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  1. Oil companies are buying patents for free energy devices and keep them locked away.
  2. Where are the buddhists when you need them... - Cooked meat tastes way better than raw. (in my opinion) - Cooked potatoes taste way better than raw. (in my opinion) - Nothing should need to suffer prior to being digested. (in my opinion) - In the end it's all just your choice. Offtopic: Can science measure ethics?
  3. Maybe it's just too obvious. I can only imagine it's the air humidity being absorbed by the wienies.
  4. reor

    Radiant future

    The point is, i don't give a damn. But it was a great release posting it. It's off my mind, you can worry about it now, if you want. Sorry, for ignorance.
  5. reor

    Radiant future

    Interesting thread. And here i come with my theory of the "radiant" future. I decided to post it here and not make a new thread, because it's just an idea. I'm obsessed with the idea that the future "radiates" and acts like a magnet. It either pulls or pushes events. But i'm stuck. I don't know where to go from there.
  6. Cool! Psychokinetic ants! Remember my ant jokes? Maybe it just requires a sophisticated mind like ours to even start developing it. It's a waste of time trying to convince agnostics into "believing". It may be fun, but it's like trying to pour water into a solid wall. Science is all about solid proof. Get used to it. I "believe" PK exists, but i have no proof whatsoever. Only some personal experiences, which are highly subjective and far from proving anything. If you want to test your PK, use a marble and put it under a glass. Besides, do you have any idea what proving your ability would get you into? I'd like to hear some opinions about the following site: http://www.mdani.demon.co.uk/para/pktest1.htm
  7. reor

    School uniforms

    I liked my school uniform. Then again, i like my own clothes just as much. Then again, i'm a weirdo who doesn't care how people look and nobody cares about my opinion, anyway. Well, you get my point. 1. Why do children pick on each other? Why are there "gangs" ? 2. What kind of behaviour will school uniforms induce? In the long run? In school and in social life?
  8. Just about a week ago i had this awesome dream experience and today i remembered this board. Hi folks. http://www.psychicguild.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=854
  9. Yeah. I could sit in front of it 24/7, never leaving the house. But then i wouldn't change much anyway and the whole thing would be pointless...
  10. Headaches can also be caused by problems with teeth, the digestive tract, neck or back muscles or completely other things like poisoning. Not sure about the digestive tract, but it must be "there somewhere" (intestine, stomach). Also, the poisoning is just a weird guess. Drinking a glass of water won't do the trick, because dehydration is usually a long-term phenomenon. Usually from too much salt(y food) or other substances that stress the kidneys. The body needs time to absorb the water. You should change your diet and drink more water. (I like to apply honey.) Don't drink too much. You have to raise the amount over a period of time, so your body can accustom to it.
  11. So, is this about avatars or a personal grudge? What about females who pretend to be male? Anyway. A photo of me wouldn't show "me", it would always show an outdated image of a person i have been. Remember the times we live in; a person can change dramatically! Usually i use my logo for my avatar, so people can easily recognise me (or my work). In this case it's just something that represents my nature and way of thinking.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice to have a page with hints and answers?
  13. It was fun and i enjoyed it. I liked the style of the first questions better and i think it should be solvable without having to leave the page. Searching the net should reveal the answer easily. Hopefully there will be more soon.
  14. Time travel! Aliens! Those would be the most logical explanations. We don't need another movie. We need a new majority.
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