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  1. Today I learned that the Molecular motor is a truly wonderful beautiful thing. Amazing. And loads about DNA.
  2. Thank you. And that discussion above (and below) is one of the best lessons about genetics I've had. Very interesting I think. Especially the molecular motor.
  3. Why don't we try listening instead? It's called Democracy, I don't agree with them but I feel it's important that they can if they want to. At what point does someone become racist enough to go to prison? What about Trump supporters, there not all racists but some of them come close, where's the line. I'm pretty sure at some point we'd all come close. American prison gangs and their impact would be a good example why prison would be a bad idea. Although that's American prisons. Norway prisons have some of the safest and lowest re-offending rates in the world (20%) by focusing on rehabilitation and restorative justice which is basically education (to me). Any examples of less important things? Your English is fine.
  4. News post practice: Skylon space plane. The Skylon space plane is a British single stage to orbit space plane currently being developed within Europe between several countries. t's key features are it's 2 SABRE (supersonic air breathing rocket engine) engines, Hydrogen fuelled these engines take the plane to a speed of Mach 5.4 at an altitude of 85000 feet (16mi/26km) before switching the engines to rockets to reach an altitude of between 2000km (LEO) and 42 164km (GEO) depending on cargo (between 7.3-17 tonnes). It's ceramic composite skin is hoped to give the Skylon space plane at least 200 orbital flights per plane. It is hoped this will bring down the cost of payload to LEO to £650/kg with costs falling when initial expenditure is recouped. The total cost of the program is expected to be around $12bn. The SABRE engines will hopefully be running unmanned tests by 2025. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylon_(spacecraft) What do you think? Any good?
  5. The message I left in The Genetics thread wasn't aimed at anybody. Just the explanation bit I liked. Apologies if anyone offended.

  6. Eise, you said you only taught for a short time. Wrong. You still do.
  7. No, it's a lot easier to have an opinion on line. There's no way I would ask some of the questions I've asked to the people that have replied if we were face to face, Would feel like an idiot. forums like this let you be yourself more, but it's a lot easier to behave differently. Some of the things I've said to people online or through texting I would never say face to face. Being online makes it too easy to avoid the consequences of what you type.
  8. Just can't gat enough of this guy.
  9. Today I learned 2 things dont mess with sfn women, they bite. It's not just science you learn here (English, Music, History, Literature, Jokes) you name it....
  10. diff comp I hope it doesn't merge again It did
  11. Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West. By Cormack McCarthy A Western about scalp hunters. cant recommend this enough Also try The Road by the same author.
  12. I have no recollection of typing that!!!! And that's not the quote I picked!!! Is something wrong with the site ?
  13. It was posted in the wrong one. She's new. It was meant to be in the -Is my dad my real dad. Sorry, she was replying to me ( I think)
  14. I think you just posted a reply to me in another post.. if the above was aimed at me ( I'm no expert) I don't think it was messing with his head, I don't think any of them were messing with his head. They all seem genuine to me
  15. I would read some of their other posts before making assumptions like that. thats not a criticism btw.
  16. You've got to be a subscriber to see it.
  17. Hgnvdćyjttjukukrccewsegjfnhgvjyv http://HgffHsbagr Don't click they don't go anywhere http:// http://Scienceforums.net Grnavcu Vxvdbrjf
  18. I just learnt a new word. ...while listening to psithurism.
  19. What you talking about! Niel De Grasse Tysons a bonafide meme machine. He's a brilliant educator.
  20. Not wanting to point out the obvious but have you asked him. You say you've asked your mum but what about your dad? Would be very awkward though. DNA tests are pretty simple too. But this pretty much sums it up perfectly for me. good luck whatever happens.
  21. You leave Tina alone, and there's nothing wrong with the way she dances either... thanx will do. Same to you. Please don't reply either, every time it loads my iPad nearly melts with all the pages
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