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  1. The drugs could cause problems tho, inhibiting the sences could make the kid "dull" and nonresponsive. also the doseage would be different for each child. so it should be a shot or an oral medicine. so you only "dull" the sences enough for them to pay attention and not be so wild. im ADD, i have ALOT of trouble focusing on one thing for very long. my little brother is ADHD, VERY ANOYING. lol
  2. hmm, cool. thanks. your probably right about the sences. more blood flow = more oxygen and nutrients allowing more efficent function.
  3. have you ever had a dream that Felt real, and you only realised that it was only a dream when you woke? ive had one that when i woke up, i was shaking, my heart was pounding, and i was in a cold sweat. it started with me walking into my back yard, and when i got there i saw three tornados about 40 meters from me(im not sure about the exact distance, just alot closer than id like to be). i ran into the house and told my mom, thats when i woke up. you know that sinking feeling you get when your scared? i got that in the dream. right when it saw the tornados any ideas on how the can seem so real? and why the effect us so?
  4. i haven't really kept up with this post. but i can re-listion to a song or sound from the memory of it. ive always had Vivid memories it won't be nearly as loud, kind of a quiet echo. or even make a new sound. i haven't made an image, to much chance of me going insaine. scary how vivid the imagination can be
  5. how is it that adrenaline makes you feel like you could jump 20 feet in the air?or run extremly fast? can you really, run faster and jump higher with adrenaline? why does it make the senses more accute?
  6. anyone think of "the Matrix" lol It is really cool tho, just imagine the Games they could make. and how real it would look. :D:D:D:D
  7. ya, ive heard of that, sound over 180db will kill a human, no matter the frequincy. scilent death. so to speak. ya, you probably could make one to stick to almost any serface. think of sticky tac. it sticks to almost anything and holds. itd be easy to make it stick to cars, just use a magnet, since some cars are made from iron.
  8. im sure they could figure somthing out, its not that hard. besides, the "to much heat" could have bein a cover, who knows.
  9. ive seen it already, but how can methaine make planes fall? and most of the time they don't find any wrekage. sinks i guess. then they need to explore the sea floor.
  10. what is up with the bermuda triangle aka devils triangle? why do ships, planes and people disappear? there have bein several theories, but none of them have bein prooven. id say the two most popular theories are, wormholes are spawning there and have caught onto the earths EM field. or its all part of a US government consperincy, reasurching advanced teleportation. what are your ideas about it?
  11. if you could make a "crease" in the fabric of space/time than that would make a permanent wormhole, right? even if it wasn't big enough to travel through you could still comunicate with anything on the other side. that would be an awsome first contact.
  12. yes, i understand. partly. i just need to study more. thanks.
  13. ok, so correct me. whats a accurate view of space, what can it be compared to.
  14. space it represented as a grid(at least thats an easy way to think of it) so, if an object were to shift to be at a 90degree angle to that grid would it disappear? how would it effect space? would it cause distortions? like the waves caused by a rock dropping into a pond. if it is possible, how would you acheve it?
  15. so would it be a EM radiation. i assume a infinitly high fequiency(lol)but theres probably limits on that as well. but if the laws of physics were broken then it wouldn't have a limit. would it? im confuesd
  16. than the laws of physics are not finite. they can be broken.
  17. wouldn't the object fall in slow motion since its being pulled from all directions?
  18. ok, i got it. i wonder if the millatary has them, or is working on them.
  19. i know you can make a beam. but what about a plasma bomb, you would have to compress it alot untill you couldn't anymore, than release it, wouldn't the particals fly apart? or would that be a nuke? like holding two magnets togather, than letting go. youl'd need electromagnets so's to realease it quickly. two particals with a like charge will repel eachother like magnets doo right?
  20. ya plasma guns would be fun, but you would have a problem with the plasma staying in a sphere, it would disapate. i made a plasma beam with an old TV. i couldnt see the beam unless it was very dark, even then it was just a soft glow. it could burn a piece of paper tho they could make one in space, and run it off of solar radiation.(light microwaves,solar flares, ect.) than direct the beam at a weak magnetic area on the earth.
  21. i know this is star treky, but its probably possible. think of two north magnets, push them together than let go and they will fly apart, would the same happen if you compress a bunch of electrons in a sphere, than release them. thatd take alot of power tho, wouldnt it.
  22. i heard of them, and used one once, it was really freaky. even for me. later ill say what exacly happend. my question is, what is the history behind the Ouija board. ive tried searching for it on google, but all i found is where to buy one. what are some opinions on them? Ouija boards suposidly contact spirits. my expeirince was freaky enough, im not sure caused it.
  23. ok, you make a very good point. if somone were trulely telepathic, then they would be able to know anyones thoughts regardless weather or not they knew them. and also without any indacation of their presence.(besides the thought of course) i beleive its possible, but thats irrelavent. if i have it, cool, but it won't bother me either way. 1. i just want to know how is it possible? 2. how does it work? 3. do humans natrally have it or not? 4. do animals have it? 5. is it possible between humans and other beings(animals, ect. aliens even LOL) i want tangible(i think thats the word) evidance either way. like you said. its just ive lived with my family long enough to learn their thought patterns, and guess acurrately what thay are currently thinking.
  24. ronblue, who's to say that its not already a genetic trait. people neglect to devlop it since they don't think its possible. yet they experince it from time to time. explain the connection between mother and child. and how would precognition be possible? if telepathy isn't. telepathy is the act of one brain sending or recving infomation, precognition is recving images of a future event. a event that hasen't happend yet.
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