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  1. That the US has more satellites than the rest of the world put together. Did anyone think any differently?
  2. Sage words. I wanted to add to them, but that about covers it.
  3. Hm. Well, some notable things: - the sequence is simply the first ten numbers; they are just mixed up. - there are three pairs that are not mixed up: 23, 45, 67. I would suggest looking at things such as phone pads, number pads etc. I would also not discount the idea that these numbers form a circle, i.e. they wrap around.
  4. Ohhhhh! Heh heh! So dear, you were only making a bomb! Silly me, I thought it might have been something harmful...
  5. Freudian slip? (Are you wearing yours?)
  6. And how would the Jews have felt about that? Wasn't the whole point to give them a place they can call their own?
  7. Ah. Bingo. Comfort, yes. Happiness, no.
  8. Because without social interaction, you will whither. You will not grow fully without human interaction, nor will you realize your full potential. Something else to consider: you mention many times about the "worries" and "stress" and come from interaction. You are not free at all. You are simply isolating yourself from harm. Padren's post #3 says it best: you are working towards self-sufficiency, still a few steps away from happiness.
  9. It definitely improves wine. 1] Exposure to oxygen mellows the tannic acids, which are the ones that are bitter. 2] It also gives the aromas time to build. Much of the pleasure and certainly most of the complexity of wine comes from the aroma, not the taste. Wines high in tannins as well as young wines will benefit from a few minutes breathing. Decanting does a similar thing. Different wines need different times to breathe. My sister brought a bottle over last week to share that needed 48 hours to breathe (!) to give the various "notes" time to formulate. But fifteen minutes is the usual time for most wines. The pleasure and point of fine wine tasting is to build your palette to a point where you can pick out subtle differences in wines. Same can be done with cheeses.
  10. The stomach has a mucous layer, yes. But if it is stripped away, you get an ulcer. What happens with undesirable substances is that the stomach absorbs them through its lining and through the mucous layer. If it detects bacteria or poisons, it will attempt to protect itself by releasing fluid and by increasing the mucous lining. If it continues to experience assault, it triggers the brain to vomit. In the case of alcohol, this is not stomach-related. It is the body sensing an imbalance internally. Alcohol messes up the body in a lot of ways - probably because it is chemically much like water. The inner ear (the cochlea), when its fluid gets diluted by alcohol, the hairs that sense movement and balance don't operate properly because alcohol is lighter than water.
  11. Actually, if they are abused or unhappy or neglected, they piss on your bed.
  12. While all of that is true (if overly sarcastic), it does not negate the validity of his argument - "Which free-born animal would swap its normal environment for forced domestic captivity?" Frankly, none. All wild animals will attempt to escape captivity. It is true, they become dependent on the food, but that does not mean they would willingly accept forced captivity.
  13. This is not a perpetual motion machine, this is simply a demonstration of Newton's First Law: "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion ... unless an outside force acts upon them." All objects in the universe obey this law.
  14. So, if you step on a crack you really will break your momma's back! And if you squish a spider, it really will rain!
  15. Or, more eloquently: "Attack the argument, not the arguer."
  16. Something like "failure to support the claim". The response to this would be "Make your case. If you cannot, then withdraw the point, and all points dependent on it." List of logical fallacies Alternately, you can wait until your opponent bases his next point on this one. As soon as he does, you can claim "Hasty Conclusion" i.e. the point is based upon a premise that has not been established yet.
  17. Yes. You will mysteriously get bored and go do something else. If you can resist this urge you will mysteriously die of hunger within the month (you won't die of thirst, since you're standing within reach of a faucet).
  18. I know what a strawman is. I'm merely asking about the rationale as to why it is a forum violation, and a very hefty one at that.
  19. Persistent Strawmanning? 12 points???
  20. Fluctuating hormones are the initial cause, which affects blood vessel dilation and sweating etc.
  21. I finally got fed up with the slow drain in my kitchen sink and decided to unplug it. I had tried solvents and long sticks and nothing had worked. Sighing, I went under the sink to get at the drain cock. As I unscrewed it, water began dripping down, and I saw the sink water-level drop. Concerned for my kitchen’s hardwood floor, I grabbed a bucket and cleverly placed it in the cupboard under the stopcock to catch the water. Then I unscrewed the stopcock. It fell into the bucket and out of the trap came several utensils, a lot of dishwater and a fistful of soggy macaroni. Satisfied, and proud of my accomplishment, I began cleaning up. I took out the bucket full of sinkwater, and tossed the utensils and the stopcock onto the counter, and then cleverly dumped the bucket of water into the sink... ...where it poured down the drain, into the cupboard, and directly out onto my hardwood floor.
  22. Jumpin' Jehosephat you suicidal bugger! :eek:
  23. Been there. It's the blue flame that leaves the lasting hurt.
  24. Well, Carrie's a smidge older, but a good coat of makeup should do it. Oh, you mean the technical part...
  25. No. The other two are way too small - and have a correspondingly small effect on the system - to count as anything other than moons.
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