected maintenance?
  13. Were there attempts to propose even more natural temperature scale than the Kelvin scale? (I am not sure what would that mean, perhaps something like this: temperature increase of one unit means average particle kinetic energy increase of one joule, or one nano-joule, or one eV...)
  14. Ha ha... I didn't see this coming. I always supposed he was an American guy.
  15. Another problem with the idea is that Earth continuously receives energy from Sun and must release that heat to space at the same rate (to keep its temperature steady). So, if your anti-global-warming method depends on the water evaporation, you would need to evaporate water continuously... Therefore, the answer to the question "how much ocean water would we need" would be "all of it, eventually, if you don't switch to another method in the meantime".
  16. Are you asking if they can kaboom? I wonder. When I was a kid I read somewhere that super-heavy elements could have critical masses of several grams and thus be used for pocket-size 'gadgets'. I wonder if this is viable.
  17. From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicxulub_impactor - first paragraph) the estimation is about 20km/s. But I am suspicious with the wikipedia as their size estimation is very strange (11 to 81 km - wide range, but precise limits), while velocity and angle are given without ranges.
  18. The 'Dark side' can be geographical location if that is how we decide to name the other side of the Moon. For sure it is not always dark, but language moves in mysterious ways (Greenland is not always green)... In fact, the 'Dark side' seems to be so widespread that we might start putting it into dictionaries. ... I understand there are constantly dark spots on the bottom of some deep craters on the Moon. Did we confirm ice there? Is this in form of ice sheets or something that I wouldn't recognize as ice when looking at it?
  19. Hmm... I would say that with the soft radiation, the power level is important, not the 'total dose'' (that is, it is not like with the hard radiation where the damage is proportional to total dose)... Human body has means to regulate its temperature and can keep the temperature within safe limits despite of varying external influences. At least up to the power level where the regulation mechanism gets overwhelmed - only then the temperature can rise and the damage can occur. [Note that some body parts, like eyeballs, might have less effective temperature regulation ability than some other body parts, like brain. Still, with such low power levels involved, I would not expect problems with temperature regulation.... even inside eyeballs.]
  20. Hmm... In this case, I wonder if freedom of speech includes a right to create spamming bots. After all, spamming bots are just an information technology that I should be able to use to spread my speech. Or otherwise, where is that important line between spamming manually and making a script that does the same - I guess, they didn't explain this in their proposition? ... (Btw, maybe we should also take a quick look at search engines and rights of their owners to moderate search results - like result ranking. I just read Google did something particular in Australia.)
  21. Did you measure already how much and where the energy is being lost in your car? If you are studying you should have some picture how much energy is lost in batteries (charge/discharge cycle, self-discharging), how much is lost in inverter (if any), how much is lost in motor (resistance, eddy currents, hysteresis), how much is lost in transmission (if any), rolling resistance, air resistance, accessories power consumption... If you have this data then you can compare with other electric vehicles and check where you should be able to make an improvement. If you didn't do such part-by-part measurements already, then I think you should.
  22. My understanding: the way a privately controlled company moderates its social platform is a from of speech - that is, moderation is speaking. Companies are responsible about their moderation policies in the same way as speakers are responsible for their speech. Companies should have freedom in choosing their moderation policies under same rules as for the public speech itself. (Btw, I am not that much impressed with actions big companies did last few days... I hope you also agree that these came too late to be praised for either bravery, morals or foresight.)
  23. Is there such thing as a paint that looks like a glossy metal (like stainless steel or nickel-plated steel). For example, a cheaper sink tap might have a plastic handle, but 'painted' to look like metal - is this a paint or what? Is it something that I can simply buy in a store (I have no experience... maybe it is just that easy)? I need to make some ordinary carbon steel parts look shiny. I am thinking about nickel-electroplating but it seems a bit expensive where I am (and I am also afraid that there are different steel grades welded together in these parts and I am not sure if this can cause problems when electroplating). So, do I have a paint or some other option instead? (to be used indoors, occasionally touched by hands).
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