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  1. Raman spectroscopy might work but, unless you stick the molecules to something solid, the Raman effect is very weak. Mass spectroscopy gets used for this sort of thing. I don't understand the reference to "n".
  2. They are called electrets by analogy with magnets. I'm suprised the prof hadn't heard of them but to be fair, except in microphones, they are pretty obscure.
  3. Is it an AC magnetometer? Anyway, since these people have a demonstrably wrong view of the earth's magnetic field I don't see any reason to credit the rest of their beliefs. Since the UN article and the other journal article are just repeating these same error prone guys it doesn't really say a lot.
  4. When you say "There is actually a curve where the freezing point rises above 0 C then drops again. " do you realise that's a departure from the normal laws of physics? Are you getting confused with the fact that if you cool a solution of salt down then salt might come out of solution, rather than ice? Here's a nice page with a phase diagram. http://www.chemguide.co.uk/physical/phaseeqia/saltsoln.html The fact that they heat the brine to make it easier to pump isn't relevant.
  5. Well, the paper here http://www.magnetage.com/Journal_Report.html just says they could measure the magnetic field near MRI scanners and such (this isn't exactly shocking- all they would need would be a compass). It also repeats a claim that a magnetic field was onece found to apparently affect the growth of some cells in a lab but that the results were not published. This one http://www.unep.or.jp/ietc/Publications/INSIGHT/Sum-95/7.asp doesn't really say anything; they could be talking about a magnetic stirrer from the description given. It certainly doesn't offer any proof that the as
  6. "CRYSTALS MUST BE TOTALLY ABSENT FROM OUR EXPERIMENTS" So what are you going to make the stuff out of? Anyway, as has been said, the experiment was done; QM was verified.
  7. I realise that placebos are real (in a sense) I just wondered about the other way round. Could an entirely imaginary drug work; my guess it that it would, by the placebo effect.
  8. "I wonder, though, what would happen if someone deposits semen .." I thought that was Clinton's party trick. If a man wipes out his entire species does he qualify for a (posthumous) Darwin award? I think Bush is more likely to get an igNobel prize; I think he might qualify for the peace, ecconomics or biology prizes.
  9. If that's a valid definition of power then I rule the world.
  10. Hmmm, I see. "I think the monarch still technically has the right to veto new ministers, but it's extremely unlikely that they would as it'd threaten their position and they would loose their powers pretty quickly if they started using them too much." Now can someone please explain to me the difference between not having power and having power but not being allowed to use it?
  11. "I need to prove the Law and its variations i presume for A-A A-B and B-B solutions (some explanation on wtf those are might be nice " Yep, it would. If I knew what you were on about, I might be able to help.
  12. I can tell "down" from "sideways" without maths.
  13. If all you guys want to use SI units that's fine, but if that's the case then not only will water be frozen at 40 but the air will be liquid.
  14. "Considering Tesla's stance, maybe you should reconsider yours." Tesla's stance was that the physicists were doing too much maths and not enough experiments. My stance is that the simple experiment of measuring a dip angle shows that this "new model" for magnetism is nonsense; no maths reqiuired. I'm sure Tesla and I would agree on this.
  15. Copper (I) oxide can be yellow if it's finely divided.
  16. I think the amount of heat stored would be a bit small for the size of the store. In terms of stored energy you would do better with batteries.
  17. OK you should be able to dissolve the lot in aqua regia- I think it works better hot (though boiling it will lose you some of the chlorine etc). Ypu might need more acid than you expect because there are losses of HCl etc. Anyway, the acid's cheap. I'm not sure about recovering the Am from the solution. I would see how people ppt gold from solutions for recovering scrap gold, though I suspect a fair bit of the Am would stick to the gold. The alternative would be to add a carrier and precipitate the Am and carrier while leaving the gold in solution.
  18. Putting them in the fridge or freezer makes them dimmer but last longer.
  19. That's not a costume, that's his normal clothes. BTW I bet he meant to say "my daughter and me"
  20. "How Do They Have The Right To Put A Parliment In Control Of The Country" I wasn't aware that they did, in fact I thought I voted in elections to determine who controls the government. I might not be happy with the outcome, but I don't blame the queen for it. The royal family are pretty much a (slightly overpriced) tourist atraction; as a power base they are simply irrelevant. Big business has a lot more power and probably fewer morals.
  21. There's a time and place for free speech and the right to protest. This was just a calculated insult.
  22. "But I see some cases that a person can feel what will happen to their relative at someday in the future (or will happen in the next few hours) ? How do you understand that ?" I just call it coincidence; what's to understand?
  23. Work out the concentration of calcium in all the standard solutions. Plot a graph of the absorbance vs concentration. Look on the graph to find what concentration corresponds to 20.8 then remember that it had been diluted and calculate the original concentration.
  24. "Anhydrous chemicals are usually more expensive " Indeed, but not in this case. I think that stuff sold by the ton is usually less expensive than stuff sold by the gram. Also, the ice melter can be a dreadfully impure product and still work. The handwarmers need to be pretty pure. To answer the other part of the question, yes, it could be used on a big scale but it wouldn't be very practical and I'm not sure about ammonium nitrate but I can't see it working much better.
  25. A beautiful way to teach the fact of evolution.
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