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  1. echanaia and goldenseal are good immune system boosters as well. (pardon my terrable spelling)
  2. i guess i need to try it again but make sure there is a little air movement as possible. thats science.
  3. very interesting. i wonder where they went? think of the movie event horizen. just a thought
  4. i know alot of people think star trek is all science fiction, but i think some of the technology they have can be made in 20-30 years. or mabye even now, the military has bein expermenting with anti-matter since the 30s. who knows what they have now.
  5. ok, good theory, but for that to be correct you would have to hold you hand perfectly still and really close to the flame, you would get major 2nd degree burns before enough air pressure was built up. i had my hands to the side of the flame and were resting them on the table. i was using one of those small candles. like 2/3 " tall. in the metal case.
  6. i don't blame you for being skeptical, because there is no way i can proove to you i have telepathy. i just want to know how it works, and so far no one has told me. im only 17, and i don't have the knowledge nessary to make a good theory. nor the credability.(being a teenager, "they think they know everything")i hate being compared to the steriotypical teenager.(lasy, "know it all", ect.)because i do my best to not be that way.
  7. it was bent in a 90 degree angle. perfectly still., and as soon as i took my hands away it strightend. still its your choice weather to beleave me or not. if i could show you, than you might beleave me.
  8. what is the range in witch telepathy can work? me and my sister have done it at opposite ends of my house, its about 30-40 feet. but a mother can know when her child is in danger or pain on the other side of the earth. once when i was had broken my leg, my mom called me to ask if i was alright, she just knew i was hurt. ive bein working hard with a nurologist and a psyciatrist to figure out how these connections work. ive had some succes with explaining telepathy. i need to talk to a physisit
  9. me and my sister have bein able to use telepathy 10 feet apart. we were doing an experment to see the range of it. it worked, with no negative effects.(headachs, ect.) this post was in neuroscience, but it got moved here And yes, some people are born with that part of their brain that handles telepathy more devloped that average.
  10. if they did a test with twins and close friends, than telepathy would be prooven real.
  11. that makes sense. i think its a signal simaler to raido waves, only much more complex, as of course thought patterns are.
  12. Hell hath no Furry like a Woman scorn thats the correct phrase Abeefaria
  13. i already know its possible, im a twin. im just curous how it works. could somone tell me?
  14. ive never understood the symbols, i understand physics in plain english
  15. its possible to bend a flame with your hands, because of the EM field that is put off by the nervous impulses. ive don't it before, its quite fun.
  16. even the Best scientists in the world can't figure out why its like that, einstein didn't completely understand it either.
  17. Edward, that effect is called tempral paradox. if im not mistaken.
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