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  1. So, I should put my air conditioner in backwards and heat my house in the winter?
  2. Actually, almost every spot on Earth (with the exception of the equator) has parts of the sky visible 24 hours a day. I live at 45 degrees north. Everything less than 45 degrees from Polaris is in my sky 24 hours a day. That's about a quarter of the entire sky.
  3. The claim does not say "exactly" these times, it says "approximately". There's no question that they have fudged the times somewhat to meet their own numerological agenda, and there's no question that they have mneumonicized the instructions to make it easy to widely disseminate the information (This last one is done all the time with public health stats such as your BMI, your daily calorie intake, when to change your smoke alarm batteries etc.). The point is that a fixed area in the sky plausibly serves as the cause for an event with these parameters.
  4. All this is based on faulty premises. Use a skymap program. Convince yourself that the constellation Lyra - rises around 10AMish on October 17th, - is directly overhead around 5, and - sets around 1:30AMish on Oct 18 - is in the sky for around 17 hours. It does this regardless of what time zone you are in. Wait. Nevermind, I'll do it for you: Taken from Virtual Telescope Online and PhotoShopped.
  5. There is nothing wrong with speaking up and asking for what you want if you are civil and polite about it. It is called assertiveness and the trick to it is manners. You presumed that he was being rude, as opposed to simply being oblivious. What triggered your annoyance was your presumption that an altercation was inevitable. Chances are, the guy might have apologized profusely and would be only too happy to stop disturbing others. A big smile goes a long way.
  6. Well, when you do get a substantial number elements in your collection, what you want to do with them is put them in your Periodic Table table.
  7. Yes, they are still twins. My wife works in the industry, specifically with multiples. There is a whole rainbow of twin types, including two embryos by two different fathers.
  8. I liked it. In fact, I think all discussions about religion ever, anywhere in the world, should by law go this way. A: I believe this. B: I believe that. A: Well, this has been an interesting talk. B: Indubitably.
  9. The times are anagrams. 1 0 1 7 1 7 1 0 0 1 1 7 I thought I'd discovered something interesting (in a hokey way), until I realized, so is the date. 1 0 1 7 OK, so somebody's definitely playing with numbers. This is, of course, all bunk, but it's fun to pretend ain't it?
  10. Well, it's arguable whether it is talking about how long the beam lasts, as opposed to how long we will experience it for at any given spot on Earth. 15 hours is about how long something in the sky will be visible between dawn and dusk - give or take. See here:
  11. Ok, I don't know why you guys're having trouble with this. Pretend the UV beam is coming from some fixed point out in space - say, Vega or wherever. It illuminates the Earth as the Earth turns, thus regardless of where you are, it will rise at 10:17ish local time and set at 1:17AMish lcoal time and be overhead at 5:10ish local time. In fact, we can actually pinpoint where it's coming from ... brb... Yup. The constellation Lyra, (wherein resides the star Vega) rises around 10ish, is high overhead around 5ish and sets around 1:30ish everywhere on Earth.
  12. My view in exactly 75 words: Man made God in his own image. The miracle that is the evolved human mind is predisposed toward anthropomorphizing aspects it can't comprehend, including the "purpose" of things. This is the root all of religion and, ideally, is a good thing, as it helps us grow as humans, In practice, it has been corrupted towards selfish purposes. I believe that "wanting" God to exist (which I'd love) does not make it so (which it isn't).
  13. This would be a more interesting and universally viral question if we could better define the question. Is it just views about religion? (If you ask this mostly what you'll get is cynicism) Is the question more about the universe's purpose? God? All creation?
  14. Why bother? Why not just drink the blood? You'll - get all the water - save a huge amount of time and personal energy otherwise wasted on cooking and preparing - get an excellent nutritious meal as a bonus
  15. Good point, though I'd assumed that "longer ring finger" was simply defined as "sticks out further". I would think that, if there were a more controlled way to measure it, they would have specified so.
  16. No. Planets orbit in a plane AND stars spin because, as Spyman points out, they both came from the same initial rotating disk of dust and gas. There's one other factor, they are pulled into a plane and kept there because of the combined gravity of the disk. Planets and small bodies out of the plane will be less stable and will eventually get teased into the plane or ejected from the system completely. This will not tend to happen appreciably with black holes for 2 reasons: 1] the light was not part of the initial formation of the system like dust and gas might be 2] the disk of accreting matter around a black hole is not gravitationally strong enough to influence the path of the light into a planar orbit.
  17. There is no physical evidence of other dimensions, but mathematically, they have been proposed.
  18. The energy required to turn magnet 1 with 4 other magnets (some indirectly) holding it in place is greater than the energy required to turn magnet 1 without any other magnets. X is larger than you think it is. Have you factored this in?
  19. DaveC426913

    Animal Testing

    I wonder if you would feel the same way if it were one of your loved ones. No one wants to mangle the ethics of medicine. But for most people, the life of a loved one trumps ethical convictions.
  20. Sure, and that would be great - on a Philosophy Board. This is a science board. Is there a science of philosophy? As a bystander, I am curious as to what you hope to achieve. Do you believe that if the admins and moderators can't or won't defend against your arguments, they will concede, and put the forums back up? Do you think they need to justify themselves? It also arose from diety worship in trying to understand weather and seasons. Does that mean they should open the forum to pantheistic discussion? The fox that chases many rabbits, usually gets none. Any forum must define limits. I think you are putting words in other peoples' mouths here.
  21. I like it (and trust me, I am not a poetry liker). But what about, rather than a let-down at the end, it provided some words of wisdom to avoid this end.
  22. An excellent first step in this direction would be to take a good, hard look at what is a constructive step towards your goals - and what is a fanciful waste of your time and efforts.
  23. I am not into anime, so hopefully I can provide a less ... subjective ... viewpoint. In the anime I have seen, the stories are astonishingly deep and dramatic with huge sweeping story arcs. Unlike western stories, which are almost invariably self-conscious (see what we did there? We made an obscure reference! And it's a cliche! Aren't we clever?), anime stories take themselves quite seriously, and it shows. Thne again, I have to be careful speaking too broadly. I have not seen a lot.
  24. We are basing it on the OP's own words, which talk about stress and worry at human interaction. Retreating from the things that he is having trouble coping with is not a "need", it's a defense.
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