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  1. The flasks about a dozen items down this list? http://www.raylab.co.nz/catalog.asp?section=product&groupID=27&dir=group
  2. John Cuthber


    Hot zinc will react with steam to produce hydrogen. I'm not sure any H+ ions are involved in that case.
  3. There's a really important thing to know about those diagrams (and yes, they are structural formulae). They don't bother to put all the carbon atoms in. All the corners of the hexagons and pentagons, except there there is an "O" are carbon atoms. For example the glucose has 6 carbon atoms but only one is explicitly put there as a "C" in the diagram.
  4. John Cuthber


    what do you want FeCl2 for? There might be a substitute that is easy to get.
  5. Please don't fall into the trap of trying to make (for example) a pH8 solution by dissolving 10^-8 moles of HCl in a liter of water. I think you will need to learn a bit about buffers.
  6. John Cuthber


    "Wait a tick. Wouldn't dissolving a lump of iron under oxic conditions yield FeCl3? One would either have to start with Fe(II) or use a reducing agent." Iron is a very good reducing agent. That means another way to get FeCl2 is to start with FeCl3 (used as an etchant) and add iron; steel wool works reasonably well. Use an excess of the iron and then filter it off.
  7. My guess is he's lying. As long as he keeps threatening to get hold of a bomb he gets publicity and some sort of kudos from the rich west; we might be prepared to pay him not to get one. Provided that he doesn't get one he doesn't need to worry about keeping his promise to nuke Tel Aviv, but, while he keeps talking about it he gets kudos at home (at least from some camps) for being a strong leader. I think it might be amusing to consider giving him a bomb- we have lots and we are not using them for anything. And then reminding him that, if he uses it, he will get destroyed utterly.
  8. Unsurprisingly there's a list in wiki.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ig_Nobel_Prize_winners My personal favorite is the Royal Navy winning the peace prize for shouting "Bang!" rather than actually firing missiles
  9. "I ... have had a lifetime of conscious awareness of the electromagnetic fields that appear to govern our existence " Hm? Anyway there's very little Al expousre from beer (and other) cans because they are coated on the inside. If there's any evidence of mass chronic heavy metal poisoning I'd be interested to see it. Frankly I doubt it's true and trolling seems a more likely explanation. If Zarkov wants to provide some sort of evidence, that would make things much easier for him. I wonder why he hasn't. The obvious reason would be that the evidence doesn't exist ie he is deluded or lying.
  10. Well, I agree with this bit "Hydrogen potential is an artifact " but I'm not sure about the rest. As I have pointed out before your theory is arbitrary and produces (so far as I can see) no testable hypotheses. It is, therefore, not science.
  11. OK, I thought about this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pound-Rebka_experiment and I still think Planck's work stands. Please explain why you think the constant isn't constant.
  12. "It is not usually the alcohol that causes hangovers, but the secondary products caused by the type of material fermented, and/or by the heat affects during distillation, causing the production of other chemicals. " Er, I think the usual format for this sort of reply is "someone who isn't me" tried drinking lab grade alcohol mixed with cola and can vouch for the fact that pure alcohol is perfectly able to give you a hangover. If you can face a fry up in the morning then you haven't got much of a hangover. While it's probably true that paracetamol (acetaminophen for those across the po
  13. NH3OH? Not seen that one before. Essentially the products of dissolving NH4Cl in water are very dull. No reaction takes place except the hydration of the ions.
  14. An interesting and potentially useful thread but I think it's aimed at the wrong disease. HIV is causing and will continue to cause massive harm in the world but, from the point of view of anyone reading this thread, it's almost completely avoidable. Wouldn't it be more sensible to apply our minds to the problem of malaria? With global warming clearly happening (whatever the cause), many areas that were previously almost unaffected will be at risk. Currently both diseases cause something like 2 or 3 million deaths a year so perhaps we should worry about both.
  15. My word, what a lot of tosh. For a a start, H2O2 is more stable in weakly acid solution than in alkaline conditions so the whole idea is base over apex. A more sensible reason for the foaming is the presence of catalase in the blood. It's there specifically to destroy peroxides because they are toxic. Blood is, incidentally, faintly alkaline, but not strongly enough to markedly raise the decomposition rate of peroxide. Why persist in this weird idea about H potential?
  16. Well The answer to the first bit is easy. " does a line between 2 atoms mean it is chemically bonded?" Yes. " What signifies what type of bond it is? Are the covalent or ionic bonds?" Almost all the bonds in the molecules you see in biology are covalent. Sometimes there are hydrogen bonds indicated, but that's usually stated as such. The second bit is more difficult because I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. Please could you post a link to an example.
  17. Ozone levels near the sea are generally low. The idea that there's much ozone there is a myth. On the other hand I have heard that ozone was used as an air steriliser come sanitiser on the London Underground. As long as the levels are low the ozone won't do much harm. To get rid of the smell of a couple of long-dead pigs isn't something you could do with levels of ozone that wouldn't damage people (or at least not in any reasonable time sacle)
  18. OK first point. "you get the poster angry and they reply quicker. It was my method to get him to support his answer." He didn't ; your idea failed. Secondly. "but openly refuting what someone says isn't." You need to look up what refuting means. If you had genuinely provided evidence refuting his point then this would be fair comment. Simply saying he's wrong isn't the same thing, and it makes you sound like a 2 year old. Thirdly "However, I will want you to support what you tell me." Surely you are joking? You didn't offer any suport for your wrong headed idea. On the other hand y
  19. OK if you want the science side of things; it's poor science to pontificate about things when you are an ignoramus. And, BTW, as for "Who cares that much about politeness? ", I think you will find that many of us do. Have you read this? http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/announcement.php?f=51&a=14
  20. Actually I'm not sure about CuFeS2. I think it's a single (though probably non stoichiometric) compound. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalcopyrite Iron pyrites is FeS2. I think you could get substitution of Fe(II) by Cu(II). And I'm not offering to give a balanced equation for oxidation of that in air. Some H2S will be lost, some SO2 probably would be too. I'm not ruling out S8 as a possible product.....
  21. Just a thought. Is having drugs tailored to racial characteristics morally different from having drugs tailored to the sexes? I grant that it's generally more difficult to establish the racial traits than sex, but if that distinction can be made then what's the problem?
  22. A practical relalisation of putting it an a spring and measurng the peiod of oscillation is given here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz_crystal_microbalance These things are used in vacuo as often as not.
  23. "I talked to my professor " It might have been more helpful and more polite to do that before posting.
  24. Actually you could get repulsion if you were to use an alternating magnetic field. This would work for any conductive bullet. On the other hand the electromagetic coils and power supply would weigh so much that you would be better off hiding behind them.
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