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  1. ok, thanks, i will try to apply that to my calculation.
  2. Hi, this is not really a homework question, since I don't understand it at all, I can't really do my homework. And I am having a test on thursday on this... Anyway, I am learning Double Source Interference / Single Source Double Slit Interference in Physics. I understand how some of the node minima, waves are canceled out, and the maxima, wave construct. But I don't get the calculation part of it. All those equations and drawing of triangles. It look really confusing to me, and I don't quite understand it, beside that if a point is equal distance from both sources, then the wave will arrive at the same time. Different distance they don't match or something. It's just the calcuation of the triangles, and the angles and stuffs really confused me. Can someone help me?
  3. Support My School's Orchestra and Get Your Sites or Company or Name Advertised! Hi, everyone, my school, Council Rock High School South, have an amazing Orchestra. We were rated the best High School Orchestra in the US state of Pennsylvannia by the PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association). We also performed the pieces, 5 selected movement of the original version of "Pictures of an Expedition" and "Rusian Sailor Dance" and "The Inferno", at the PMEA convention at March 31st, 2006 for many music teachers. It was decided that we will be traveling to Italy on a concert tour next year to Perform the selected pieces including the famous "Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture" and "La Gazza Ladra". The fee for the tour is expensive, cost around $2500 USD for each member (I am one of them), therefore, we need to do some fund rasing in order to go on the trip. The Patron Book is one. The Patron Book for 2006 - 2007 is a book recorded pictures and events of our trip at Italy along with a listing of individuals and organizations who have contributed to the Orchestra trip fund. The Patron Book will be published and distributed throughout the school district at concerts and performances. By sponsering us with a minimum of $20 USD, we will publish your Company (Site) name, address, phone number... Please e-mail billwaahau@gmail.com for details... And post your comment here.
  4. I use Fri Host, http://www.http://www.frihost.com/ You have to post to keep hosting in the forum, one post a day, or you can post like 30 a day and don't worry about it for a month. 200MB I think, support PHP, SQl...
  5. Billwaa


    ok thanks. Now I solved it, I basically just pull the plug because I lost my temper and now it work. weird....
  6. Billwaa


    try it yourself....
  7. I believe you need to know how to measure and convert units and calculate the amount of chemical the put in and stuff
  8. Billwaa


    you guys just confuse me, why do people want to know really why 1 + 1 = 2? I think, because if you have one thing have another one, now you have two of the one thing, or basically two thing. 1 + 1 = 2 (1) = 2
  9. Yeah, I really think that it's impossible to have 360 degree joint, the bone attach to the joint is in its way.
  10. Billwaa


    I don't know why, but now my PC wouldn't turn off or log off or anything. It don't follow my command. It all started yesterday, I got a program and try to make my window theme look like the Window Vista thing with a program. It totally kill the OS, so I recover it and have to set up everything. I even lost my homework files for schools. So after that I try a program that change the log in screen. It was fine until a few hours ago, that thing wouldn't work. And everytime when I try to hybernate, it give me this error: And hybernated with a pop up window saying hybernated. So I am like, that program is screwing my PC up. So I uninstall it. Now it wouldn't even turn off! HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  11. wow, I suck, I only got to level 2
  12. it really work? I want to try, how?
  13. ok, I will ask my parent if I am allow to do it. Since they are asking for a address, hopefully they don't charge shipping and don;t make them read only.
  14. oh yeah, it work. Is there a catch to this? Does it cost shipping fee?
  15. I think that people in Africa have to have dark skin because it's hot there and they need darker skin to not get sun burn. People who live in Europe are white because they need white skin to reflect UV light. They eventrually adapt to it and past on to their offspring.
  16. I wonder if the world will accept human that have the glowing gene.
  17. err.. no I don't think so. lol *I think if you really want yourself to be glow in the dark, you have to be genetic engineered before you are born, when you are still a sperm cell. becuase if you change your DNA at that time, then you skin will remain glowing. But if you change it after you are born, there are different possibility: 1. the transgenetic organism (i think that's what they are called) will get attack by your immune system and wouldn't transferr the DNA 2. last only a while because most of the skin cells in your body already been devoloped. You alter a few cells, they will divide and produce more, but that wouldn't create enough skin cells vs the normal one which already been devolope in bigger number and produce more. Which mean your glow in the dark cell will eventually get overthrown. // Really, I don't want to be glow in the dark, it would hurt if I am playing Airsoft War or paintball in the dark. lol
  18. well, I hear my voice but in a higher pitch
  19. When I first learn about genetic engineering and DNA last month, my teacher told us that someone did an experiment on mouse and squid. They took the DNA code that make the squid glow in the dark and insert it to a mouse. The mouse's offspring all have the ability to glow in the dark. I just think it's kind of funny. And they should probably do that to hamster and sell them in the pet store. Wouldn' t it be cool to have a hamster the glow in dark? they did that on plants too! man, I want a plant like that so badly!
  20. Doesn't sound like she have a problem to me. But the brain does control eveything, if part of it is damage, who know what going to happen and what's not. I have a feeling that part of her brain that control the feeling part is damage, not fully. Probably still 20% or something like that remain functioning. Ask a doctor or some professional person would be a good idea. err... no, that's not all men wants. What about success? achievement? discover? invention?
  21. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I know that my Cousin is being invite (at least i think) to work for Lockheed Martin. He show his skills well during his collage years and invent something with some schoolmate <= I am not sure what though. So I think you just have to stand out from others. I myself have no experience since I am still in High School
  22. Well, I mean normal people think pigs are stupid and lazy and only eat and sleep and do nothing else. And I guess you couldn't really say we come from fish and realated to pigs as a fact. Natural Selection is only a theory, not a law. For people that believe in Creationism, they wouldn't think we come from fish and related to pigs.
  23. Many people don't believe in Evolution, are they afraid what we might find of our past? What if we are really evolved from sea living organisms like fish? Does that make us any less of what we are now? I personally believe that it doesn't really matter what we are in the past. Who knows? We might be evolved from small living mammals lived a long time ago like mouses. We might be related to pigs. That doesn't make us stupid. In fact, nothing can change what we have achieved. We are human, an intelligent speice that is above all other organism on this planet. We have proven ourself to be. What other organism can build the Great Wall of China? Invent computer? None.
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