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  1. just a thought. when we talk about evolution we are saying that different forms evolved ( usually from one to another which is better adapted) by accumilating mutations because of various environmental stressors etc . now my question is if that is the case then why do we still see single celled life. why do we see apes, they should all have adapted to the environment and tried to change into humans right ?
  2. actually don't be so happy, the virus is probably just dormant now. the mutation still persists. only some people are more suseptable than the others if it finds the right host like a hiv patient , the virus could actually mutate into a much powerful strain.it can burst out any time and yes we need to be prepared , but i'm not sure if we really are.
  3. DNA occurs as a single strand as well . for example in parvovirus etc.
  4. you don't want to do anything like that . i mean if the gene expression can somehow be altered in the embryonic stages then fine otherwise no.if your friend still wants them i suggest he/she better use contacts what difference does it make anyway.
  5. i think it is definetly possible, that is if the dna is so exactly the same as ours.and if anybody is intrested in knowing about the work that is going on in this field i suggest you vist the site http://www.becominghuman.org. there is a beautiful documentary on the evolution of man.
  6. then there would be numerical chromosomal abberations leadin to down's or turner syndrome and all that .
  7. nice thought , but when we do that how do we know if there is going to be a side effect . for ex if we introduce a gene that does help us fight off the dangerous effects of radiation we might be altering some other genes , their trancription , some could be switched off as well. if we are altering the genome to our convinence we must remember we are playing with a 6 million year oldevolution process.
  8. no, since clearly their genome would be quite different from each other.although the twins donot have an exactly similar kind of genetic makeup but most of it matches.
  9. for any outbreak of viral disease three conditions are necessary to be considered a pandemic 1. the virus must be highly virulent. 2. must be resistant to action of human immune system 3. should be transmitted from human to human. thankfully bird flu could not suffice the third condition as of yet. so it is not a pandemic at present , but soon will be, if the virus mutates. there have been cases where the birdflu actually spread from a mother to her son the to his aunt but it stopped there stating the virus still dosen't have the capasity to jump from human to human.and as far as control is considered i don't think there is a vaccin as of yet.
  10. i see even ur not in your country. ur in UK.may be u should come back first.
  11. tejaswini

    Smoking Vaccine

    i think it is all up to the parents to decide.but i highly doubt if all will remain clean after that. it depends on the company the child will develope in the future.if all his friends smoke , he will also smoke , wether he is been given a vaccin or not.
  12. ok, if man is from some other planet , where is it? our ancestors must also be there.but till now even if NASA comes up every other day with an evidence to prove that life exists on other planets , it is still a blunt subject. so till then let us believe that we are from here and continue the authority.
  13. hey when a person is dying he acts funny, well it is not like he can correct his decission after doing them. it is life.not any kind of riff raff. "ok oops i'm sorry i didn't mean to die, now can u put me back together."
  14. hi, asprin was chemically salicylic acid. it caused irritation in mouth and throat and used to upset stomach. actually for some it caused more trouble than curing pain. but today the available asprin is acetyl salicylic acid, it has fewer side effects.but even then it must not be used frequently.
  15. of corse he is faking......atleast that's what i think
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