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  1. ok, since i can't convince you to leave options open. instead, ask your science teacher if he or she, thinks that furture science may proove its existence. mabye you'll listen to them. we don't know everything. all i every try to do, is get people to always leave room for possiblitys, new ideas, new ways of thinking.
  2. like i said, there is to much unknown, we won't know for sure if its possible or how it could work untill science and technology advances. so for now, the best option would be to stay nutral. and just see what happens in the next few years. i suggest studing it from another POV, that of a mystasist perhaps. a true scientist studies something from all possible views, and then formulates an opinion. google telekinesis, you'll find alot of info on the subject, including some theorys on how it works.
  3. nevermind, higher dencity and same mass would only make it seem like stronger gravity since the gravity would be concentrated to a small point. right?
  4. does dencety effect a masses gravity?
  5. there is nothing wrong with being skeptical, and i was not useing physics lack of completion as proof for telekinesis's existence. just leaveing a possiblity open. but you saying the it doesn't exist, was, as i said, closed minded. my point is, there is no scientific proof either way, only speculation. so you should't say weather its real or fake. because we simply don't know.
  6. there is no evadence to dissprove it, so you can't say it doesn't exist. and also the laws of physics are FAR from being complete. according to todays laws, it is impossible, but the laws of the future may say differently. it is very closed minded of you to say that something doesn't exist when there is not yet proof
  7. yes, for evadence on some TV show, as for evadence like in some lab, it would be easier to preform TK without all the people and cameras. anything is harder to do with alot of people watching. with TK, you have to focus all you attention onto the object your trying to move, thats very difficult with a croud watching you. so yes, the reason we don't yet have evadence is because the "controlled conditions" are not comfterable for the person preforming TK. id say the best way to film it, would be to have a hidden camera. or give the person time to get used to preforming infront of crouds.
  8. probably less than a minute. because the more it eats, the greater its mass(duh) and the stronger its gravitational pull would be, so the speed of consumption would increase exponetoly over a short period of time. and by the time it "ate" the earth its gravity would be enough to start pulling the rest of the solar system, and eventuly eating it all. i don't know the formula for its eating rate, im sure somone here could figure it out.
  9. bascule, even if somone had, TK, telepathy, or other ablities. when they got on stage, there is always "self-doubt" the "what if i can't" everyone struggles with this, and even more so if they have an ablity like TK, their afraid of being rejected, or thought of as a freak. because the alot of people either dissbeleave(because of the lack of scientific evadence) or think its the product of evil beings(demons, ect.) the best way to start, would be to put the person if front of a small audence skeptics as well as family and friends.
  10. i agree with what 5614 said, QCs will not be availble to the average person for quite some time. it is pretty amazing what the brain can do, especily dreams.
  11. ive always thought it would be cool to have a computer that thought faster than any human, and lately computers are continuing to get faster and smarter. When do you think quantum computers will be made? ones that your average person could buy. id love to have V.I.K.I from the movie "IRobot" although not have here connectid to internet all the time. just as a precaution. also with the existence of quantum computers, it would be possible for really advanced AI. since QCs can preform many tasks at once.
  12. hmm. ya, i think i would do the same, try to convince the person to accept treatment, than deal with any lingering questions of morality later.
  13. assuming i had the money, i would buy one. from what i heard they are cheaper to run.
  14. the reasearch had already bein done. on other people. my question is, would you allow that reasearch to be used, knowing how the doctor got it. another doctor is doing the treatment. but the doctor that discovered the treatment used testing on humans without their consent. this is a hypothetical situation. not a real one.
  15. even if mass had very little inertia, it would still require a good amount of energy to travel faster than light. right? im a star trek finatic, i love it when people talk about their technology. they have something called inertia dampaners. weather this is possible to make, i have no clue. but i think the main problem would be to genorate enough energy. correct me if im wrong, but an inertialess object would probably have extreamly smooth movments. changing speed or direction expirencing little to no phyical stresses. i think about this stuff all the time.
  16. say, if somone you new and cared for was ill, and dying. and the only reasearch that could cure them was from a doctor that conducted inmoral expirments (human testing, infecting hundreds with a virus to find the cure). and also the person that was ill didn't wish the doctor to treat him or her. what would you do? would you use the reasearch to treat your loved one? or would you oblige to your loved one's wishes and let them die?
  17. i usally remember most of my dreams, espesilly the intence ones. ive heard the once you realise that your dreaming that you can take control of the dream, fly, walk through walls, change the events, ect... http://www.dreamviews.com/ this seems to be a lagitament website. they have some ideas on how you can perposly have a lucid dream.
  18. ok thanks. i was just curous
  19. How Much energy does the Human brain put out? there is definitly electricty runing though it, so it has a EM field. thats just simple physics. also, how much kinetic force does the Field have, probably very little if it has any at all.
  20. could you store infomation inbetween the atoms? or would that cause the atom to become unstable. Ya, the possiblitys are near endless. :D
  21. The mind is fasinating isnt it?
  22. i guess that im afraid of tornados. and i was stressed when i had the dream, that would explain the disasters
  23. is there any syndrom or disease that causes this? i know migrains can cause a ultra sensativity to light and sound. but is there syndrom or disease that causes it always? like a eturnal migraine. yikes!
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