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  1. The Atmospheric EFE-TC (go to 5:10). By AsteronX Doesn't give any details of amount of energy needed, which I've learnt usually means....yeah right, you wish. But an interesting site nonetheless. Abstract... Demonstration of a wingless electromagnetic air vehicle (Applied Physics Research Group, University of Florida, Gainesville) takes a while to load.
  2. koni, I love your enthusiasm, and the fact that your self taught, but seriously, you need to do a better job of explaining the purpose of these threads. sometimes it's hard to know if your asking if something can be done, or saying it can be done. a link or two would be helpful as well.
  3. Full story at link....https://phys.org/news/2019-08-filter.html Original story by Erica K. Brockmeier, University of Pennsylvania. a diagram of how the nanofilters are made (top panel) and their microscopic structure (bottom panel) after Abstract.....Post docs Xunda Feng, now at Donghua University, and Yizhou Zhang and graduate student Qaboos Imran, have conducted a study at the lab of Chinedum Osuji which describes a new way to create nanoscale water filters, which as well as being flexible and robust, also have anti microbial properties. When designing a nanoscale filter, engineers usually start with something that resembles a microscopic strainer or a sieve. Water travels through individual holes that are spread along the strainer and are held together by a solid material that fills the space around them. Osuji's group, experts in modifying the chemistries of block polymers, large chains of molecules with large "blocks" of repeated sequences, found something unexpected while studying a similar material. Their discovery led them to "inverting" their design strategy: turning the "holes" of the strainer into solid fibres, leaving the previously solid portions of the structure open. The material was engineered with cross links between individual fibres to add support. Also included in the polymer are chemical structures that give it antimicrobial properties, which will prevent it from being clogged by bacteria. Osuji says.. "Reverse osmosis is highly developed and very efficient at removing all but the most challenging contaminants, but there are places where it is not cost effective, such as in the treatment of brackish water, treatment of industrial wastewater before discharge, or water softening, there is a possibility to push these new membranes into those regimes".
  4. Maybe they could use the same technology as this for the canoes, wave energy: Instead of using the electricity to power homes, they could use it to collect and pump the desalinated water to the shore.
  5. No, wasn't that, I've heard of that, thought that was just another cold fusion. I.e. Wishful thinking. somebody worked out that if you could squeeze a molecule of water through an extremely small space it would produce electricity. The problem was working out how to attract them through. Ill keep searching, I've definitely read about it.
  6. Hi, got a query, I remember reading about two types of energy a while ago, and I can't find them anywhere. I'm not even sure if I imagined them or not. All I get from web searches are different types of fusion, renewable energy or energy companies. Can anybody tell me the names of them please, sorry for poor descriptions, 1) apparently if you can squeeze water through a really tiny space it will produce electricity? 2) this one involves vibrating an atom, I think, to produce electricity? again, sorry for really rubbish descriptions but that's all I can remember, that's why I was searching for them. Was going to post in news. The second one seems a lot easier and cheaper than fusion but I never hear anything about it! and I was wondering if graphene would enable the first one to make progress.
  7. More of a engineering marvel than a invention I think, but the space shuttle. Remember the first time I saw it in space as a teenager....wow, incredible, just blew me away. Watching it lift off and seeing the astronauts inside, and thinking about what it would be like used to amaze me. Still does. Easily the best job in the world. R.I.P space shuttle
  8. Bob says it better... Don't worry be happy
  9. The Japanese have got the right idea when it comes to robotics and AI. No pun intended.
  10. Wow, impressive...The last time I played the winds was in school. I played the flute also in the army cadets band (and at home), i wanted to play the side drum but they made me play flute instead. I actually really enjoyed it, I got pretty good, wish I'd kept playing. This is a seriously impressive thread, you'd make one hell of a one man band. Its makes me want to learn to play an instrument again. Always fancied the banjo or saxophone. Do you like jazz? If you do, enjoy.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vmDDOFXSgAs err..if you don't, sorry for ruining your thread. And thanks for the reply the other day.
  11. Yes. Lots of robots equals lots of factories to build them. Not just industrial robots either- nano, military, space, security, personal and a load of other robots too. 3D printers as well.
  12. For me, lately the purpose of life is to find purpose. Sometimes life feels overwhelming. But it's always the small things that lift me. People saying hello, helping me out when they have no reason to, being nice, small things like that. So I guess my purpose would be to remember you only have to do small things to really help someone. And try to be less of a socially awkward dick too, that would help.
  13. I never used to feel like this, but I become more and more disillusioned by the day, I understand brexit and Trump supporters, I wouldn't vote for either but I understand their frustrations. Im actually quite positive about robots/AI. I think they'll help uneducated/disabled people get better jobs not worse. There'll be a transition period of course. Robots and people together is a better combination than either alone. More practical for most businesses too. It's the capabilities of emerging tech people should focus on. look at the emerging/new industries like space tourism, driverless cars, or drones for example. Not to mention the greatest use for a robot I can think of... taking my job.
  14. True, but it feels like I live in the alternate version with the greedy ant. I used to like working for this company, worked hard, did overtime, no sly fag breaks, but they just ground me/us down. We feel invisible.
  15. I must be the only one in this thread who has a crappy job (to go with my crappy education). Personally I can't wait for a robot to walk in and apply for a job where I work. It can have my job, no problems what so ever. I'm being serious as well. I cant even begin to describe just how bad my job is or what it does to me mentally. I feel physically and mentally crushed most nights. The same repetitive motions, no music, dusty factory, can't leave your bench, always too hot, the senior management seem to be completely inept and are either resigning or being sacked, low wages (can't save), a turnover rate over 60%, over 90% of employees are still agency workers (with some having worked here for 5+years!), no communication, we have no idea if our jobs will still be here in 6 months, chronic back ache, leg pains from standing in same place, the list goes on... And it's not as simple as getting another job, unless it a company like Rolls Royce, a factory job is a factory job- same shit different place. I live in a little town in North Wales so choices are limited. Education isn't really an option either 1- can't afford it, 2- I've got avoidance personality (and other stuff) so the idea of being in college around all the people is hugely stressful to me (why I work nights), it's just not going to happen. Im fine being poor(ish), uneducated (my fault), living in a small town (can leave whenever i want), I'm even fine giving my job to a robot or AI, so are most of the people who work on my shift in fact, we can't wait for the robot revolution. If it means I'm even poorer as a result, I still don't care, just as long as it happens.
  16. Milky way's black hole just flared, growing 75 times as bright for a few hours Abstract...
  17. Sorry I can't contribute to the post but seriously.....Holy s#-t, there's some serious math in this post my poor old iPad took at least 5 mins just to load it all up. That doesn't even happen on math forums I go to. I'm seriously envious of people who can do math/physics at this level. If you can understand this thread, I hope your ugly...
  18. I'm confused, the obvious answer is click remove or go on manage search history. But your previous posts make you out to be pretty smart, what gives? This a trick question? Or do you mean the history of your posts on this site? They don't delete posts I'm afraid, PM a mod and ask if it is.
  19. When people say "new physics", do they mean a completely new branch of physics, something completely new, like the theory of relativity or evolution, or do they mean new ways of looking at current methods/ideas?
  20. Nice, could have uses for people with Dementia/Alzheimer's as well I reckon. Interesting that they didn't use AI (I imagine they will do when released), gives it double the impact.
  21. There not scalar waves are they? - "How to neutralise mind control" in Engineering by dan9191 for someone with similar problem (involving waves not voices). https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Scalar_wave No 4~ mind control.
  22. How can they "hear" you listening to them? If they can hear you, and you can hear them, does that mean you can talk to each other?. I think you need to rationalise it. Like you said:- ...It's all in your head, so you need to speak to someone who specialises/has knowledge in mental conditions i.e. Doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist...only in theory of course.
  23. If your being serious, then may I suggest a more appropriate forum for your question. https://www.psychforums.com/psychotic-disorders/ (being serious). if I've taken you too seriously though....apologies
  24. The Japanese model would be better for America I reckon. It's just as advanced, although their mental health treatment is dated. .... The care system in Japan provides healthcare services, including screening examinations, prenatal care and infectious disease control, with the patient accepting responsibility for 30% of these costs while the government pays the remaining 70%.......All residents of Japan are required by the law to have health insurance coverage......Hospitals, by law, must be run as non-profit and be managed by physicians. For-profit corporations are not allowed to own or operate hospitals. Clinics must be owned and operated by physicians. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_care_system_in_Japan
  25. Maybe in future they could use this~ Space Telescope: abstract...Astronomer David Kipping of Colombia University has worked out that a 1-meter space telescope, positioned beyond the moon, could use the focusing power of the ring of the atmosphere seen around the edge of the planet to amplify the brightness of dim objects by tens of thousands of times. More at link.... Sound exciting to me, there's still alot of issues to solve but it sounds really promising.
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