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  1. It's still not a good idea to launch your fiencé into orbit.
  2. Some guy shot his fiencé out of one of those... or a catapult, or a cannon. I can't remember. Either way, she broke some bones and, well, the marriage plans were altered somewat after that particular event.
  3. It's too bad this subject has to come down to violence. People should not HAVE to "fight" for what they believe in, but merely discuss the problems at hand and come up with mutually acceptable solutions. The more time people spend fighting their enemies, the less time they can spend working on the initial problems. Thus, the problem with the current democratic model is revealed.
  4. I think we should ban all SFN mods. (Beware impending ruckus.)
  5. Matrix 4evr. I, hopefully, will be employed soon and unfotunately will have to resort to frequenting SFN less then I do now. What does your husband do, daisy? If you dont mind my asking...
  6. The King of the Universe, obviousely. That or some sort of chicken-fried squirrel on acid. You know, whatever is easier to draw. Either way, people need the ability to fully express the feeling that "Yes, today I feel much like alt_f13 does at this exact moment in time," in a quick and easy fashion.
  7. Remember those bubble-gum cigarettes of the late 80s? Suck in and get some bubble-gum dust? Those were awesome. Much more satisfying than real cigarettes.
  8. First of all, being neutral in the situation, I saw no such insults being thrown around by daisy. However I did find her comments somewat abrasive and liable to cause offence. I DO find it interesting that she felt the need to start a thread on the matter, perhaps feeling threatened on a subconcious level, as she did remain one of the few female frequent visitors for some time before stephy arrived. I do liken daisy to a motherly figure however, and can only laugh whilst imagining my own mother reacting to the presence of a "younger more fertile female" (as taken from discovery channel) newly arrived at the scene while visiting a forum (as my mother frequently does...not here though, thank god). BUT FEAR NOT DAISY! Your place is securely fastened to the site and your input valued. Your unique presence need not be challenged by the bold emergence of a younger, less experienced individual. But, stephy, perhaps scienceforums is not the place you want to be if you feel oppression or ridicule from the other members of the forum, although I've seen little evidence of that. And it is a science forum after all. Not that I wish for your departure, but perhaps you might want to entertain a small bit of interest in science if you are to remain..? Female oppinions on things of this nature do appeal to me so, as I get male oppinions all too frequently. ( Let us not get into a sexist debate ... as I am quite sick of those from mindless highschool social studies classes ) Plus, that avatar bloody rocks.
  9. Good point, chicken vindaloo is highly addictive and the potency of its spice has not yet been proven not to encourage tumorous growth in the mouth and esophagus. Several references have been made to James Bond's smoking habbit. Well the fact is that while the actor Pierce Brosnan is an avid cigar smoker, the character James Bond has been used as an engine for stifling film's romance with smoke. There was even an illuminated no smoking sign displayed in the car issued to him in Tomorrow Never Dies. He did light up a cigar in his newest movie however; of course, he was in Cuba at the time. Irregardless, Brosnan did have this to say on the subject: "I enjoy them. People give me fine cigars, and I enjoy sharing them with people who really appreciate a fine cigar. There have been times when I've gone out with business guys and smoked cigars, and they've been among the most pleasurable evenings I've had. Good cigars and good company. Hard to beat." I, for one, cannot dissagree with him. I don't mind a nicely flavored cigar every once in a while with friends. A good glass scotch or spiced rum and a whiskey tipped cigar are beautiful things. Especially on those frosty northern nights, sitting in front of your fireplace, the wind whistling outside while you remain warm and comfy in the amber-lit, wood constructed lounge on your favorite easy chair. You take in a lungful of warm, rich smoke, delicately scented of caramel and cedar, and you exhale a fine plume of the best tasting mist money can buy. Truely a sensation reserved only for the enlightened. I dunno about you people but I just convinced myself to take up cigar smoking right there. I mean, dayamn.
  10. what we really need is an alt_f13 emoticon
  11. Cripes... I mixed up lat and lon. In gr5 I remembered longitude b/c the lines were longer but I confused the vertical lines with the vertical measurement. Humbug, and I liked the north star idea too. What is this for? I'm sure Leonardo or some cool ancient nerd came up with the solution yonks ago and you can find some calculations on the net. Google is no more cheating than asking a science forum.
  12. I run an '83 civic sedan. Well I don't have insurance. I sit an '83 civic sedan.
  13. Timepiece? What do you need that for? Use the North Star and build a sextant type instrument and you have your longitudenal measuring device. I suggest using a level (the measuring tools with the bubbles in them) and the north star as your key reference. That way you wont need to see the horizon. Attach the big ole rig to a tripod with a pivoting top, level the level, and make the correct calculations, whatever those may be.
  14. HAHAHA, you changed my title? Bloody hillarious. Edit -- I think the "tool of the devil thread" should be changed to "tool of many mean people who are in no way affiliated with the devil".
  15. Not yet. I like that avatar.
  16. I love the Matrix series... but no. Not at all would I like to see a fourth matrix. The plot line will have been exhausted, the extent of Neo's powers proven and no more in-Matrix or real world abilities to exploit. If one were to come out, I would see it in theaters and buy the DVD supposing it were any good, but the idea of a fourth Matrix as it currently stands is about appealing to me as Rocky IX or Land Before Time XIV.
  17. Whenever a woman says she's "ancient", she's always in her thirties (in my experience at least). Happy b-day daisy. Happy belated b-day faf.
  18. It has hidden files somewheres in the windows folder and DOES add more startup entries by itself, thus producing its own code on my hardrive w/o my knowledge... it is not self-replicating however. Merely replacing disabled startup commands (msconfig>startup), not reenabling the old ones, creating new ones. And here we go taking trivial comments litterally again. I am merely trying to illustrate my displeasure with a huge product such as Quicktime that places sneaky little files on my harddrive w/o my knowledge. I can understand software like kazaa, already a shady piece of coding, placing adware etc on my computer, but I am getting highly annoyed with the big boys in computer software (ie Microsoft, Apple etc..) Quicktime is one of the worst players I have seen besides, but there are many things on the internet using its format. I don't find the enormous hassle worth it though for such a trivial, inadiquate application. Windows media player et al. are much more functional and easy to work with, with less hassle.
  19. It's the only piece of "non-malicious" software I have ever encountered that duplicates its disabled startup entries and doesn't store its quicklaunch in its primary root folder, causing incomplete uninstallations and cluttering resulting in loss of resources and greater chances or system instability. From dictionary.com: worm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (wûrm) n. 8. Computer Science. A malicious program that replicates itself until it fills all of the storage space on a drive or network. Granted I would have to disable it billions of times for it to consume my harddrive, but what kind of honest, self-respecting sofware company uses such a tactic? Only one to my knowlege.
  20. Quicktime will not leave me alone. I vowed a long time ago never to install Quicktime or related products again, and I fell back on my word. It cost me. Quicktime has infected my computer. I have uninstalled it and deleted it and it keeps reappearing in my systray. I disabled it in msconfig and still it persists by creating COPIES OF ITS ENTRY like a VIRUS or TROJAN. I did it before, I will do it again. Quicktime will be forcibly torn from my system, systray icon and all. And this time I will keep my vow of apple abstainance.
  21. AHA! It was a Trojan installed by some website or other. My homepage was being hijacked but I completely forgot about it. What was happenning was some command was being excecuted every time I did anything in explorer, and for some reason it affected SFN in the most noticable way. cool web search, or something like that, was to blame for all of this. I cannot believe this website and others like it are not shut down, because trojans are most certainly illegal.
  22. Pretty damn communist sounding... or is it socialist... or is it... Well my grandparents had two kids, my parents had two kids... I sure has hell don't want more than two kids. Problem is, we gast too many a persons who gasts too many damn chillins. Maybe if the poor uneducaed folk were sterilized, the rest of the planet would survive. -or- If we killed all the current governments that squander money (in Canada these are the same morons who dont do sh*t about the homeless and promote "safe injection" sites rather than dealing with the problem at hand. I pay for this sh*t; tranq the bastards and hold them in cold storage until they go off the drugs cold turkey. It's bloody illegal in the first place, for a reason.) and start a new government based on IMPROVEMENT rather than making the politicians money, we might actually get a globe wide education system going and phase overpopulation out. Imagine every squandered dollar on the planet going towards education. Too bad smart, honest people don't go in to politics, or else they do and get turned to the dark side mid-process ( I hate to soil the name of an honest force evil force ). I blame the East Coast universities. Business and law. Why in god's name isn't it science and saving the damn planet, or psychology and running the planet like we know what democracy means. Post edited to remove undesirable subject matter.
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