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  1. i meant to say indiginous instead of igneous by the way. i hope you find the humor
  2. locks definately in order i say. indiginous rocks often lead to heated debate, which is more than likely to get out of hand.
  3. what is that word that means something like love, but non sexual/romantic? I'm thinking plutonic, but at dictionary.com thats not the definition i get.
  4. i dont think that's possible to answer. Who's to say our form of thinking the superior version? Other animals may fail in capacities we consider valuable, but outcompete us in others. trying to think of a good example . . . . . . dogs have greater capacity for scents, fish have greater vision, and generally all 'simpler' animals have that thing where they can sense if a natural disaster is coming. Yes they may not have the capacities to build cities, but it is these capacities that may doom us to extinction, you've heard the reasons why so i wont repeat. Though they may be simpler, that simplicity might be considered superior to our capacities. Plus, its like i read in a Richard Dawkins books, scientist incorrectly propagate the idea that the origins of different kingdoms (or other catagories of species) are were amazing breakthroughs. Which the end results most certainly are, but at the source, the species (though now completely diverse) were the same species, mutated by insignificant scales. So its completely impossible to pinpoint a specific time that a particular thing (such as 'thinking capacity') arose.
  5. thanks sandi. The first link is particularly helpful, though i little technical. I'll keep trying to understand it. so i guess i'll just change this thread with a main focus of that program. Shouldn't there be a program where you can type in a number hertz, and hear the note? That way of coarse i can do crap with my calculator and see what different relationships are like. It seem so simple, shouldn't there probably be a way i can just directly input into my soundcard?
  6. If you put wings on a car, would the lift make the car lighter and thus use less gas?
  7. I'm back to beg satiety of the knowledge i hunger for. Please help where you can. Why is the musical octave divided into twelve intervals? is there a universal mathmatical reason, or is it just cultural (as in, this is the way European music evolved, which is the basis of everything we listen to) What would music sound like if we divided it in intervals with relationships to the golden mean? I don't necissarily need an answer to this one if someone can tell me where i can find a program where you can type in a specific number of hertz and listen to the results. It seems like it would be an exteremly simple feat, but i haven't found one, and i dont know how you would program such a thing. Lastly, the simplest question, what is the inverted golden mean? ((one plus or minus the squaroot of five)/two) The little knowledge i had of mathmatics has sunk beneath my grasp anymore. If i remembered the name of the process i'd google it, but if i just typed in inversion, it would get me a million unrelated links, and i'm sure someone here knows.
  8. IQ tests are worth shit . I will never recognize them as a valid measure of value of any sort.
  9. bumping up. My duck need your help. If you have no knowledge concerning ducks you are a useless member of society! . . . . well i guess that would include me due to the fact that i need your help . . . . but just answer my question damnit!
  10. on another note, my mother thinks they look encasing around larger feathers. She had smaller feathers before, but they've never been as large as the shafts yet. If this true should we help take off the encasing?
  11. by a strange train of events i have aquired two biological duck units. The small one we believe is female, they aren't that old yet though. The female is malfunctioning and somehow losing wing feathers. We are not sure if it is natural, or if one or the other of the ducks is doing it. The feathers are being stripped down to their shafts--- any idea what is going on and what to do about it?
  12. i just read the title of this thread. damnit bush needs to get knocked down. I wish it was nader, but i'll accept kerry i guess
  13. buddy, that idea is really lame. I don't know who started it, but i'm probably the only one here who knows its one of the popular mormon ideas. But did you know it's OK to be mormon and believe in evolution? I can hook you up with some quotes if you need. Hey i don't care if you don't, but don't try to say you have evidence against it, thats just stupid. Hey i used to do it to though so i'm not persecuting. That idea about dinosaurs being extra terrestrial is completely crap. The fossil record would not look like it does simply if earth is made of pieces of other planets.
  14. this is a cool idea. I want to do it i want to do it. be right back i'll tell you what happens.
  15. this is actually an interesting topic, though it was a little difficult for me to understand what you are asking. I'm not sure if complete absense of emotion is possible, i guess it depends on it's definition. I think emotions come from the primitive part of the brain, and i know there are psychiatric cases where one has underactive emotions. Not saying that not using this part makes you advanced though. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on the subject can give you more info. somewhat along these lines i've wondered before if it could be possible to Seperate the emotional part of you brain from the logical, without atrophicating (i made that word up, hope you dont mind) either section. Such as you have emotions, but you have absolute control about chooses how to let them affect you. Maybe some research into the military could give more information about this--- because you are taught to control your emotions in order to get a job done. And yet these emotions are not gone, because emotions obviously go crazy in post-war trauma crap. But for the time in which they control their emotions, it's more like turning them off and becoming a different person. What i'm wondering about is the possibility of having emotion and simply being able to act regaurdless, i think this would be more ideal, because there's no chance of slipping up and letting emotions resurface. They're already there, just somehow kept under control by higher brain function or something.
  16. oh yeah, road blocks, but how do they do that if there's traffic on the road? as the police car drives past, cars will pull over to the shoulder, but think about the direction you're going. The people ahead don't know to pull over till later, and so if you keep good pace, there will always be people around you. I cant believe i didn't think about heavy traffic. with that people are already stopped, so stopping everyone else obviously isn't a problem in this case. So i'd not do it there. Moderate traffic , to traffic that is heavy, but not at standstill. Um yeah, that shooting thing isn't going to happen. That's point of driving normal and driving with traffic. If they shoot you, other people are going to die when you spin out. One, i didn't know that was legal at at all, but that, along with the nails, cant happen if other cars are around. Thats the main basis of the experiment. What do you think you could acomplish with an evading formation? like ten cars evading, and one regular car held hostage by surrounding it. Again we aren't going fast, so it's not really dangerous. Of coarse you'd have to get lucky and select a hostage that's not going to panic and do something to mess up the formation. You know there'd be some common sense lacking people that'd just go crazy then slam on their breaks, or try to get away when i they can clearly see it will cause a wreck. Maybe you could do hostage try-outs to screen out the dopes.
  17. In police chases you watch on the television machine-- the car is driving very fast away from the police. The car is being reckless------ why? As long as you stay within the main flow of traffic, there's nothing they can do to safely stop you, so why be more unsafe than neccisary? Plus it wastes gas to go so fast. Why speed away? Why not just drive away? And if such a humorous event does occur how long would it take to end it? till the gas runs out? If such a thing has not ever been done, i intend to do it within my lifetime. Easy to instigate--- just cut off a cop, then do stupid crap right in front of him. Once he turns on his lights, start driving safe and normal. Keep on driving until the laughter is so terrible that you have to pull over.
  18. donno about fusing it to humans, thats a long time down the road. Hopefully we don't kill ourselves before then. However this is a really interesting subject, thanks for bringing it up. Really fun to imagine.
  19. To be honest i haven't gotten my hands on them yet either. I know where to find them, but like i said they are much darker than Zim, and so it would not be a good thing if my parents discovered my pocession of such merchandise. ----- however i intend to find a way in due time. But dont let that scare you off, i find my light in the darkness. Sad most humans dont see the same light. Well it is the way it is, i guess i wont complain.
  20. Well i got the puzzlement that drove me to start this thread from something YT said in a thread also concerning sex. While that thread was concerning the more questionable subject of carnal and lustfulness---- and yes i do think there is a scientific difference, my question is about sex in general of all types. Again there ARE different types because different emotions will be tied to different experiences. Physically of coarse, the same things happen, but i want to talk more about the brain. Anyway, YT said primitive urges come from the basal ganglia, implying that sex is a primitive urge, but is it really? We will always have it, the only other option really is cloning, which reduces diversity to nothing except occasional mutations. That wont work. So if we will always be needing sex through evolution, then can you really consider it a primitive drive? Also, how do you think sexual behavior will evolve in the future. In the long run. Obviously right now its being practiced like crazy and spreading STDs all over the place, but i don't think this will survive. It seems to go along with the theory of evolution that as we progress, our sexual behavior will become cleaner and less carnal. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally (yes i know all of those are centered in the brain, but they sorta are different factors), connectiveness make us more careful in the execution of sex? Will it also increase the enjoyability of sex? Where is the balance where optimum pleasure is enough to cause addiction, that then screws the balance and has negative effects by overuse? Is there a way sex could be enjoyable without being addicting? Just in case you are wondering, i'm not saying sex is a bad thing, i'm just pointing out the obvious that lots of our social problems come from people who cant control their sex drive. Then asking how you think evolution will eventually find us a way out of this problem.
  21. Ok what do you mean this is inevitable? I'll admit that most people don't WANT to change, thats a problem. But another problem is thinking we cant change. We dont NEED to clear a forrest for more farm land or whatever else. For one thing, a heck a lot of resources are wasted feeding beef farms. Stop growing the cows and just go for the crops. If we just stop developing buildings and crap we dont need, there will be plenty of food. Do i have to say again, that it's not the whole world that has a problem, its industrialized nations that make up a relatively small portion of the planetary population, but use a majority of the resources. I will concede that it could be difficult to convice people they dont need the crap of our rich lives, but i will not let you say they are right. People keep saying things (even here in your posts) that either directly say, or imply that we'd have to nearly kill oursleves to make the changes needed to reverse depletion of the enviroment. This is not the case at all. Screw everything you own. Screw this computer. You wont die without it. Very obvious i know, but these are the things that are the problem, and we just turn and ignore it
  22. The UK maps are in color! what a rip off.
  23. i think dream dictionaries and the likes are the biggest loads of crap in existence. (well among the top 10 at least). I think the only way to figure out what it means is to analyze yourself, or have someone that knows you really well to try analyzing it---- that is if it has a relevant meaning. It surely has some type of meaning, but it could be something so obscure that it's impossible to pin down, and the reason it came back could just be basically random, maybe usage of that part of your brain has been randomly accessed again or something.
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