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  1. This version is no more interesting or correct that this one. http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=29183
  2. Not only is it an odd post, I don't think it's correct. A lot of mixtures give rather odd viscosities when mixed. For example a mixture of methanol and water is rather more viscous than its components. Here is some data for methanol and a few other things, there's a clear maximum. http://journals.tubitak.gov.tr/physics/issues/fiz-02-26-3/fiz-26-3-12-0006-28.pdf The components of the mix have nearly the same viscosity (if you don't like the "nearly" bit then use the solution with the same viscosity as water its near 70% mole fraction methanol) so if you were to calculate the "VBI" for each o
  3. Hydrolysis of benzamide with sodium hydroxide solution will give sodium benzoate and ammonia. This will have a different crystal structure from the acid. There is a procedure for hydrolysis of amides by dissolving them in sulphuric acid then poring the solution into water. I've never tried it but it should make the acid directly.
  4. OK the original question was "Which ones produce more heat then other decay(gamma, alpha, beta), and more importantly that will not hurt me and less risky?" There's a clear indication that he's concerned about the risk. That risk is the reason why he won't get hold of any radioactive material that will meaningfully generate heat. Feel free to say it's not relevant. Also, unless you can prove otherwise I think it's fair to say it's true. You certainly won't get hold of it legally and I don't think this site condones breaking the law. "he didn`t ask that! that`s Twice now I`ve had to cal
  5. How would chlorine survive being deionised? I think you have a case for complaint.
  6. You might have more success with a boride rather than a borohydride. The idea of a bunch of wedge shaped magnets making a monople isn't new.The idea was raised in the Daedalus column of New Scientist Sept 10 1970. It was (so I gather) analysed by Dr Epsilon and Mr J Middlehurst in Wireless world Dec1978 p 67 and Sept 1979 p82. The analysis is described as unsympathetic.
  7. Is this the weird university that only lets people in if their names start and end with a capital letter? Also, are imaginary drugs placebos?
  8. Nobody is going to let you have enough of any radioactive material to produce any useful heat.
  9. "A surface is needed to make the chemical reaction " Care to think about that in the context of the early universe?
  10. "Originally Posted by John Cuthber Evolution only acts in response to how many children you have. What you do before that cannot malke any difference. Incidentally masturbation is pretty common amongst animals so it's a safe bet we were doing it before we were human. Evolution acts on the fitness of individual, which is, in part, a measure of your offspring. What you do before you have children most certainly affects your fitness. For example, if you cut off your genitals before you have children, this will most certainly affect your Darwinian fitness!!" Unless (as a hypothetical exa
  11. "Perhaps you are thinking of inhallation anasthetics such as haloperidol, which are more much more potent than N20..." Haloperidol isn't an inhalational anaesthetic. NO2 is toxic; I doubt it has any major phyisiological role but it's proably made in small quantities by the oxidation of NO which is a transmitter.
  12. Evolution only acts in response to how many children you have. What you do before that cannot malke any difference. Incidentally masturbation is pretty common amongst animals so it's a safe bet we were doing it before we were human.
  13. My advice would be to drink coffee, and talk to someone while you make and drink it. People are usually a good for people.
  14. The "holiday" tree is fascinating. Last time I checked Christ was the "son of God" to Christians, but even to most of the other major religions here He's a prophet. Most religious people here in the UK shouldn't logically be bothered about celebrating His birth. (though even Christianity ought to have a view on blatant commercialism). (No offense meant to any passing Buddhists or Sikhs) What's more interesting is that the tree is a pagan symbol rather than a Christian one. (Same for the Easter bunny). Shouldn't the Christians be objecting to the pagan symbolism? (BTW, is there a WIKI p
  15. "Over here, PC is a tool of the left, and critisism of it is a tool of the right; it's the lefties who try to rename christmas to winter holiday, whilst the right moan about PC stopping them from shooting imagrants " I'm not sure aout whoich side is using it. If someone has banned "Christmas" on the grounds that it's "not PC" then it's perhaps a tool of the left. If (as I suspect) that never actually happened but it was a story made up by the right to ridicule the left then it's a tool of the right. It reminds me of the "ElfAndSafety loonies" at the health and safety authorities who b
  16. The flasks about a dozen items down this list? http://www.raylab.co.nz/catalog.asp?section=product&groupID=27&dir=group
  17. John Cuthber


    Hot zinc will react with steam to produce hydrogen. I'm not sure any H+ ions are involved in that case.
  18. There's a really important thing to know about those diagrams (and yes, they are structural formulae). They don't bother to put all the carbon atoms in. All the corners of the hexagons and pentagons, except there there is an "O" are carbon atoms. For example the glucose has 6 carbon atoms but only one is explicitly put there as a "C" in the diagram.
  19. John Cuthber


    what do you want FeCl2 for? There might be a substitute that is easy to get.
  20. Please don't fall into the trap of trying to make (for example) a pH8 solution by dissolving 10^-8 moles of HCl in a liter of water. I think you will need to learn a bit about buffers.
  21. John Cuthber


    "Wait a tick. Wouldn't dissolving a lump of iron under oxic conditions yield FeCl3? One would either have to start with Fe(II) or use a reducing agent." Iron is a very good reducing agent. That means another way to get FeCl2 is to start with FeCl3 (used as an etchant) and add iron; steel wool works reasonably well. Use an excess of the iron and then filter it off.
  22. My guess is he's lying. As long as he keeps threatening to get hold of a bomb he gets publicity and some sort of kudos from the rich west; we might be prepared to pay him not to get one. Provided that he doesn't get one he doesn't need to worry about keeping his promise to nuke Tel Aviv, but, while he keeps talking about it he gets kudos at home (at least from some camps) for being a strong leader. I think it might be amusing to consider giving him a bomb- we have lots and we are not using them for anything. And then reminding him that, if he uses it, he will get destroyed utterly.
  23. Unsurprisingly there's a list in wiki.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ig_Nobel_Prize_winners My personal favorite is the Royal Navy winning the peace prize for shouting "Bang!" rather than actually firing missiles
  24. "I ... have had a lifetime of conscious awareness of the electromagnetic fields that appear to govern our existence " Hm? Anyway there's very little Al expousre from beer (and other) cans because they are coated on the inside. If there's any evidence of mass chronic heavy metal poisoning I'd be interested to see it. Frankly I doubt it's true and trolling seems a more likely explanation. If Zarkov wants to provide some sort of evidence, that would make things much easier for him. I wonder why he hasn't. The obvious reason would be that the evidence doesn't exist ie he is deluded or lying.
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