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  1. amen azure, and i think clothes are rather interesting in several respects. Plus they make nudity more mysterious and valuable. I just think it shouldn't be taboo to remove clothing as a symbol of intimacy, not necisarily sexual. Just an affection being more open and such
  2. i love bees, i'd like to start something like that. also there are of coarse wild bees around, if i stay still while following them and make no sudden moves you think its safe for me to observe them before getting my own hive
  3. interesting concept, what if that's what four dimensional people wonder about the possibility of our existence? Sadako has an important point, life is basically the product of something that can reproduce itself, if it can get complex enough it can evolve. That is the only definition that needs to be filled to constitute life. There could be infinate forms of life which we don't have the mental capacity to comprehend.
  4. i'm posting this here cuz i've already made several threads concerning depression medication, and this one is particularly not so scientific, but still worthy of discussion. So- when they say there are sexual side effects for say prozac, does that mean difficulty in preformance, or difficulty in impregnating/ being impregnated. If the later, extra plus to medication. We can do it any time anywhere. If the former be the case, seems it would compound the depression in a sense. Not saying sexuality is the most important factor in mental health, but doesn't it obviously have a significant role?
  5. smoke hurts my eyes, but i'm getting immune to it now
  6. thanks for the info, i'll check out about Wellbutrin, just a question tho, what is the diff. between Prescription and over counter? cant prescription worse for you liver and all? That's the main concern i have, and why i posted this question at all. The walkin tho sounds like a really good idea, i just need to find the motivation to get it started. Coquina, i'm pretty sure that its not caused by something physical, like i said as far as i know i'm NOT in physical pain, it just eases my general anxiety about everything.
  7. I am not currently experiencing severe depression (though i have at some periods in my life), and i am beginning to think depression may only be a byproduduct of some other problem, i am pretty sure i have OCD, who knows what else. The thing is i'm generally drifting through life with inhibiting anxiety and only brief occasional moments of being at peace, which often are cut short by realizing how much time i've wasted and how hopeless it seems that things will ever change. I dont know how severe my case is obviously because i am blinded within the prison of my own psychology most of the time. It's probably not as bad as many people's but I know its worse than i know because i often hide my emotions from everyone including myself to cope with it. I recently started taking pain killers when i'm not in physical pain. I never overdose, and probably only do it twice a week (when i do, sometime i go for a while without doing anything), still i'm afraid it may develop into something. There is a very noticable change in my consciousness when i do this, i feel much more in control, and less depressed, however i'm also more much more mellow, and thus not exactly happy. It'd be nice to experience some sense of enjoyment in life, rather than merely an absense of pain. So i'm wondering if i should try to get a prescription for an anti-depressant, but i know there are side effects. Are these rare risks or serious concerns? What are the risks of prescription anti-depressents, vs. painkillers if i'm careful not to abuse them? What other options are there? Do herbal supplements really work in anyone's experience? I've tried some before and not really noticed anything, i know you are supposed to take them consistently to experience the effects. My mother takes them regularly and she's still a fairly anxious person, so i dont see any strong evidence convincing me to give them a serious try, but maybe she just doesn't have the most effective supplements. I'd much appreciate anyones suggestions, for what has worked for you. Legal or not, as long as it works and is relatively safe, it seems to me that whether it is legal or not doesn't neccisarily have much to do with whether its safe or not in some situations
  8. i found a mountain of mushrooms under my deck the other day
  9. it's that certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, whatever, go to a certain part of the body where they're used. Like drugs go to the brain, beta-carotene goes to the eyes and a million other things go to there propper places. And so the other day i was thinking, these nutrients, they dont have motors to propel them in a certain direction, or brains to know where to go, so why do they say, this chemical goes there? Then i was wondering how it works, and i figured its probably pretty simple, it all goes into the blood, so it's probably just that certain tissues have receptors which absorb certain nutrients. sorta like they fish out what they can use, and the rest is just part of the river. so i'd like to know more about the process, and i also started wondering about how different organs evolve according to how they use the nutrients . . . so i guess i dont know how to articulate everything i'm wondering. just pump me up with some interesting information ok
  10. as you should know i am highly anti-IQ.
  11. Perhaps you could have a robotic organ in the colon, with the uritrea (or whatever that think is called) wired into it. It would compact the trash and then encase it something, i would say plastic, but something biodegradable would be better. You'd have to change the batteries and refill the encasing material once a week.
  12. eh, give me all of them. Wouldn't they all be similarly related? If not just give me a random list of a few. And spell out the words cause i'm not a chemist. Thanks for the help.
  13. well what is the chemical composition of oil?
  14. move away. now reveal thy mysteries, or do i have to complete some special task first?
  15. wait i'm confused, prozac is an SSRI and your first post you implied they weren't comparable? what are you smoking? also, what about not inhaling? thats what clinton said, how do you not inhale unless you're eating it? i mean you can vaporize it, but you still have to breath it. i do like you're advice about being drug free, but the thing is get me a girlfriend, and i'll stop asking for pot. I don't know what my f***ing problem is, most of my friends are girls but relationships never work out. I might as well be gay, but i'm to fascinated with femininity. Do i have to treat them like an object to keep them? i thought thats what they didn't want goddammit
  16. everyone here has some very good advice. as for myself i believe in evolution and the possibility of god/gods as products of evolution. I believe in the possiblility of evolution of spiritual matter, however it works. The heart and foundation of all my faith is in common sense, aka evolution. Something survive, some die. There is a reason for this. That doesn't mean that spiritual factors absolutely dont fit into this equation. Also if you dont believe in god, what is the purpose of argueing against him? I think athiesim, in the form you currently possess, is a trait that will become extinct. One day beings will not care whether there is or isn't a God. They will simply live life for what it is. as i doubt you will be swayed immediately by my words to reconsider your beliefs, i even moreso highly doubt a debate between you and this family will cause anything but conflict. What is the purpose of this conflict? If the issue comes up, talk your differences as respectfully, don't try to convince them, unless they invite you too, and then be respectful. Nothing but naked facts. If you do still value these people as friends, make sure they know this in the end. Although my beliefs have become very different from everyone around me, i still immensely love them as people and value being able to interact with them.
  17. thanks for the info. I want to change this thread to comparing Marajuana to Alchohol. I think i've heard a little about it already. Less aggression? sounds like a positive difference to me. What are the other positive or negative differences/ similarities
  18. shouldn't everyone in a democracy be democrat? democrats with different ideas sure, but they aren't going to try to shut each other up for being different. I say if you want to have a monarchy, go start you're country where people who like to be slaves can join up. The rest of us who value thinking for ourselves can exist in a different country.
  19. thanks for the reply monkey, realize now i'm going to express some frustration, not with your reply, but that conservatives would claim those be their goals. I'll address those points on at a time The promotion of the family. That's one of my values too. But not just for the sake of propagation alone. If you start a family to bring a children into a world with limited opportunities for their future, what's the point? I'd personally put priority on the QUALITY of life first. I know conservatives would say the same but its just lipservice usually without logical reinforcement. The right of individuals to pass on their inheritance to their children um kay. Then you go to your high paying job and leave them to parented by babysitters and televisions. I know this is a stereotype and often also the case with democrats and what not, but what i'm saying is, sure pass your values to your children, but thats not what they are actually doing. They are hoping God will make it work out, while they do whatever the hell they want. Then they have the right to inflict punishment when it goes wrong. Punishment that never works, without even thinking of trying to actually get to know your children. If you start a genuine relationship you are more likely to be able to influence change. The embracing of Christian teaching and morals. if you went to actual fundamentals, not whats popularlized as fundamentalism, i'd not have a problem with this. Jesus never said to force christian standards on everyone. The support of the Monarchy, the Constitution and Law. Resistance to change for the sake of change. I just wont rant about those two.
  20. very well if my question is flawed, i haven't tried either of the drugs. Just try to answer it best as you can. Which drug are you talking about being habit forming and risky to health? This time i did a little research : Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, a psychiatrist who has a private practice and also works for Harvard University Health Services, sees this antidepressant mania as dangerous, even reckless. He notes that these drugs can have severe side effects, including uncontrollable facial and body tics, which could be signs of severe and permanent brain damage. About 50 percent of patients suffer often-debilitating withdrawal symptoms from them, and about 60 percent end up with sexual dysfunction. The severe side effects may be a rarity, but 50 and 60 percent? Thats a frightening fact. Also i know a lot of prescription drugs cause long term damage to the liver and such. I know this is in some ways similar to marajuana, (in most cases not as severe but we can set that asside) but if you only use it say a few times a month, health risks can be decreased. Marajuana is proven less addictive than alcohol, which is legal. Look it up in an encyclopedia or something (wikipedia was my source). So saying it is habit forming is not a valid point. Remember some people can smoke a significant amount of cigarettes REGULARLY and have less health issues than caused by fast food. Marajuana if used alone of coarse has none of the toxic chemicals cigarettes do. No dosage of marajauna has ever been lethal to humans (as in at once), but you overdose on prescription medications. Again i'm only suggesting occasional use of cannabis. Perhaps at the fequency it might be used in a tribal culture, as i mentioned. So please answer my question as best as you have knowledge to, i'm sorry if my question wasn't educated, if i knew everything i wouldn't have asked. Also i never said they were similar. I asked what the similarities and differences were. Meaning in all respects-- addiction, effects on consciousness, long term effects, everything. If the similarities be few, say so. Please read a post before answering it. And when answering it would be nice if you tried to give information to the best of your knowledge concerning what i obviously wanted to know, instead of telling me that i dont know what i'm talking about. Like i said i know i'm not sure what i'm talking about thats why i asked.
  21. Just wondering, what is the comparison between the effects? They could both possibly be used to treat the same illnesses. Knowing its less dangerous than alcohol is enough to make me think it is completely ridiculous not to legalize it. If you only use it say a two or three times a month, it wouldn't even have a significant effect on health from the somewhat damaging smoke. Probably nowhere near as deadly as fast food. I'm just trying to establish the degree of idiocy and hypocricy there is in this war against drugs, which i may agree with for harder drugs that are actually addicting, but if you legalized simple marajauna i think that people wouldn't care so much about trying to find a better high. Also think about various drugs, sometimes cannibis, as their role in tribal cultures. Nobody in a tribe gets addicted. They use them for special ceremonies. They have a timing thing down and a control. It's hardly about the same thing as it has been made in our society. Escaping reality to another form of consciousness, yes, but its for spiritual reasons, and again its not like they light up everyday, they know how to pace it. Kay sorry i got sidetracked there. I just want to know the similarities and differences between marajuana and legal drugs which are fairly easy to get a prescription for.
  22. Well? why are or were conservatives called what they are? The only thing they effectively conserve is brain power. Not as in valuing it, as in using very little of it.
  23. dude i never thought about that. thats brilliant
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