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  1. not to be nitpicky, but the term is human worm baby. Hello class, i am a perfectly normal human worm baby. It just doesn't sound right any other way Hey Dream Lord is in date-ability range (and sex), hopefully also in orientation . . . jk sorry i just had to say that, its cool either way. Do you live in East US or West? i'm 17 & 3/4, live in West U.S. I like chineese foods and long walks on the beach, AND i am a perfectly normal human worm baby
  2. I have to admit that i'm kinda of prejudice to RPGs, since theres so freakin many, and they all come from the world of Anime, which i am HIGHLY prejudiced too, and i think rightly so. Thus considering my prejudice, are there any you'd suggest to me that might transcend the ranks of common RPGS? the main thing i dont like is the hitpoint system, it isn't realistic to take turns in a battle, i also like to have more control over position and attacking, more like Zelda or Metroid where you move constantly and have direct control over your weapon (in contrast to choosing spells and such from a list) I'm guessing that being RPG fanatics that you've encountered that RPG maker program? I really wish there was a program where you could create you own Super Nintendo style games (such as Super Metroid, one of my favorites ever). I'd probably try to make a game that fits Zelda into that 2D gameplay format. Actually i hear you can do such things with the program but its hard. It'd be cooler if there was a program specially designed for the 2D format.
  3. whats a nihilist? actually i'll google it, but you can answer anyway
  4. my evidence is common sense, nails too long get in the way. Before clippers nail biting would be the way everyone took care of it. Nose picking is probably evolutionary also. Shaving is different, because short hair is not as important for surivival. Nails however are directly related to the efficiency of using your hands. Seen that guy with the longest nails in the world? They're all nasty and curly---- having nails like that would be fatal to survival. Of coarse in the modern world he doesn't have to hunt or anything like his ancestors
  5. Consider this the third : things that piss me off thread. Not that i'm that pissy about it, i'm just going to make a proposition, and i'll make it in a sec. For the record, the first was on Stupid CD-RW disc, and the second was on Hot Pockets. Well i have come to an idea that all people on the planet should be catagorized into those who undestand how time does exist, and those who think it dont. Those who think it dont will be shipped to the moon to continue their line of inferior genes, without contaminating ours. The only exceptions will be hot girls. But really i think there is a completely seperate psychology for those people who think time doesn't exist. How can they not see past the novelty of such a 'revolutionary' idea and understand time in its place is an inherent property of the universe? Their incapacity to understand puzzles me. I have a friend who has this syndrome (yes its a syndrome now) and insists that time doesn't exist. I don't know how to argue with him because his way of thinking isn't even a compatible interface for communicating my understanding. Fine, maybe they aren't inferior, but they certainly are different, and i want to identify exactly what it is, because i am utterly stumped.
  6. True dat. Protecting your address is an important component of cyberspace hygene.
  7. What's pastwatch? You might not like memory of earth because its all metaphor of a religious book, Cause Orson is a Mormon (a sect of christianity, tho several other denominations reject it as being christian at all). He does a good job of not being a religious retard, really though true Mormonism is perfectly accepting of science, just most mormon zealots don't understand it it. At least one of our Prophets (thats what we call the leader of our church) admitted to believing in evolution and all. Oh yeah, i am also a Mormon by birth. Currently i'm heading in the direction of Hinduism though, not that i reject my birth religion, for theres many concepts of it I deeply believe, more i'm just extending my spiritual journey, a, thing. I've read Enders Game, Ender Shadow, and am currently finishing Speaker for the Dead (Ender just spoke Marcao's death). One of my friends claims Speaker is a different writing style than Enders Game and doesn't like it, but i really love it, its a great book. Eventually i'll get through the other books in the series.
  8. If you DROPPED it from that high, but they're catapulting it at an angle. So i'd say it'd bounce once, then roll for a few feet. It wouldn't splat, but it would die from internal damage. Thats my hypothesis.
  9. Hey! glad this thread caught on a bit finally. i thought it was an interesting subject. As for it being genetic, i'd say its triggered by something psychologically. Being that some can be the only nail biters in their family suggests that something has activated it that person. I still think its an evolutionary behavior left over from before fingernail clippers, but it would have been such universerally needed self-maintainence behavior that i bet every single person still has the genes that tell them to manage the nail length. If any person were put in an enviroment without nail clippers, they'd start biting them. Obviously this is just a simple solution to a problem, but i still say its evolutionary, or else why would some people still do it, when our technology does not require such primitive method. So i wonder what psychological factor makes an individual revert to this behavior, and if say it can be linked to other things, such as: all nail biters are of superior intelligence, evident by their nature not to discard evolutionary behavior
  10. ????? You make me want shoot my myself for lack of hope. Time is not just a figment of your friggen imagination. Of coarse theres that possibility that everything could be a figment, but lets disregaurd that, and speak of time logically and hypothetically. Right bucko this is as simple as it gets: I punch you in the face once. You repeat that time does not exist. I punch you again harder and FASTER. How is it faster the second time? Because it took less TIME for my hand to move from point A to point B (your pathetic head). Of coarse time is relative and there may be several properties of it we do not understand yet, but it most certainly is there. BTW, apologies for the insultage, please forgive me for the sake of humor
  11. thanks. I need to check that out next time i go to the library (which will have to be in a few weeks since i've run out of online renewing of some evolution books I've had out for a few monthes)
  12. I think i've heard of that Dude, what section of the library would they be in? Can you give me a summary about him?
  13. thanks for identifying those. Yeah i know there is proof the the expansion one, i think it was because the speed of the expansion is speeding up, not slowing down, but i dont think it makes sense for the reason I said it, if it ends the cycle. However if universes are born out of black holes it supports the continuity. I don't see non-continuity as a possibility-- the way i see it, we are either here now because we have been here forever (well not us individually, but our matter and the universe and all) and will be here forever, or we had a definate beginning, which means we came from nothing, which is impossible.
  14. well i didn't mean that God himself evolved, but is a product of evolution (or if exists at all is your choice to believe or not, or care or not) WHY dont the two mix? That is your belief not mine, and i dont see why your view is the best one. Of coarse if God is as advanced as he is he probably works with principals of science that we don't have the ability to comprehend, but he still doesn't work outside the laws of physics. I had a logical reason for my belief why God evolved, and why we can evolve into Gods (not idividually of coarse, but by aiming the evolution of our descendents). Your belief consists of some blind idea that he is above everything and that i am stupid. You can hold your belief and i will be fine with it, but you are clearly not thinking through WHY you are opposing me, because your argument is infinitately to weak to convince me.
  15. maybe that's YOUR concept, it doesn't mean its the only possibility. And since it has no explanation as to how it happened, why would i be inclined to believe it? I guess this partly has to with my religion which believes that God was once a man descended of the God that created him. We are childeren of our God and have the potential to become Gods and Godesses (God is married. He doesn't mention his wife to protect profanation of her name). I know that sounds religiously preposterous, but it makes more sense than some faceless being who came from nowhere and created everything. God didn't start perfect, i dont see a problem with God having evolved. It ties the natural to the divine. We too have potential to evolve toward perfection----- evolution seems even more perfect a possibility than anything else, because only TRUE perfection will ultimately survive all other generations. True perfection will have to be able to truly master the nature of the universe. Scientifically you may doubt to what degree of mastery is possible, or if our descendants will survive destroying ourselves with war before we get anywhere near Godliness, but i have faith that somewhere in the universe a group of us will not go extinct. And theres no way to know until it either does or does not happen. I dont think that matters. We should focus on aiming our evolution, to the best of our abilities, toward the direction of life, love and peace.
  16. how exactly does that work? Explain it to me as if i know nothing about the subject (which is basically true). Where does the matter for the new universe come from? Do the universes keep getting smaller and smaller (since theres obviously less matter in a black hole than in the entire universe). Or are you saying blackholes open some other dimension of the existing matter in the universe, or what are you saying?
  17. totally man. embrace the opposition, its the only way to live.
  18. of coarse you can copy God. If God exists, it is because he evolved. It will take us billions of years to copy God, but it could happen.
  19. cant stem cells be retrieved from bone marrow, just more expensive?
  20. What about these black hole universes? Is this an accepted idea? i remember a thread about that, but didn't read that much into it i guess. I could be happy with that idea too, you see my problem was the logic of it ever ending. Us existing at all can only imply that there is an eternal cycle of things---- otherwise it would mean we came from nothing. If the black hole idea fulfills the requirement of the universe or universes in some way continuing, it makes sense. EDIT: I'm an idiot, that blackhole thread is YOURS and I replied on it. I'm going to go back and check out some of those links
  21. aight, why isn't anyone responding to this? This is a big issue!
  22. Yeah it does rotate. I would prefer pita if we had it, my mom does the shopping and buys lots of that processes crap, and gets kinda offended it I tell her to make different choices since i'm not the one paying for groceries. However considering Phi's comment, i'll try to find alternatives. I already should know better than eating processed foods, i just selectively forget for convenience. But now realizing it is not really convinient . . . .
  23. I think I should make it tradition to make a thread daily of something that pisses me off. Today it's hot pockets. If you in UK, might not know what i mean, but surely you have some similar food product: breadish pouch with stuff inside, usually some meat combined with cheese. They are kept in the freezer, then microwaved in a jacket of some type of metalish stuff that doesn't burn. Well you microwave them for the given time and take them out. SOMEHOW both ends are so hot that the leaking cheese scalds me, and YET the meat and cheese in the center of the pocket is STILL FREAKING FROZEN. The pockets aren't that big, i don't understand how such a range in temperature occurs. And I like to blame all my minor annoyances on engineers. So damn those Hot Pocket Engineers for doing such a crappy job. Or maybe the hot pocket jacket engineers, maybe they could have a metal rod that peirces the center so it gets the heat it somehow has previously failed. See look how easy it was to find a solution, but its not my job, its theirs and they didn't do it. and it pisses me off.
  24. speaking of that teacher. Well she's not ALL that horrible, but mostly---- is there a word for wearing a pleasant mask and being evil at the same time? I was searching for that word to describe her, there really should be some word to describe those nasty people . . . .
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