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  1. Because it's easier to blame other people when things go wrong, racism is generally aimed towards minority's, asylum seekers and immigrants.
  2. Racism isn't something that's linear with the evolution of man so how can they be connected?
  3. Hatred, superiority, Fear, and probably about another thousand reasons for racism. Racism isn't science either. Ask Hitler.
  4. This was known for along time, yet people still went. Her reasoning was that it was gods love and stuff like that that people needed. Now I disagree with her methods completely, but I thinks it shows the power of religion and why all the scientific education in the world is never going to make it go away.
  5. of course, but good old US of A isnt like UK, so his time is limited thankfully.
  6. Why? Most of mother Teresa critics are looking at it from the outside, from a non religious viewpoint. I imagine she brought comfort to those in her care who were religious though. The fact that the people in her care still believed in god and chose to be there ( I think ?) despite science being able to offer better alternatives, is interesting to me. One of the main reasons religion will never go away is because it offers hope, something better, justice for people who have nothing. I find people normally stop believing in god is because they stop believing in the above rather than better scientific knowledge.
  7. True, while I " just accepted" god as a kid i admit I t didnt mean I believed in him. Religion was never mentioned in our house or by anyone else I knew. So it's more that I chose not to believe in god. i dont think a belief in god implies that someone is irrational though. There are better scientists than me who believe in god! Although at times, albeit briefly, I have seriously questioned if I'm right, sometimes I'd like to think I am wrong, that there is a god, but interestingly these are both fuelled by the same thing - despair and justice.
  8. Not sure where this should be whenever people talk about AI they always think of it from a western point of view. But what about advanced AI/robotics from somewhere like Saudi Arabia? With really hardline views on on religion or women. Or China for that matter with hardline views on freedom? I can change my mind about about anything anytime I want, but for AI to do that it would need to be able to re program itself and be influenced by outside sources, but would it be a good idea to allow AI to do that? Sorry if it's not proper question it's just something I was thinking about in work last night, religious AI and AI with different opinions on human rights. have looked on search but keeps saying there's a problem...
  9. I'm the first to admit I'm a complete donut when it comes to science. But there's something about listening to people who really know their stuff I find compelling, like the Ted talks for example. Murray Gell Mann, was for me, even better to listen to than Feynman. I have know idea about the math and details he was talking about, but listening to Gell Mann talk about the history of the quark and the eight fold way on life stories on you tube taught me more about science than any book could. It gave me a real appreciation of what's actually involved and how these things happen. Surprised by the they few responses or mentions in the media, I know he only changed we the way we understand the world and wasn't even famous but...
  10. What are the benifits? If nothing else just the engineering, it's an amazing feat of engineering if you ask me, these experiments don't just push the boundaries of scientific knowledge but lots of other things too, for instance it's because of projects like this that we have the internet. also " I think" ? Wouldn't that be the point of the experiment then, so we can know instead.
  11. I know, but whenever I read about how much energy is required it's about as much energy as is in the galaxy! And that usually doesn't take into account operating energy, conversion ( 5% efficiency for antimatter engine- which would mean you would need 20 times the amount of fuel ?), this is of course about going anywhere at light speed like Star Trek. Going slowly would be fine- nuclear. on the subject of energy, how's it possible to discover new types of ( usable) energy? I thought we knew what all the chemicals were, thought there were just a few left which just needed to be confirmed e.g. Metallic hydrogen.
  12. The sites for discussion and for asking questions. Your preaching, have you actually learnt anything from all the replies you've had?
  13. Good point about politician! Got nothing else to say about the last bit though because your right Im still encouraged, just a little bit less!
  14. The op doesn't mention democracy, but your right about most countries doing little to reach targets, that's where the general public come in, most are making an effort I think, but whether its too little too late remains to be seen.
  15. Most aren't ( Germany, China etc ), it just small few, although that includes USA so it's a pretty big small! I'm not too worried, it's the general public who will make most of the difference. And from my experience the public are really behind it. The younger generation are behind it too which is encouraging. Tell you what though, can't get me head around Australia not believing it, Would of thought that with the barrier reef and the plagues ( locusts etc ) they would be more environmentally minded.
  16. Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum, I think you should change the USA to "what should we do". I think we should interfere on the grounds of humanity, I personally feel the advanced nations have a responsibility to protect and help the poorer parts of the world. In practice though, especially after Afghanistan/ Iraq and Syria, would this make it better or worse for the people who live there? I think, because of the above, it would be best for it to be a UN led operation. There's just too much politics involved when things like these are left to individual countries i.e. USA. In this situation It's too easy for the leading country too look like an aggressor.
  17. Hi phi for All, first off this isn't a moan, so I apologise in advance if it seems that way, but what's wrong with the link beecee gave? To me it seems like the other links I've been given yet they seem fine, and personally I've found that the links I've been given have been the most educational part of the site ( which is great by the way )
  18. The fish would repopulate and the sharks would love it.
  19. Dude, how many topics do you have : ) Muhammed Ali iq at 70!! You sure. I can't believe someone that talented with words had an iq of 70. That's also lower than Andy Warhol who was about 86.
  20. We are not vital to the eco system we're the problem with the eco system! If greenhouse gases kill us all they'll be no fish left to eat anyway. if we stop eating fish why would sharks overpopulate. Nature is balanced don't you know!
  21. Which is good of course, but I think the marine environment is far too fragile for factory's. I think a dramatic change in the way people consume (plastics etc..) goods and our diets is the best way forward.
  22. Fish love oil rigs, that's why there's sharks there :), plus sharks are top predators, there vital for the eco system. And how deep is this beach!
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