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  1. Okay I understand. I agree this is a big problem. I agree with @sangui the problem is how can we achieve that. This world is a kind of solution but it has his own problems such as @joigus's
  2. I see what you want to do but I think you will need so much more rules Can you explain more an exampe woud suffice
  3. I don't know what Marx exactly said. But I can say in this world " each one has to do a mission that benefits others, according to his ability and his passion, in return he recieves what he needs to live and to do his mission " The problem here is that maybe someone might not find an opportunity to work even if he wants to. I think it is not fair to treat him like someone who doesn't want to work.
  4. Okay that was my bad I will try to avoid it. Thank you.
  5. I didn't quite get that, please explain. Why would I agree to take leather if I don't want it I think between two people it's harder than with a group for the leather maker, because it will increase his chance of a client every while that wants to change his leather Yes you are right. If we take weight in consideration the state "if he doesn't he will take a lot less than those who does" is false. I didn't finish setting the rules yet I am still constructing the world and if I see that one of the rules in unfair I change it. Okay I see what you meant before
  6. you don't get one credit for your work you recieve the right to take every right, including breakfast. You do whatever mission you want and feel comfortable doing.
  7. No I didn't, the people who work and are the same weight and have the same amount of children will receive the same amout of food. But who does not work will have a lot less just because he is not doing anything.
  8. There is people who have money and there is who doesn't and there is some " missions " that you are paid more doing them than other missions . I didn't get that Well this is a problem for my world. In my word you don't recieve more food if you work harder, you do if you have more family members to feed. It's a problem because a worker who work harder than someone might get the same amount of food than someone who work less harder. But when I was contructing this world the reason I put in this rule is that people will do a job that they like and they won't be worried if it pays less money. LOL. You can keep your money as a souvenir but it won't help you anw. The problem that you show here is that people who are rich won't accept this system. Lol I don't. Can you please help me with that? I really want to have an idea about what they did so maybe I can make use of their experience. Is there any place I can have some informations about these attempts, please?
  9. No every one has to do something. And if he doesn't he will take a lot less than those who does. And you can't go in a market and take whatever you want, you have a limit. well I am 19
  10. Hey guys, I imagine a world without money. In this world you have the right to have whatever you want in a certain limit. For example, you have the right to have something to have breakfast but you have a list of combinations you have to choose from. In return, you have to do your mission too. What do you think? Is it a better world? Is it possible? WHY? If you have any question about the world you are free to ask
  11. Good point but we have to see it just like someone who practices sport regularly and then stopped He won't have health problems but he might get fat
  12. That's a good example to explain what I meant. You may say now that six days is too small and we all know that six days we know is too small for the period it took for our universe to be constructed but they wil say six days means six periods of time Exactly, that's what I want
  13. I don't think you got my point. I do realize the difference. What I am trying to say is that the problem in definitions and the way Quran is written. For example we go to a muslim and we say hey I found a contradiction in this verse and he says no because the contradiction you got is based on your own understanding of the verse but the actual verse doesn't mean what you understood. And that's what I mean by "undoubtful and no logic person can say it's wrong despite of the meaning he wants to give to the verse" this is a good point, but I have no intension to find contradictions in the stories.Well, maybe I can but it's not my main plan any way. I will primally search in verses that give some general truthes etc. I don't know what Genesis mean is it something in the Bible ?
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