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  1. I agree with you about perception, well thats basically the common sense point of view, but as proof cannot be prooven (read my philosophy/religion post) and also the fact that we do not know everything--- maybe we do have a mechanism for time control. But yes what we experience is usually our own perception---- two people can witness the same thing, one see it in slow motion, while it is a flash to another. Anything is possible, but I think probably ever time diff. I or anyone else has experienced is a matter of perspective.
  2. i mean if we already have something like that naturally in our biology
  3. Oh really, thats cool. I remember reading an article in the newspaper about a monkey with a chip in its brain, it had a transmittor in it so it could use its brain to 'telepathically' control the cursor on a computer to play a game where you simply click on dots. I imagine some day we could have chips and such put in our brains, that transmit and recieve from outside equiptment to give us extra senses. Then I wonder if already have such things, that exist in some way that they are not really detectible, could account for cases of telepathy. I wonder if people would think all this is ethical, I guess I'm not sure myself.
  4. ok then whatever, thanks for the posts. I hadn't really given any thought to HOW it would work, just wondering if anyone else had
  5. The modern day electronics I guess, I just want to know more about it.
  6. how do they evaporate? Maybe they do, just wondering because you didn't really explain how. So is my white hole idea viable in anyway?
  7. Those words I learned at school, but the thought process by which I use them to express my ideas, was not, infact very few people, even the people closest to me know anything about the side of me that writes like this. I hardly believe that my writing is achieving any purpose and my reason in doing it is little more than habit and addiction to the process. Nevertheless the points I make I believe are good ones and I do not see that they have been addressed with careful thought, sorry I apologize if I am insulting you in the way I reply. Maybe I should also stop apologizing if it has no purpose.
  8. Yes I know I learned these things at school, but was that process as efficient as it could be? Not to mention the way it is taught, but certain things taught really don't have much importance besides its the way its been done in the past. I think you may be right in a way because it would be downright impossible for school to turnout everyone a success, its more parents job to help their children though problems, because they have more effect. But I really don't think you took much consideration of the view before responding, just think about all of the ways we are taught in school? Mostly its pretty standard, there are unique teachers but they all still have to follow certain rules, why are these rules there? Some of the methods of our teaching are not effective in teaching, they get some point of the material into our heads eventually, but is it in the right way, for any useful purpose, in as an effective a way as possible? Have you personally seen other methods fail, I've hardly seen any implemenented, and if so why? There is reason for everything I believe, and I believe we need to question our reasons. Please go to that link, I would advise you to read the book that particular article is a forward to to find the answer to the question in its title. Please think a little harder, we start education when we are five years old, most five year olds don't have a concept of what education is, or what they are doing, often they struggle and it is not because of their capacities, it is because they do not understand the faulty function by which they are being taught. There isn't a whole lot to understand about it---- the education system is built by adults who are disconnected, and perhaps not really try to become connected, to the children in which they decide to inflict their ideas on. Usually we eventually we come to learn to work with the system, we do not truly understand, we are brainwashed into beleiving it is the way, and we forget the reasons why we struggled at first, because the time we could was during a mentality in which we could not put our emotions into words. I believe that our emotions are a quicker and truer calculator of the world around us if only we know how to translate it into appropriate action. I understand a reform of the system would be difficult, and perhaps even somewhat ridiculously unrealistic, but your defense of the system did not address REASONS behind your beliefs. Again, I agree education comes from the system, eventually, it is obvious that people are learning something. But what is the applicability of their knowledge, and do you really believe they have been trained to the maximum of their capacity? I believe, in fact I know that many of those who could have become the greatest genius's are never seen. Through combinations of their own bad decisions in response to, and confusions about society and the defects it weilds in corners not seen by some, of which things the greath school systems helps perpetrate.
  9. well I'm not so sure if its actually time speed changing, or just the sensation of it through different balancing of brain chemicals and functions--- but I wont say its absolutely impossible. Could you give some more links about that electronics phenomenon you talked about on your site, it sounds interesting, just like to know more.
  10. OK this question isn't given very much thought, but I hope it will bring out some good conversation. Here goes: If there are black Holes sucking up mass, are there white holes spewing it out? If not how does anything escape from black holes? Its kind of depressing to me. Will our universe ever become all sucked into a black hole, and then if it does does it bang out again? Again I apologize for intelligence I lack in this, please don't insult me for it, just answer the question.
  11. Just to add a little more : education as we know it is a short cut around true communication and understanding. It undermines the better functions of human nature. It was taught to us through our parents, there parents through their parent. Quite often noone understands anyone, even their own family. They accept this is just the way it is, well I don't think it is the only way, in fact I know it isn't. It isn't the right way.
  12. Forgive me I am not in the mood to elaborate myself, please consider this: Is our school system really an efficient tool for truly teaching? I believe that it is not. It is not intelligently designed for a purpose, well not to an extent. It is an evolved form of a primitave institution, improved but far from perfect. There is another way, our education systems were not commanded to us by God, they weren't even put together by the smartest people in the world. It is somewhat amazing to think that noone questions the TRUE purpose behind the things we do, including the education system. Do tests and grades really teach us anything? Inevitable yes, but they are not designed for EFFICIENCY. Alfie Kohn has written a book about how systems of reward and punishment, in which grades are a form of, inhibit intrinsic motivation to learn. If you ask me, I think our education should be about freedom, infact it is about unessesary limitations, that do not build character, they were simply the first (actually order doesn't matter so much as the quality) methods thought up, and not researched or experimented propperly to be sure they fulfilled a purpose, if one was ever truly defined. Read this quote : "The inescapable implication, as Meier points out, is that the phrase “high standards” by definition refers to standards that everyone won’t be able to meet. If everyone could meet them, that would be taken as prima facie proof that the standards were too low – and they would then be ratcheted upward – until failures were created. Despite its sugar-coated public-relations rhetoric, the whole standards-and-accountability movement is not about helping all children to become better learners. It is not committed to leaving no child behind. Just the opposite: it is an elaborate sorting device, separating wheat from chaff. And don’t ask what happens to the chaff." http://www.alfiekohn.org/teaching/ohanian.htm I'll finish here for now, please send in replies about this subject.
  13. ok I read it now, and by the way sorry, if my joking (if I was joking) dissed your extensive thought on the matter. Great post, like Dave, I don't think I know enough to comment on it (in your terms anyway, I can however make up my own ideas, with less intelligence).
  14. i dont have the attention span to read your post today--- but I do have an answer to your question, the universe does have a heart, well a central control anyway, I saw it once. No really, the universe is actually a giant (to us) cell on the eye lash of a beatiful girl in a universe of a higher order. Not to mention that there are infinate universes below our order, its quantum mechanics. Muons are made of three dimensional energy masses which collide to make inhabital universes. There are of coarse orders in non-universes, they just are to chaotic to sustain life. The average as far as has yet been observed, life span of a universe (of one order below us) is a trillionth trillionth of a billionth of a nanosecond. Its very exciting to watch this on an atomic shuttle (i've only rode it twice, it is rather expensive).
  15. exuse my inconsistencey over whether its an arm or leg broken--- of coarse thats the point though
  16. Actually I don't think it would be a matter of you bothering, I think it would be against the laws of physics to even begin with . . . . . but if you had read to the end we resolved this dilemna, you would simply be multiplying yourself, you would save your other self from the occurance, but the time traveling self still has the broken arm, and I guess you could drop yourself out of existence maybe, but I wouldn't chose that. And then the matter of you doing it depends on your reasons for your decision, some would say, whats the point of changing something if it doesn't directly benefit you . . . but one might have a good reason for doing such, and it isn't against the laws of physics.
  17. But there must be mathmatical reasons why certain colors occur in mixing colors, so I wanted to know if that could corrilate to make corresponding musical colors. Hey and what would doubles and halves of light frequencies look like if we could see the whole spectrum?
  18. I know the alternate universe idea was already thunk up, I read about it before I thought about it on my own. Likely everything I said was already thunk up, whether or not its been widely published.
  19. Donno if this exactly fits into this catagory, but I don't know which one it does fit in: I know an octave of frequency is just its double--- thats simple--- I also have the equation for figuring any musical frequency(written down somewhere, you can look it up yourself if you want, well actually if you even don't want to go through that just email me and I'll find out for you) I was just wondering if anyone knows the reason why we have 7 musical notes each octave---- is there a scientific reason for these degrees or is it just the standard way used. If there is a scientific reason notice that there are 7 notes, and also seven colors. We know why there are those colors, so is there some way to think of notes as colors? Make equations for music and translate it also into color---- yes I know sound and light are different types of wave, maybe I am completely oblivious to how different----- but hey thats why I am posting this. Oh and also, as far as the electromagnetic spectrum goes, we see what we call visble light, but radio and all other waves of the kind could be called light too, that we just don't see because diff friequencies. If we could see the whole range what would octaves(doubles and halves) of frequency look like? I'm pretty sure my ideas assume to much connections and universalness----- Einstein tried his whole life to come up with a unified theory and never succeded. So please tell me your response, thats my whole quest-- know the truth
  20. Sorry I didn't have the attention span to read all of the other time travel post, anyway I'm starting my own. The dude that posted it has some good ideas for his own beliefs, but they are just one way, not the only. Traveling into the future, by skipping over time, I see as absolutely possible if we figured out how. Stopping time, might be possible, but it has lots of problems that would arise: *If you are traveling between time, it still takes time to do one thing, I don't see a way past that, it takes time for something to happen (thats not a problem, just a comment). But in the time which is stopped, you are traveling with infinate speed--- you can do any amount of work, in absolutely no time *so, I'm not sure what that does, do you then hold the value of infinate energy? That might not destroy you if the theory of relativity were applied *but then it might, because how do you exist on a different plane of time, all yourself and you being the only space in it? I have no idea what happens now, maybe that makes stopping time impossible Then traveling back in time, I see as completely impossible. Actually, there are two ways to do it. If you went back then you would simply go down another path of alternate universes, that works. But as for going back in time along our own universe, say you go back in time to save yourself from breaking your leg. Well then your leg wouldn't be broken for you to go back in time to fix. Oh wait actually i just figured out it would work. You'd just be multiplying yourself---- but YOU would still have the broken arm. Kind of interesting. WOW i am a freaking Genius, I need to publish this.
  21. yeah duh, that is what he said. But there isn't really a reason for him to say so. Actually I don't care whatever. Say atoms are poyhedrons, you are free to your faith.
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