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  1. No, but now I have to go to McDonald's.com to see what's there.
  2. Coach Allegedly Paid Player to Hit Boy By ALLISON SCHLESINGER The Associated Press Friday, July 15, 2005; 10:20 PM PITTSBURGH -- A T-ball coach allegedly paid one of his players $25 to hurt an 8-year-old mentally disabled teammate so he wouldn't have to put the boy in the game, police said Friday. Mark R. Downs Jr., 27, of Dunbar, is accused of offering one of his players the money to hit the boy in the head with a baseball, police said. Witnesses told police Downs didn't want the boy to play in the game because of his disability. Police said the boy was hit in the head and in the groin with a baseball just before a game, and didn't play, police said. "The coach was very competitive," state police Trooper Thomas B. Broadwater said. "He wanted to win." Downs has an unpublished telephone number and couldn't immediately be reached for comment Friday. It was unclear whether he had an attorney. He was arrested and arraigned Friday on charges including criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault and corruption of minors. He was released from jail on an unsecured bond. The alleged assault happened June 27 in North Union Township, about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, authorities said. The boy's mother asked state police to investigate her son's injuries because she suspected Downs wanted to keep the boy off the field, despite a league rule that required each player to participate in three innings a game, Broadwater said. Eric Forsythe, the president of the R.W. Clark Youth Baseball League, said Downs had two daughters on the T-ball team. League organizers investigated accusations against Downs before the T-ball season ended earlier this month but could not prove that he did anything wrong. If Downs is convicted of any crime, he won't be allowed to be a coach next year, Forsythe said. The league is not affiliated with Little League International.
  3. I tried looking for some links that had all the states together, but they're all out of date. Just do a search for 'state name restaurant inspections' , and it should bring you to some sites.
  4. I used to work at a fast food restaurant, and one of the things you discover are restaurant report cards. They are these sheets of paper posted on a wall usually near the cooking area. The score is 1-100, 100 being the best. 100-90 means minor violations like a door being open for a few minutes. You look at this sheet and you see an 86, read it because it usually means some kind of pest problem. If it's oh say 76, that's means it's a bigger pest, and I mean size-wise . I go out to eat and I notice that no too many people check these out. Inspectors have noticed too, and have started posting their results online. Another helpful hint is that pest exterminators are posting their results online through some news sites, and believe me, their findings are way more important (and scarier).
  5. The eyes are a direct doorway into a person's emotions. When the eyes are blocked from view, a person can have no idea what you're feeling. I discovered this years ago from my dad's co-workers. He never takes his sunglasses off and it intimidates them. My dad is very playful and doesn't take himself too seriously. If I ever told his workers this, they wouldn't believe me. I asked my dad why he wears them all the time, and he told me it wasn't because he liked intimidating people, he was just amazed at how a pair of sunglasses could make someone so insecure.
  6. I'm lazy. I just walk my little butt to Starbucks.
  7. You obviously aren't ready for a serious relationship if you set stipulations that the girl you fall in love with should be a virgin. That sounds like something I would hear in Pakistan. If you set those kind of limitations, you're going to end up with a lot of liars, and I really wouldn't have any sympathy for you. Yes, it is important to know about a woman's sexual history because you don't want to put your health at risk. It would also be in your best interest to date someone your own age. You would have more things in common and not have to worry about breaking any laws.
  8. Tool is my second choice, and you should know why.
  9. I've been able to control my dreams since I was a little girl. I just didn't know the name for it until recently. When you can control your dreams, it's hard to have a nightmare if you know you can control everything. I have a nightmare around every 4 or 5 years. I had this once and I had never been so annoyed in my life. What is the point of those dreams?
  10. I would also like to say thank you. I was looking for the same thing, and there are some wonderful sites here.
  11. Farscape by a nose. Stargate and Firefly are a tied for second place in my heart. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the 'Serenity' preview at the movies.
  12. I hate pulp. There's something about the texture that drives me crazy. Not a big tapioca fan either.
  13. Hi, this is my first post. You can call me Pol, and I love science. I'm also a bit of a history nut. My eyes are a little sore from reading so many posts on this site. That's a good thing.
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