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  1. Could anyone show me the list of all the ranks in this forum based on post count and how many posts needed? Thanks...
  2. The person would have the schizophrenic gene and when his environments, conditions and lifestyle nuture the gene, it would then activate and he will get the actual psychological condition.
  3. I think a common disinfectant component in various soaps and washing liquid is chlorhexadine Glutamade
  4. They said that Pluto would be a dwarf planet since they discovered million other "planets" that were the same size as Pluto and so if they made Pluto a planet, those other "planets" would have to be planets too, and so they made Pluto a dwarf planet.
  5. Could it be since Jupiter is a Jovian planet, and so it is completely gas and so once the wind picks up speed, it will continue to go on faster.
  6. In time, there might be canned tomato juice that contain a carefully selected amount of protein fragments for inoculation purposes...but I am sure it is not that simple.
  7. Are there studies showing how experimenting with these mutated genes can benefit or inflict detrimental effects on the dolphins? As in, with their extra hind limbs, will it benefit the dolphins or does it cause the opposite effect? Or nothing interesting would happen. I mean the whole balance of the dolphins will be affected right? Or not since the extra limbs are light and will not make much of a difference. Would appreciate some explanations and clarifications.
  8. I read an article very much similar to this one. It stated that people who ate a hot dog everyweek compared to those who do not eat hotdogs had a 63% higher chance of getting cardiovascular complications and I'm pretty sure, obesity.
  9. Definitely Voyager with their brave and intelligent captain, Kathryn Janeway who defeated all odds of accomplishing her main goal, of reaching home.
  10. I read somwhere that most geniuses have bad handwriting as they think the beaty of handwriting is completely irrelevant and frivolous...but just because you have nice handwriting doesn't mean you are unintelligent, of course
  11. The study of time and time travel has intrigued scientists for many generations, I'm sure. In fact, in order to reseach on time travel doing their working hours, they would refer to their reseach as "close-timelike curves". Also, if you think about it, our future is as good as planned since we know that no matter how much we speculate about time or time travel, everything is happening simultaneously in a different time dimension. This means that we have already made our decisions....sort of. Another matter I find very interesting is the concept of creating a machine to foresee the future. There is great potential risk even by perfoming the action of operating it since using the machine will start changing your future.
  12. Consider all the other possibilites but there is an old chinese term of substances you ingest being too "heaty". It includes things that are very sweet like chocolate. It might help to drink "cooling" which is the opposite to counteract the effects of the "heat". Cooling substances include blandly- flavoured food and iced, cool tea. The cause of your nosebleed could just be because it is a hot day. Also, digging your nose roughly or scatching it can cause it to bleed excessively since the nose is known to be a very leaky organ.
  13. This particular field of science is probably still in the experimental stage. The results or conclusions may still be tentative or in a state of flux.
  14. My understanding is that when you consume more food then you actually need, the excess food and energy would be converted into fats which would be stored in various parts of the body such as the upper arm and the thighs. Although too much fats are harmful and can cause complications such as heart attacks, moderate amounts of fats can be useful as it can serve as a cushion when you fall or it can provide extra energy for you when you are participating in more vigorous activites.
  15. Intelligence is the ability to analyse,decide,plan,adapt and make connections between events and things that happen in our everyday life.Anything that is able to perform those functions or points has a certain degree of intelligence and so would hence, be measurable. (This is in my opinion.)
  16. "Deja Vu" is probably the work of the subconscious brain. Numerous memories stored in your subconscious brain is triggered when you experience something similar and for some reason you get that feeling.The reason, I suspect, you are not sure why you are getting the feeling is because those information stored in the brain is subconscious.
  17. I think it is alright but i am not sure. The reason behind may guess is because, I have seen professional runners reach the finish to drink a bottle of water immediately after they have stoped running.
  18. Haemoglobin is the measure of iron in your blood, if i am not mistaken, and it is important for enough oxygen to get around your whole body. People with low Haemoglobin (Anemic) can show symptoms like, getting a headache when they do various activities, fatigue etc. although there there are cases when people actually feel normal with a dangerously low level of Haemogoblin as their bodies are able to adapt.
  19. That is fascinating! I did not know that they sold lasers that can burn objects, to the general public.
  20. Hello all, I have just joined this forum and i just want to introduce myself, so anyway i am in the 5th grade, i love maths, science, biology, etc.
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