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  1. I believe the stategy was to train the Iraqies to fight the insurgents themselves. I have not heard the old As they stand up we will stand down stategy in awhile.
  2. This does not answer the question as to why they did not simple gather the information on all vacinations. In answer to you question the amount of mercury is critical to the issue. Children recieve many more shots that this with mercury.
  3. It appears you position is in a bit of trouble. Perhaps you could weight in with the thorough debunking you are so confident of.
  4. I appreciate you demeanor. Perhaps you could move this thread out of Pseudoscience as a show of respect for diversity of opinion.
  5. This is true of ground attack helicopters. This machine is meant to shoot down other helicopter and therefore hove maneuvering is not as important as high top speed.
  6. This study in no way contradicts or disputes the toxic metal connection to Autism. It you look you will find that toxic metal cause the effect they speak of.
  7. He receives chelating agents to draw the heavy metals form his body and supplements to replace what his damaged body is lacking.
  8. This link Something Rotten In Denmark I refer you to the conclusion where it says recent articles on Autism and vaccines from Denmark were conducted and published by a cohesive network of authors with indirect or direct ties to the major Danish manufacturer of the drugs they were investigating. The company is Staten Serum Institut. This is a clear conflict of interest.
  9. Why only the one Vaccine? Why not all child Vaccines? This study is a strawman. The study that Bushed killed was comprehensive as to other childhood diseases and causes. Let me refer to this part of the article There was an adjustment in the study for potential confounders and the results found a .83 percent chance in nonvaccinated group for Autism spectrum disorders. Furthermore they used Danish Psychiatric Central Register for their Autism diagnosis. This will underrepresent the mild ASD cases that never see a doctor.Abstract So far as false hopes let me repeat the treatments administered by the DAN certified doctor are curing my son. His talking, eye contact and all other diagnostic metrics improve with the treatment and regress with the cessation of treatment.
  10. Your point is valid. My point is that at high speed yaw is less an aspect of maneuver as roll and climb are much more effective.
  11. Please provide links to this thorough debunking as I provide links to my sources. He has been following the treatment regiment of the number one DAN doctor in the country and is now talking and showing tremendous improvement from my "clinging to obsolete conspiracy theories".
  12. This retraction is so obviously political. Yes they said the particular study had not been large enough not that the participants were conspiratorial, cooks, or even mistaken.. This only means that the study that was killed by Bush was intended to answer this perceived shortcoming of insufficient study size. These issues are addressed on the site. I suggest you do some real analysis of the information rather than a keyword search on google.
  13. Any spinning rotor creates a spiral in the airstream. This spiral represents an inefficiency. If one has a second rotor going the other way it takes advantage of the spiral by creating faster airflow over that rotor. In addition the sum of the spiral dynamics of both propellers creates less of a total spiral and results in an efficiency gain because spirals are inherently low pressure and pull the plane back.
  14. Does this look sluggish.The Russian design helicopters fighters with this configuration. Their mission is to destroy attack helicopters. The design provides for a faster and more agile helicopter. The yaw issues occur only at slow speeds and as you can see this bird is meant to be flown fast. This configuration allows the helicopter to fly faster because as insane alien eluded it eliminate asymmetric lift problems created when they helicopter move forward at high speed. The problem with a single rotor is that the blade on one side of the aircraft advances into the airflow and therefore experiences greater lift that the retreating side.
  15. The most successful aircraft with this feature was the Tupolev tu-95 The US tried the concept In the early eighties NASA,s The Advanced Turboprop Project: created this design that was more efficient yet competative with jet Note the second set of blads are stationary. Turbojets use a similar technique spinning rotors and stationary stators to provide air to the jet.
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