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  1. Is there any relation of this claimed Mpemba thermal behavior with efficiency of melting ice on a windshield preferred done with cold water than using warn water ?
  2. Now it is the triple glaze argon filled push... Foam tapes do exist, but... is there any silicone self-adhesive tape to apply to the frame ? That should help somewhat... If exists, how did they apply the adhesive to silicone ? ๐Ÿคจ
  3. I assume not; from ~25 years ago when the manufacturer was experimenting? -in summer- with aluminium, migrating from wood framed windows. Perhaps manufacturers now insert a non-metallic gap/break in the frame to avoid what customers found with pain after in$talled.
  4. Hi all. In winter time, aluminium window frames form condensation from any humidity inside the dwelling as cold is easily conducted from the outside exposed metal surfaces, puddling on sills and staining paint, probably causing rot in underlying wood. Is there any treatment/coating that is usually applied to aluminium frames to avoid that damage ? The glass does not condense humidity, just the highly conductive Al frames do. ๐Ÿ™
  5. Thank you ! Looks exactly as suggested.
  6. I use my Hitachi V212, a V222 and three more oscilloscopes without any probes for general measurements that do not need high impedance load probes. Perhaps your power supply is one of those too, giving screen readings that are true, not a tenth of the probed levels...
  7. Always had the same belief. Being a forum, exposing a thought/theory without questions would be acceptable. Perhaps this was before the invention of blogs ?๐Ÿ˜
  8. Hi. Peaches supposedly grow from seeds genetically equal to the parent plant making it simpler without grafting. Seeds need the stratification period to be viable. What about peach seeds from areas/countries that never reach below freezing ? Do they also need at least an above freezing cold stratification period ?
  9. Hi. There is the claims of what is better or not; the copper, the iridium, the iron, the platinum ones... Are the expensive metals used in tiny amounts only on the spark eroding prone tips or is there a larger component using such ? I would suspect the industry would just save the $ and barely coat/plate only the critical surfaces. What do you know ?
  10. Hi. Being very disconnected from politics, can only guess as I reside in KY and from the news seen here it is all aimed to prevent spreading virus, with a nearly one million votes done as advance-absentee-mailed ballots presented as compensation for the closing of voting places. If helps someone other than general health, cannot tell. There was today only one place to vote in the county of Fayette, (a stadium) in nearby Lexington. ----> https://www.lexingtonky.gov/vote ----> https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2020/06/18/kentucky-elections-judge-rules-against-forcing-more-polling-locations/3211751001/
  11. Thanks. Let me attempt to translate... What we get from a store is not heirloom, nature, wild; it is a selected, modified, altered vegetable that has the 'property' of yielding random results when their seeds are planted because ยฟ? And that is what farmers sow and supermarkets sell because they yield more commercially preferred successful, bigger, prettier, juicier, moneymaking, flavorful, abundant... produce. And this grafting does not apply to a carrot, yam, lettuce... instead other modification methods are used then that end with the same unpredictable yield if their seeds are sowed. ๐Ÿ˜ถ Then, if I want artichokes in my back yard, the seeds should be heirloom if the plan is to use their own seeds next planting ? Currently, my artichoke plants are behaving very different than the last year crop... were planted this year from last year harvested seeds.
  12. Hi. Say we eat a delicious cherry, a watermelon, a tomato, a peach, or pear and keep the seeds after consumption. Heard often that sowing those seeds may yield a cultivar, version, or species different from the seed originator just enjoyed, and to ensure proper fruit harvesting, grafts are necessary. How did nature produced peaches, cherries... for millions of years, and now grafting propagation is needed if we want them to grow in our backyard ? Can someone explain ?
  13. Hi all. DEET has been the champion since a long time. Some 'essential' oils follow with a degree of wizardry and old lady tales included. Recently, the clothesdryer sheets. What has worked for you, and even better, were you able to produce it at home with simple chemicals ? Heard about vinegar, alcohol, cinnamon, lemon peel,... Ignore 'natural', 'green' , 'healthy' , just what really works. What about soybean oil as main ingredient at a million percent markup ?
  14. Yes, a documentary video report aired or on internet streaming.
  15. "The cleaners" is the title for the program of moderators doing the cleaning work on improper posts. If you get "The cleaners"; that is the right one. Trailer should contain airing schedule. Near days is around this/next week. Probably starting today. Hoping this thread will not be 'cleaned' out of the forum -yet- ๐Ÿ˜ณ by moderators.
  16. This could be at the Lounge?, move anywhere if deserved. Deutsche Welle television announced a report on moderators for social sites in the near days ; if anyone has any interest. Cannot tell the title of the program in English as I saw the announcement in another language, but should be easily searchable. Choice of languages. Wait. Found something in English : ----> https://www.dw.com/en/trailer-the-cleaners/av-53444125
  17. Hi. The typical suggestion found is to use hot baking soda (base) paste/solution to dissolve/neutralize the acid (as read somewhere) But the corrosion buildup is a salt; isn't it ? Like copper sulphate ? Also found the use of vinegar often mentioned. But vinegar is an acid. How that works ? What about borax ? What about Portland cement (strong base) ? Would they work cleaning the corrosion well enough ?
  18. Or, wash clothes with cold water. ----> https://www.geappliances.com/ge/lifestyles/6-reasons-to-cold-water-wash.htm ----> https://www.bhg.com/homekeeping/laundry-linens/tips-checklists/cold-water-laundry/ ----> https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/washing-clothes-in-cold-water-vs-hot-water-35648166
  19. Thank you, sir. Can current exist when referred to a point ? Can direction exist when referred to a point ? Should current and direction be referred instead to a line/location/flow between two points ?
  20. Of course. Thanks. I have a problem with this : The metallic and electrically conductive magnet insulated by rubber from the mercury is exposed to the proximity of the eddy currents in the mercury which are generating their eddy magnetic fields. Being the magnet in motion, would such eddy magnetic fields induce electrical currents back into the conductive metallic moving magnet body ? Seems some reciprocal interaction can happen... Am aware I used/described the words "eddy magnetic field" ๐Ÿ˜ณ which have never seen before; only "eddy electrical current"
  21. Trying with different wording... Are eddy currents also generated in a conductive fluid when a magnet is moved submerged in it ? The eddy currents going in circles, do they create magnetic fields of their own, as if they were currents in loops of wire ? Reversed : a stationary magnet inside a pipe where mercury flows. Is there generation of eddy currents in the conductive fluid ?
  22. Hello all. If a magnet is spun, moved, shaken while surrounded by a coil, the coil will generate a voltage that would flow as current if the coil has a closed circuit. If a magnet is moved inside mercury, the currents would be 'tridimensional', in the body of the conductive liquid, probably emphasized in a plane/direction depending on the plane of the magnet motion. Do I have it right to this point ? If the magnet moving inside the conductive mercury is a conductor itself, and in intimate contact with the currents flowing in the mercury, will the current share paths in and out of the fluid ? If the magnet moving in conductive fluid is covered with an insulating paint/coat of glass, rubber, whatever; will the electric currents be confined only to the fluid ?
  23. All Reddit did was filling my screen with crap, advertisements, irrelevant listings and repeated freezing. Another garbage website to blacklist for me. ๐Ÿคฎ Thanks. Aftermarket SS are abundant and some not expensive; but I have a $0 deal from a boneyard... ๐Ÿคจ
  24. Hi all. Perhaps someone knows which brand/model/year automobile is factory fitted with a stainless steel muffler ? Volvo? Mercedes ? Trying to locate from a wreckyard, a 6" round one, similar to
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