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  1. I have heard of this movie too. It is supposed to be quite good. It's supposed to be 'sci-fi' in the same way that 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind' is sci-fi - it's really about the people and the implications, rather than the sci-fi element.
  2. The one with the deflated belly is the owner of the baby. The one with the bulging belly is not. There must be more to this...
  3. Insect eyes have no lenses. They use a completely different principle for seeing. Don't underestimate the power of evolution.
  4. Yes. No. That does NOT follow from your earlier statement. The NET force may be zero, but the GROSS force is still the sum of the two. If you replaced the Sun and Earth with two black holes a short distance to each side of you, you can sure bet you'd feel yourself being pulled apart...
  5. You're right. That's too regular to be insignificant. ..229....(+1=)....230....(+18=)....248 (-32=)..........(-32=)...........(-32=) ..197....(+1=)....198....(+18=)....216 So, we've got two sets of three numbers, identical, save for being offset by 32.
  6. An object's colour is dependent upon the light that shines upon it whereas it is only influenced by properties of the object itself. A ball in a room with no light does not have a colour at all. A blue ball in a room with only red light still has no colour (it reflects no light). Note that this is not merely a semantic argument. A ball that is reflecting no blue light - even when there is light shining upon it, cannot be said to be blue in any meaningful way.
  7. I don't play this game any more. Ever since I played it with my friends, and it was us in the balloon (actually, Space Shuttle in our case). All my friends concluded I should be the one to be spaced. ((
  8. Nothing - neither the fly nor the train - is prefectly rigid. When the fly hits the train, it microscopically deforms the surface of the train - even if only temporarily. If one wanted to calcualte the momentum of the train (the train *alone*, not including the fly) before- and just after- impact, one would see that the momentum of the train was infinitesimally smaller. Because a very small piece of the train has slowed down, the train's *average* speed is less. This puzzle is only a paradox is a universe where objects are perfectly rigid.
  9. I suspect that this great man's observation is now centuries old. It was probably the first conception of compact data storage, since before computers ever existed.
  10. Newton. He made the link between the Heavens and Earth when he realized that a falling object is controlled by the same force that keeps the Moon in orbit. In doing so, he exploded the concept of the eternal unchanging, supernatural Heavens, effectively ushering in the modern age of science.
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