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  1. Hello people. I have a question regarding telomeres. The evidence for the chromosomes fusing is undeniable. And usually a creationists will just try to avoid the topic. However i heard a creationist, make a claim that yes humans did have 24 pairs of chromosomes when God created them, but due to the fall or some other reason they fused. "After all it's a common design". This seems like post hoc rationalising, but is there anything that can be said to refute that. If we are only talking about the Chromosome 2 and telomeres etc. I don't want to use ERVs to refute this, they are good pieces of evidence on their own. Also when drawing those little diagrams , am i right when i draw a normal chromosome, that it looks like this: pre-telomere: '~' telomere: '=' genes: '#' centromere: '&' ~~~~~~=======#######&######=======~~~~~~
  2. lets have a minute of silence to remember the one that is lost.
  3. i read that today , in the actual magazine. Brain Greene's famous book basicly sais the same thing though. He sais alot of string theory is based on estimates, and can never be tested.
  4. Very interesting. I was hoping to see Russia, Australia and Georgia on that list.
  5. you should read the book that the book is made from. it goes into much more interesting detail.
  6. what would happen if the chillies where somehow put straigh into your stomach without touching the tongue would that effect your insides? kinda like homer did with candle wax on his tongue.
  7. I am going to be the devils advocate here and ask some questions. First of its believed that modern man originated from Africa and branched of from a common ape like ancestor. I always hear creationists and other people who don’t believe in evolution asking the question why are apes not evolving today. I know the answer to that, that’s not my question, what I wanted to ask was, how did first humans branch of from other apes. My guess would be that they were separated from other apes and were met with different conditions. Africa seems to have the same type of natural conditions all around. I would have thought that all the apes at the time would be evolving equally. I don’t understand what made us and how exactly did we branch off. And another question, were there only ancient apes in Africa at that time, or where there apes in other parts of the world as well.
  8. yes i am a big fan of ytmnd. and that film is popular.
  9. did yuo wear the cosumes on your honey moon too?
  10. take photos . i wanna see exactly what marks
  11. yeh ytmnd is alll about lol jesus. it use to be a big fad
  12. 120 kbs for such a small pic? you really need to reduce quality.
  13. If yuo dont have it yet, i suggest you get Tiestos - Best and New album One of the best trance albums ive heard. I my self become really happy when listening to happy hardcore. I am not a raver but that music makes me feel very good inside.
  14. hey people i remember back in high school some fellow was telling my year that we should use roll-on deodorant instead of spray cans, he said because they damage the ozone layer. However i read that in the US Chlorofluorocarbon was banned in like 1970's which was the substance that damages the ozone, and only old devices still produce it ei old fridges. I live in Australia , but i am guessing its also banned here aswell. So was that guy uninformed or is there other stuff that damages the ozone which is contained in sparay on deodorant cans?
  15. i been doing push ups and sit ups for the last 7 years. I cant go over 100 too much, By teh time i get to 100 push ups my arms really begin to hurt and cant support my wieght. But beleive me i can do 100 good effort pushups
  16. i do 100 pushups every second day. I have weak wrists, so i do them on my knuckles. But i dont try to do them fast like some people here do it. I try to do it relatively slow, to get a better work out.
  17. hey i am from Sydney Australia. Just mention Cronulla Riots and they should leave you alone. nah jk give us some examples that really made you question evolution from the book, and i am sure alot of people on this forum will show yuo why the author is wrong, in a scientific way.
  18. I heard that when you take some sorts of drugs ie MDMA, your brain releases alot of Serotonin and thats what gives you the euphoric effect. This in turns alters your reality. Is there a medical condition when a persons brain goes crazy and starts producing and releasing large doses of Serotonin, making the person perminantly euphric.?
  19. there are 10 kinds. makes the joke work
  20. From my understanding , the speed of light that we all talk about when saying, nothing can travel faster then that speed, is the speed of light in a vacuum. But if i read correctly, light slows down abit when ever it travels through any type of material ei Air, water, or a diamond. So whats the material that can slow down light the most? And is it possible to make something eg an electron to travel faster then light, under such a condition? Any effect?
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