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  1. I thought this was my thread. This is an anti-gravity thread. And it is my anti-gravity thread. If that is not true then do we need to change the name of the thread, again? Right! And the longer you keep "not figuring out" what the mechanism is that causes the invariance of the speed of light AND provides a nice mechanism for the wave function solution of quantum mechanics to exist as, the longer we won't have antigravity. On this thread I have discussed a mechanism. And I have suggested an experiment that we can perform to test the idea. Gravity does exist at the quantum scale. That's why Stern Gerlach experiments don't float away! That's why living cells, and quarks and gluons don't just float away. They exist in a gravity field. I mean, how are you a moderator and can still make wrong statements about physics? Also, I am prepared to argue that you don't need exotic matter to make anti-gravity.
  2. I have proved that it was more reasonable to create an Infinite Intelligence to design a universe, then to do it by brute force using quantum foam, M theory, and no mechanisms. I have proven there is a large pile of witness testimonial of God and Jesus (sometimes from Muslims). I have done my part. You are a moderator. You can close the thread.
  3. I have done my part. I turn you over to whatever GOD has a connection to you.
  4. I can see that you are not persuaded by reason, facts, evidence or love. What drives your atheism? Why has your heart grown cold ?
  5. The one that meets you when you are at death's door.
  6. Have you considered that God still might have a place in His heart for you?
  7. I just used the simplest explanation and the one that had evidence. It is definitely true that not everyone thinks like my. But I do strive to consider the most likely explanation. And that's a wrap!
  8. And all of your m theories and foam theory suck stink because they don't come with mechanisms to implement time and space. It is the only explanation with significant amounts of evidence and testimony. Zero evidence of m theory or foam. Zero evidence that 10^10^147 universes can happen by sheer chance.
  9. I mean, when Jesus and God are showing up in the near death experiences of Muslims, it means there is a signal, there is evidence. There is ZERO evidence for magic theory or quantum foamy suds or whatever!
  10. God is the only answer that has evidence. M theory and foam theory don't have any evidence.
  11. I am frustrated by your complete determination and strong will to not use common sense, intelligence and reason. It takes a lot of determination and will to be an atheist. I mean. You have to make yourself violate common sense and reason, intelligence. Atheists would make good flat earthers!
  12. Does quantum foam show up in the near death experiences of atheists? No, actually, sometimes GOD shows up to meet atheists who are on death's door. So, there is zero evidence for foam, but their is testimony from millions of witnesses that God shows up, and sometimes Jesus. So, why are you trying to put a square peg in a round hole?
  13. First of all, where is the proof. Second, why is it that particles and photon can find the shortest path, the least action, least time path. But M-theory is the least efficient and there is no evidence to support it?
  14. What mechanism does m-theory use to set the physics constants?
  15. Does the M stand for "Magic" theory? A moderator of a science forum doesn't believe the big bang happened? Please explain.
  16. We know scientifically that the universe was not always here. There was a big bang 13.7 billion years ago. So Carl Sagan is engaging in a logical fallacy.
  17. Just because you can't understand how it could happen, doesn't mean it can't happen. And a Holy Spirit with unlimited Intelligence that can figure out how to create a physical universe with entertaining life forms is a lower threshhold to reach, then a fine tuned physical universe in one shot. Atheists have already calculated that it would take 10^10^147 attempts get a universe with life by accident. Nature doesn't waste action or resources the way atheists require. You just have to use a little common sense to understand. It is not reasonable to not understand the argument. Which is more unlikely to exist. A. A fine tuned universe with complex lifeforms, by accident. Probablity by accident 1 in 10^10^147. B. A Holy Spirit with Infinite Intelligence that can design, plan, engineer, and then big bang a fine tuned universe with complex lifeforms, into existence?
  18. You have been brainwashed to say "I don't know how the universe got here. Maybe Thor did it!". It's total brainwashing! You atheist scientists can't explain consciousness or duplicate it. But you are brainwashed to believe people's experiences are false. That's not reason, that's brainwashing! The question is: what reinforces the brainwashing? You atheists have been trained to automatically use words like "crackpottery", "god of the gaps". You have been trained to be atheists because your reactions are predictable. You are trained to say "I dunno how we got here by accident, but it wasn't GOD". I could list all of the tropes and tricks in your atheist bag. Because it's not reasonable to think that consciousness can emerge from molecular machines by accident or without planning. That is not reasonable. That is brainwashing.
  19. What's it called when people face reality, when they stop hiding behind "logical fallacies" and absolute physics constants that are set to 1, and actually figure out how the physical universe is being implemented (like what is time, what is space, what causes the invariance of the speed of light, so that they can actually get around to inventing anti-gravity? Because the practioners of "science" aren't doing it.
  20. I made sound arguments that it takes a creator, a planner, an engineer and a mathematician to create a physics model of how to set physics constants, and how to implement the physical universe with light (virtual photons and real photons) in a way that thermodynamically and inevitably leads to little molecular machines that lead to life that evolves from prokaryotes to eukaryotes to multicellular life forms to fish to reptiles to mammals to hairy apes to humans. But it takes a deity to actually make it happen. If you don't understand my well constructed arguments, it's not because I didn't make a good argument. I have verified my argument with people who have powerful troublelshooting skills, powerful engineering skills, people who can navigate their way through the technical universe. If you don't understand my argument, it's because you don't want to. People who can't fit a square peg into a square hole are not able to see the evidence of GOD. People who can't see outside the bandwidth of their own little contrived universe of "whatever goes on in your head" can't find evidence of God or anything. The evidence is there, you just can't see it or you can't understand it. Did you make that up? Prove to me that the Jews were polytheists. They never were.
  21. My true motive is to talk to somebody. I have no one else to talk to. I'm on a month suspension for calling an atheist on Facebook... woo, twice!!! He claimed I was personally attacking him! Well, anyway, I just came back from ... with the word Yahawa, ancient Hebrew name of God. I looked it up on the internet and found this link. https://yahawah-is.blogspot.com/ I'm not trying preach to anyone and I'm not trying to threaten anyone or make you feel uncomfortable. I have argued scientifically that a Creator is required to create the physical laws of this universe. The fact that I hear the name Yahawah, one can infer that the Ancient Hebrew God Yahawah created the universe or claims to have created the universe. One can possibly infer that the universe was created by a Jew, maybe. You're not being threatened with hellfire, that wasn't the message. It was more like, for your information, not only was the universe created, but it was created by a Jew. Just thought you'd like to know.
  22. What are you talking about? That's not what the passage says.
  23. Revelation 2:7 “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” If you can't hear, then ... there you go.
  24. I don't see GOD making a point about it today. God seems to be telling people they are loved. The commandment is outdated.
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