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  1. i have one question. how is the protiens in DNA effected by EM fields? supposidly the earth had a really strong EM field when it was young. and also since the earth is a sphere, it would be symetrical, and so is DNA. just a thought. i won't say weather either creation or evolution is true, because nither have suffishent evadence(at least not enough for me, tho i am studing both). i do beleave that the limit to adeptation is infinite. or at least to big to measure. just look at the way humanity has adapted or evolved over the past few centries.
  2. well. isn't the nuclius spinning? that would make the electron orbit, the earth does the same around the sun. im just guessing.
  3. since your talking about time paradoxes, ill post here. would da ja vu have anything to do with this. (da ja vu is feeling like your repeating a event.) say if you changed a event once , and later stopped you self from going back the first time thus making it go on as it did first. would you experince da ja vu in the event you changed(and stopped the change)? or would it go on normal. i have knowledge on this subject but some of it i still can't understand.
  4. Another tragic story regarding bizarre weather... 4 dead as typhoon slams Japan TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- A typhoon pummeled southwestern Japan on Tuesday, causing floods and landslides that left at least four dead and 14 missing, and paralyzing transport. Officials ordered more than 100,000 people to flee their homes. Four people were killed, 14 were missing and 51 were injured, NHK television reported. A 75-year-old man died when a landslide crushed his house in Miyazaki on the southwestern island of Kyushu, NHK said. At about 2 p.m. (0500 GMT), the eye of Typhoon Nabi made landfall at Isahaya near Nagasaki on mountainous Kyushu, Japan's third-biggest main island and home to about 10 percent of the country's almost 130 million population. A total of about 110,000 residents of Kyushu and the neighboring main island of Shikoku were told to evacuate, Kyodo news agency said, while more than 16,000 left voluntarily. Winds had weakened slightly but were still gusting at up to 126 km an hour (78 mph) at the storm's center, Japan's Meteorological Agency said. Troops were sent to help evacuate residents of Takaoka-cho in Kyushu after the governor of Miyazaki prefecture sought assistance, Japan government spokesman Hiroyuki Hosoda said. "There is expected to be further damage due to the typhoon so all agencies and ministries are joining together to respond," Hosoda told reporters. Nabi, which means "butterfly" in Korean, was moving north at 30 km an hour (19 mph) but was forecast to swing east and beat a path up the Japan Sea coast, bringing rain and strong winds to western Japan and parts of South Korea before hitting the northernmost main Japanese island of Hokkaido. It was not expected to hit China. Airlines in South Korea cancelled dozens of domestic and international flights on Tuesday because of the weather and ships were warned to stay in port. Television showed roads deep under water in the Kyushu city of Kagoshima and waves engulfing coastal roads on the island, which has a mixture of heavy industry and agriculture. More than 1,300 mm (51 in) of rain had fallen in some parts of Kyushu in 24 hours, NHK said. The slow pace at which the typhoon is moving means further heavy rains are expected before it moves on. Hundreds of flights and ferries in and out of Kyushu and Shikoku were cancelled because of high winds. All West Japan Railway Co. train services in Kyushu and Shikoku were halted, railway officials said. About 270,000 households were without electricity at 2 p.m., according to Kyushu Electric Power. Car makers Toyota, Nissan and Mazda suspended work at assembly plants in southwestern Japan as a safety precaution. Honda had also halted production on Monday night at a factory in Kyushu that makes motorcycles, power products and engines, and said it would cancel the day's work on Tuesday. The car makers said they saw no long-term impact from the suspension since lost production could be made up through overtime or other means. Oil refiner Kyushu Oil Co. said the storm was affecting production at some secondary units in Oita. It halted oil shipments in the area. In South Korea, one unidentified man, believed to be in his 60s, has been missing since he was swept away in a rising river in the southern city of Ulsan on Tuesday, a National Emergency Management Agency official said. Yonhap News reported that a couple of landslides disrupted traffic in southeastern South Korea. Web site Tropical Storm Risk, which had initially classified Nabi as a Category 4 storm, downgraded it to a Category 1 late on Tuesday. Nabi follows the region's previous typhoon, Talim, which killed 97 in eastern China over the past few days, with 30 people still missing, the China Daily reported on Tuesday. The typhoon and resulting floods and landslides had forced more than 1.7 million Chinese from their homes and caused a record 12.5 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) in direct losses in eastern provinces, the state-run newspaper said. Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/09/06/japan.typhoon.reut/index.html japan is monitoring another typhoon that is forming south east of them.
  5. anything can be moved with a strong enough magnetic field, all matter has protons, and electrons. which are effected by EM forces.
  6. sure, luke, didn't NASA recent'y launch Deep space 1, powered by an ion drive? in the future do you think we could use a black hole for power? (defantely a far out idea)i think the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy puts out either x or gamma rays. is there such thing as theta radiation? theta is in the greek alphabet. they have alpha, beta , and gamma. x__heavenly__x, luke knows more about physics than i do. my knowledge is in animal psycology, and anything about the paranormal and mystisisim.
  7. since they reach the earth. can they cause cancer? prolonged exposure to any radiation is harmful. i guess it would depend on the strength of the radiation.
  8. will we ever have a One world government? i don't think its possible, unless everyone was turned into mindless drones. (like the borg) people just choose not to get along, pety bickering. like the israilies and the palistines, they've bein fighting over the land for several millenia, reminds me of two children fighting over a toy, shouting "MINE! MINE!"
  9. not likely, so far we are the most advanced species on this planet, so were already ahead of everything else here. and we are still evolving.
  10. instead of makeing a virus that produced the insulin for them, couldn't they make one that corrected the body so it will start making its own? because viruses are parasites, they use our cells to reproduce, unless you made one that grew like bacteria,(spliting into two offspring) that would be safer i think.
  11. and you don't need light to see a memory, or imagine somthing. hulusinations don't require light, the person see it without it being there.
  12. im mean like jumping to different times, not your normal travel
  13. i made a small array(10 x 10 white LED's) and used it to grow a plant indoors during the winter. one question. how many lum's of light does the sun put out?(i think lum's is right)
  14. so far, time travel has bein said impossible. but what about time viewing, seeing an event before it happens. weather by machine or human. in the movie "paycheck" they said that einstine beleaved that time viewing is possible. i googled it and found nothing good. is it possible? and is there a universal time?(one that doesn't change when you speed-up) all opinions welcome. just don't bite my head off.
  15. you should check out the new hydrogen fuel cells. GM says they are going to be on the market soon.(they may be already. im not sure) http://www.gm.com/company/gmability/sustainability/reports/04/400_products/422_alt_fue.html also the new hybrids are out.
  16. ya, but ive heard that it can happen spontainesly, going to sleep or waiking up. ive also heard that you can keep youself in that state.(keep yourself asleep) mabye thats just changing your perseption to think your staying asleep longer. the imagination is definitely powerful, it can make somthing that isn't real, look and feel real, hullusiations for example, and hearing voices. both the brain creates.
  17. Who here has had one? ive had one once, once i realised i was dreming, i was able to partily control the dream(my own actions). why do dreams somtimes look and feel real? ive had one where i heard the people talking, as if they were real.
  18. yup. my mom uses it to help her deal with stress. four kids, three with ADHD. now that a handful. im the only one that doesn't have ADHD.
  19. i won't use that term anymore. its just heterosexuall is also know as straight, not as often anymore since homosexuality is becoming common and socily acceptable. im sorry if i offended anyone.
  20. yes cpl , you can still choose to go against the feelings and to be with a woman.
  21. Meditation(relaxing) will help to increace mental disapline, slow your breathing and heart rate, so you get more oxygen per breath and more blood is pumped per beat(incresess efficency), this helps alot of ways. increase in immune system efficency, helps to your body remove toxins(through the liver and kidnies) and help you to have a sound mind. meaning not tring to go everyware at once(adhd, add, ect.) and focus. and the streaching helps you to be flexable, and tone muscles good posture is important.
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