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  1. Edit.. VR not AI. Though you would need both I assume.
  2. Bollocks. You just have to be convinced it's real. I can already achieve your version of AI when I go to sleep.
  3. Can you imagine how much energy using full dive VR would need. To be continually in VR 24/7 would cost a fortune. The average person just wouldn't be able to afford it. And if you could afford it, you'd probably be wealthy and wouldn't need it. Why pretend to drive a Ferrari when you can drive your own. Maybe if there was a way for people to be productive inside VR, someway to pay for the electricity, then maybe. It would be very appealing to the majority of people I reckon. I'd definitely be up for it, but the reason for wanting to do it is the same reason I couldn't do it- lack of money. Would be interesting to see some of the different worlds people would choose to live in (if there was a choice). I'd personally prefer to travel back to different periods in history, rather than live in the future. Would be fascinating. Living in a film or T.V would be good as well- The Matrix, King Kong, Heat, Harry Potter, The Dirty Dozen, Knight Rider, Basic Instinct...
  4. Some of my favourite youtube channels... https://m.youtube.com/user/worldsciencefestival Practical Engineering https://m.youtube.com/user/periodicvideos https://m.youtube.com/user/khanacademymedicine/videos https://m.youtube.com/user/khanacademy International Center for Theoretical Sciences https://m.youtube.com/user/GreshamCollege https://m.youtube.com/user/webofstories/playlists https://m.youtube.com/user/fermilab/featured Edward Teller (American Academy of Achievement) Murray Gell-Mann (American Academy of Achievement) How the Universe works
  5. Depends on why they don't have food. Im in the high risk category for future homelessness, and if I were to become homeless, I've already decided I would rather steal food than go hungry. But that couldn't be seen as me getting justice. I'm homeless for the choices I've made, nobody else. But here's the thing, most people I know would agree with both of those statements, they would steal for food, as well as it would be their own fault. Most people I know, would also be unlikely to press charges against homeless people for stealing food from them, even if they were homeless through there own doing. This, to me, is the difference between justice and revenge. Revenge is just an eye for an eye (I'm thinking of Saudi), just a "f^^k you, see how you like it". Justice takes into account the mitigating circumstances and allows for compassion, forgiveness, understanding.
  6. I believe in the U.K. a big turning point was the Battle of the Somme,. For a war which was supposed to be over by Christmas, I would imagine learning that we had suffered 456 000 casualties and losses by November would of been quite sobering. The absolute horrors of trench warfare would obviously have played a part too. Especially on the soldiers.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq4p2qbE684&app=desktop
  8. Really interesting article on Huntington's disease on wiki Milton Wexler quote... In 1972 Wexler became aware of a village on the edge of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela with an extremely high incidence of Huntington's disease. He became aware of this village when a Venezuelan physician and biochemist at the university of Zulia, Americo Negrette, showed a film at a medical conference about this community, where the condition was known as 'El mal'. Negrette had become aware of this condition in the area in 1955. In 1979, Wexler's daughter Nancy set up a research project there to study its transmission and to collect DNA from those with the disease and from those who had escaped it. Her work there earned the nickname 'La Catira' (the blonde) among the villages. This project is still ongoing. The origin of the disease was eventually traced back to a single women, Maria Concepcion, who had lived in this area about 200 years before and whose roughly 18000 descendants were primarily located in two villages in Venezuela, Barranquitas and Lagunetas. Maria Concepcion's father seems likely to have been an unknown European sailor who also had Huntington's disease. The materials she collected were sent to a geneticist, James F Gusella, at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Fascinating stuff.
  9. A flying boat car is one thing, but the ability to go under water as well? It would add so much weight it would be a terrible car and an even worse plane/helicopter. Not to mention you'd need to run your car on a battery in most places soon, adding even more weight, you could make a hybrid I suppose, but would it be powerful enough to lift a car, a helicopter and a boat/submarine all at once? Rather buy a Porsche, a boat, and a quadcopter separately personally. As for using the wheels as the as propulsion/lift, maybe something like this- YEE flying car- although they admit its currently impossible, unfortunatelyhttps://cooolengineering.blogspot.com/2013/02/yee-flying-car-concept.html or something like this maybe.. Came across this aswell, a submersible plane Doing two seems to be achievable, even useful, especially for military, but all three/four together seems too impractical, pointless even.
  10. How about 3? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDubMeNlSxc&app=desktop (50 secs in) Ok, they have bows, but impressive nonetheless, I wouldn't walk up to a spider, never mind a lion.
  11. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Just got to work out a way to merge them.
  12. They attack the young or the old, causing panic to separate them. male and groups of buffalo would, and do, kill lions. And most cattle are either fenced in or tied up, not to mention stupid, People tend to farm placid animals, easy prey for a lion. I'd say the power of acient apes is inseparable from intelligence not weapons, with weapons being a byproduct. Intelligence is a much more powerful tool, you can use it with or without a weapon.
  13. Moving around in groups would make a lot of predators more hesitant to attack. Whenever there's a mountain lion attack in US, it's generally on somebody walking alone. A group of noisy humans even without weapons will keep away most predators. Predators are mostly ambush specialists, they prefer to stay low and wait, or pick off the weak ones. Standing upright would of give humans a better chance of spotting them, or looking for the places there most likely to be hiding, and then be able to plan safer routes, not to mention the advantage of being able to spot dinner further away.
  14. Could a simple experiment be done by watching two bubbles merge in water? One with them in water that was spinning, and one with them in still water and measuring the difference. The effects would be tiny I imagine.
  15. What if we nuked a hurricane? (Go to 2:27) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=erCiaINsRFU
  16. I think a lot of my clothes are mostly nylon at the moment (note to self- go shopping fatty). I do remember getting a really good suit for a wedding once, had to get measured for it. The difference in the fit was amazing, remember feeling really good, didn't want to take it off. Wearing a tux would make feel like James Bond so would definitely want to go to a casino and pose with a vodka martini, shaken not stirred of course Got a really good leather jacket that makes me feel like the fonz as well. Good clothes really do make you feel better, anything that makes you feel good will give you more confidence and clothes can definitely do that. So yes, definitely.
  17. Sorry if I've misunderstood, but I thought it was impossible to go higher than c?, isn't c always the same no matter what? By c you mean the speed of light right?
  18. Just found science forums evil twin, suppose everybody has a doppelgänger.. https://evolutionfairytale.com/forum/
  19. Your not the only one, I'm having cheese on toast for breakfast because of this thread. Sirloin steak and cheese (Stilton), Pecorino and mushroom burger, Goats cheese pizza, cottage cheese with jacket potatoes, my god, I'll be eating cheese all week now. Me too, but it's better than dying of nothing
  20. It's what JP Morgan had (Rhinophyma, commonly due to untreated Rosacea) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosacea https://en.m.wikipedia.org/Rhinophyma
  21. A very good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with throat and chest cancer, you should see the amount of medication he has to take, not to mention the chemotherapy. He has no medical insurance, but because of the NHS it wont cost him anything. Instead of spending his money he's saved over the last 40 years on medical costs, he can pass it on to his grandchildren instead. Serious illness shouldn't bankrupt you.
  22. I'm still surprised by this fact, when I look at Democrats and Republicans, I think of Labour and the Conservatives, in the U.K. the blues (conservative, Republican), are generally the better educated people, the middle and upper classes, not always of course. But that's the impression I've always had. When I said wealthy, I wasn't thinking of the top 1 percent, just the people with good jobs.
  23. Ive always associated the Republicans with business, and the wealthy. So I'd assumed a lot of their supporters would be from these kind of backgrounds- private schools, Ivy League college, things like that. So I'm surprised that the more educated you become, the less likely you are to be a Republican. And I've always associated the Democrats with the working classes- Factory workers, street cleaners, waitresses, low income families etc..
  24. Even if is it true, it's not like there letting it hold them back are they? After all, their back in the White House again. Must be all those prayers.
  25. An old thread but... Never heard of this term before, and I have these thoughts a lot, nice to put a name to it. Its nothing suicidal or anything, just the same as when people slow down for a car crash, curiosity. I read a lot of crime as well, especially Mexico where the violence has been taken to the extreme, and I'm often wondering how people can do things like that, especially to children. Without wanting to cause alarm to anyone, I think about what it would be like to jump of cliffs and buildings all the time, or the best one, falling into a black hole
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