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  1. There are certainly technical issues that make design difficult. If you know of a text book of quantum entanglement for neophytes, let me know. Just photons by themselves have the problem that if you redshift or blueshift them, there are no vacant quantum frequency states that can do the... "this part is hard to explain". I think it's the vacant states, the non excited states of the quantum vacuum that are secretly and mysteriously trading information with each other. I don't know exactly how. It's not that unusual to say that physics information can only move at the speed of light. What is unusual is when you think specific types, like frequency (time), wavelength (spacial geometry), energy (frequency), and momentum (wavelength) are all mixing together. Sorry, I don't mean to add confusion to the answer. But a quantum entanglement, between two photons, has some of those same empty states available. Centrifuging is intended to put those frequency states in order, from smallest to largest. Then we can use those [latex] F = ma =\hbar \frac { \Delta \omega}{\Delta x}[/latex]. Another way to look at is is the entanglement is still a virtual photon that obeys [latex] c = \lambda_1 \nu_1 = \lambda_2 \nu_2 [/latex], where [latex] \lambda [/latex] is related to the geometry and frequency is related to time. Another way to think of it is that the potential energy stored by gravitational blue shift/redshift is [latex] \Delta U + h(\nu_2 - \nu_1) = 0 [/latex]. If I think of a clearer way to argue it, I'll post it.
  2. To be fair, the idea does tickle my fancy for a good science fiction thriller movie.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. The concept that I'm trying to articulate (at the science standard) is that the empty/vacant frequency/energy quantum states have something to do with gravity (acceleration) fields. While gravity and curvature are an equilibrium of those states, the centrifuge (blueshift/redshift) of something that has those states in them (like an entanglement between two photons) can be centrifuged into a linear distribution. The entanglement would last until it mixes with the entropy of the rest of spacetime, but in doing so, you get an F=ma along the way. I'm trying to figure out how to state these concepts more precisely. I'll take a look at ARXIV. See if I can find something. Again, thank you. Find this interesting. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.07497.pdf
  4. I agree. They made a movie about what happens if you make monkeys smart. It didn't end well.
  5. Let us say we have a wave function with a frequency that is linear with position on the x-axis, that we could write the frequency as [latex] \omega (x) = \frac{\Delta \omega}{\Delta x} x + \omega_0 [/latex]. So the wave function would look like, [latex] \psi = A e^{i \omega (x) t} = Ae^{i ( \frac{\Delta \omega}{\Delta x} x + \omega_0) t} [/latex], Next, the quantum mechanics momentum operator in the x-direction is [latex] \vec{p} = -i \hbar \frac{\partial}{\partial x} [/latex]. So if we apply the momentum operator to the wave function, we get something like [latex] \vec{p} = -i \hbar \frac{\partial \psi}{\partial x} = \hbar \frac{\Delta \omega}{\Delta x} t [/latex]. This is a momentum that is a linear function of time. When we calculate the force, [latex] \vec {F} = \frac {d \vec {p}}{dt} [/latex], we get a constant force that is equal to, [latex] \vec {F} = \hbar \frac {\Delta \omega}{\Delta x} [/latex] The centrifuging of entangled photons is intended to cause a wave function with a frequency term that is linear with x. If that could be tested successfully, then we might be able to create entangled photon pairs, what I call threads, that carry a force, [latex] \vec {F} = m \vec {a} = \hbar \frac {\Delta \omega}{\Delta x} [/latex]. I think this is all we could hope for from an anti-gravity quantum field theory. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Wow! It's a derivation of anti-gravity!!!
  6. I think a moderator should remind you that you are going off topic.
  7. I don't think I understood how a ten second difference in neutron decay would have any bearing on a mirror universe. But I admire their creativity. We need more of that in physics.
  8. The only mirror universe I know about is the one I look at every morning when I brush my teeth. Beyond that, there is nothing to the story other than fantasy and imagination.
  9. What does Odyssey of homer have to do with near death experiences? Somebody's heart stops and they meet GOD or Jesus, and you think that is equivalent to Odyssey of homer? Are you trying to be .....
  10. If anyone has had a near death experience with Krishna, Odin, Zeus, I haven't heard about it. Have you?
  11. Krishna, Odin, Zeus are not meeting anybody's spirit when they are at death's door. But there are thousands of videos and millions of testimonials, whole books written, even a neurosurgeon, who are eyewitness of GOD, Jesus, and others. If you want, I can refer you to that evidence and those testimonials. It is impossible for me to understand skeptics who claim that near death experience testimonials are not important to the subject of "what happens when we die", which is what Pacal's wager is meant to address. There might be ten million gods, but how many have been seen lately?
  12. swansont, Do you deny that this is an accurate representation of Pascal's wager? LOL There is no evidence of any kind to support this postulate. It shouldn't even be considered.
  13. As you say, I could be badly mistaken, but then again, here is the wager. So, it basically says if there is a God and you're an atheist, it says "eternal suffering" and there is a picture of fire. Does that pretty much explain what Pascal's wager is? Or should I make the picture bigger? I also brought into evidence, the testimonial of a lady who was an atheist, after beings a Christian, who went to Heaven and came back. Does anyone dispute the video?
  14. Pascal's wager is really about the atheist's concern that if they pick the wrong path, they'll be punished; but it's impossible to know which path is the right path. However, if atheists belief that God doesn't exist, then nothing happens when they die. Nothing means "no punishment". If there was evidence, if there was data of what happens to atheists when they die, it would be relevant to this conversation. I would invite the atheists, and everyone, to look at the data without deriding it or dismissing it. The answer you're looking for is there. It is the answer to Pascal's wager.
  15. The hypothesis that the universe was engineered has important ramifications beyond religion. It has implications to engineering and science. Yes I did.
  16. I heard the name and saw it spelled, which you're not supposed to be able to do in a (very profound) dream. It inspired me to start this post. What is interesting was that, I heard and saw the name Yahawa. I thought it was referring to a name of a native American city. So when I woke up, got on the computer and Googled it, it wasn't native American, it was the name of the ancient God of the Jews. It was a profound evidential experience for me, even though you atheists are trained like circus animals to discount it. As for begging the question of how the universe was created, atheist physics just says "I dunno". So we have to consider the other option that, the universe was designed (engineered) to lead to complex molecular cellular life capable of supporting consciousness and complex thought. The sheer absurdity of a "begging the question fallacy" regarding a created or engineered universe is itself a fallacy. It only proves that atheists can be trained to do tricks.
  17. The least efficient (easiest to understand) way to build this is to start with a monodisk. A monodisk is a disk of radius 1 meter. There is an optic fiber that runs from the outer radius r2 = 1m of side A, to the inner radius, r1=1cm on side B. You will need a long crank shaft, enough to put, let's say 3 million monodisks on the crank shaft. This configuration will redshift it. How it works is that you shine the split beam into r2 while it's spinning at 6000 rpms (preferably faster). The photon burst has to hit a core (optical fiber entrance) that is about 1.5mm across and traveling at hundreds of meters per second, [latex] v = r \omega \[latex]. The burst of photons travel along the optical fiber while experience a change in acceleration, from 394384 m/s2 to 3944 m/s^2. During which time, the photons will be slightly redshifted. When they exist the core at r1, they will take a non spinning optical pathway, called a MEOF (mechanically enhanced optical fiber) back to the r2 position of the next disk; I call this a "stage". The least efficient method of centrifuging will use about 3 million stages to redshift, 3 million more stages to blue shift. The MEOF will need lenses, optical fiber and possibly mechanical motors under control of a computer to do its job correctly. It's job is to collect the photons as the exit the spinning disk, pass them through a non spinning pathway, to meet the entrance optical core of the next spinning disk. A less efficient MEOF will be 10cm thick. You will have to engineer that to be a lot thinner, and still do its job. You have to use photons. If you use massive particles like electrons that are entangled, the electrons will just move faster or slower during the centrifuge process. You won't be able to trap the acceleration effect in the entanglement, the vacant momentum, distance, energy and frequency quantum states. If this works right, you would put those states in something resembling a linear order, from smallest to largest.
  18. I am not an expert at quantum entanglement, but we do know that photons can be entangled. The non local phenomena is expected to be a virtual photon that is the mechanism that makes entanglement possible. Virtual photons contain empty quantum states (frequency, wavelength, energy, momentum, etc). When we centrifuge these entangled photons along the radii of a spinning disk (through an optical fiber), we want the previously mentioned states to be put into an ordered arrangement from smallest to largest. When this occurs, there will be a gravitational potential between the photons that can induce an acceleration field on a
  19. I'm not an emperor. But I am at home. Do you know what metaphysics is? I don't think you do. Engineers design products with computers applications, plan and discuss at board meetings, discuss with emails, draw pictures on erasure boards and paper drawings. All this goes into the design process. All of this has to happen before a tech company invests its money and resources into production of the product. Why wouldn't similar processes occur when designing a universe before the Creator is ready to "Let there be light" start the big bang.
  20. We're not using black holes, we're using centrifuges to created anti-gravity. The black hole example was just to get you thinking about how redshifting and blueshifting can occur strongly around a black hole (which is the point). You're right, this hasn't been verified by an experiment. Maybe we should build the experiment!!!!!!!!!
  21. I meant what I said, not what you thought I was saying. Go back and read. The Cassimir effect proves that virtual photons are exigent (that means they actually exist); they're not just some math quirk that can be ignored. You get the antigravity by entangling pairs of photons p1 and p2. The p1 photons are blueshifted using centrifuges, the p2 photons are redshifted. There will be an acceleration field between them. That is how you get anti-gravity.
  22. Where I work, one of my jobs is to hook up optical fiber in different ways. The original picture I had in mind was to take an optical fiber and attach it to a spinning disk, from the inner radius at r1=1cm to the outer radius at r2 = 1meter, along the radii of the disk, and then spin it at 100 revolutions per second (preferably faster). A spinning disk produces a centripetal acceleration field of [latex] a = r \omega^2 [/latex]. If photons are injected into the r1 optical core (core is the glass part that the photons can enter and leave from), they will have no choice but to travel along the radii at the speed of light (in glass). They can't travel faster, but their frequency will blue shift a little bit. If the photons are injected at the r2 core, they travel up to the r1 core, at the speed of light (in glass) and exit; this will cause them to redshift. This is what I mean by centrifuging photons. You would have to centrifuge these photons, perhaps several million times. That would require special engineering which I've talked about in my paper. Those ideas are only partially developed so far.
  23. The rest of it. This is about as far as I've gotten. The important part is that, if we really got good at centrifuging threads (quantum entanglement between two photons), they they could store a gravitational potential energy of [latex] \Delta U = (1.0010295)*h\nu[/latex] The rest of it.pdf
  24. Cool! The potential energy is [latex] \Delta U + h \Delta f = 0 [/latex]
  25. [latex] \frac{1}{3} [/latex] [math] \frac{2}{5} [/math]
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