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  1. The sites for discussion and for asking questions. Your preaching, have you actually learnt anything from all the replies you've had?
  2. Good point about politician! Got nothing else to say about the last bit though because your right Im still encouraged, just a little bit less!
  3. The op doesn't mention democracy, but your right about most countries doing little to reach targets, that's where the general public come in, most are making an effort I think, but whether its too little too late remains to be seen.
  4. Most aren't ( Germany, China etc ), it just small few, although that includes USA so it's a pretty big small! I'm not too worried, it's the general public who will make most of the difference. And from my experience the public are really behind it. The younger generation are behind it too which is encouraging. Tell you what though, can't get me head around Australia not believing it, Would of thought that with the barrier reef and the plagues ( locusts etc ) they would be more environmentally minded.
  5. Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum, I think you should change the USA to "what should we do". I think we should interfere on the grounds of humanity, I personally feel the advanced nations have a responsibility to protect and help the poorer parts of the world. In practice though, especially after Afghanistan/ Iraq and Syria, would this make it better or worse for the people who live there? I think, because of the above, it would be best for it to be a UN led operation. There's just too much politics involved when things like these are left to individual countries i.e. USA. In this situation It's too easy for the leading country too look like an aggressor.
  6. Hi phi for All, first off this isn't a moan, so I apologise in advance if it seems that way, but what's wrong with the link beecee gave? To me it seems like the other links I've been given yet they seem fine, and personally I've found that the links I've been given have been the most educational part of the site ( which is great by the way )
  7. The fish would repopulate and the sharks would love it.
  8. Dude, how many topics do you have : ) Muhammed Ali iq at 70!! You sure. I can't believe someone that talented with words had an iq of 70. That's also lower than Andy Warhol who was about 86.
  9. We are not vital to the eco system we're the problem with the eco system! If greenhouse gases kill us all they'll be no fish left to eat anyway. if we stop eating fish why would sharks overpopulate. Nature is balanced don't you know!
  10. Which is good of course, but I think the marine environment is far too fragile for factory's. I think a dramatic change in the way people consume (plastics etc..) goods and our diets is the best way forward.
  11. Fish love oil rigs, that's why there's sharks there :), plus sharks are top predators, there vital for the eco system. And how deep is this beach!
  12. What about the fish? Wouldn't they die. wouldnt the emissions take out the oxygen from the surrounding water?
  13. I was thinking about how much china will consume, but that would of course have the opposite effect wouldn't it. still think they'll never balance it though, most of what china sells to US is cheap stuff which benefits the poor mainly, they can't compete with the wages ( and government subsidies ). And most Chinese, more than the population of America I believe, are still poor, and America doesn't make that much cheap stuff anymore. Not to mention the fact that most Chinese are nationalistic and prefer there own stuff. But is that any different to Germany or even America!
  14. It seems completely stupid to me to even think America and China can have an balanced trade deficit, china has over 1 billion people, America has over 300 million, just by its sheer size it will always have a trade deficit. i think America just has to come to terms with the fact there not going to be no1 anymore.
  15. I thought that was the most potent thing we could use for propulsion, but thinking about it maybe a blackhole type engine, but is that even possible outside of Star Trek? maybe something more exotic would be needed. Dark energy maybe.
  16. Just occurred to me.... the new energy source would also have antimatter! Duh.
  17. To me engineering is the manipulation of science, the light bulb being the best example. I was reading about the graviton, apparently it's so small we won't be able to do anything with it i.e. Manufacture it for use in industry. If physics is at the stage when it's discoveries are at this point, does that mean there are certain areas of engineering where it will no longer be possible to come up with new ideas. or are there so many different variations of chemicals etc that we can continue to come up with completely original ideas indefinitely?
  18. Are there any ideas what they could be? I thought that antimatter was the best there was?
  19. I was thinking when the sun isnt around anymore, will be a long time but at some point we will have to leave, or am I wrong?, i was thinking about how to stop us from dying out. I know it sounds gloomy but what if we're the only intelligent (conscious) life, I think we have a responsibility to make sure we spread it out across the galaxy/ universe. I was under the impression that leaving the solar system just to go to the nearest star was virtually impossible, but not so sure now. that quotes very interesting too, never thought about it like that before, does this mean that in the future we will be able to see parts of the universe we can't see now due to us being on the other side of the galaxy?
  20. Forward time travel definitely (time dialation), backwards I'd say impossible, but not 100% on that, I've heard arguments that say you can and you can't. in practice though I'd say both are impossible due to the amount of energy required.
  21. Your Your right about the microbes, would be pointless come to think of it, Nice links, will check out your you tube channel also.
  22. I was thinking about humans expanding out into the universe (we can't stay here forever can we?), it just seems impossible (travelling close light speed anyway), wouldn't it make more sense to focus on simple, basic forms of life. Using our knowledge to be responsible for life itself expanding into the galaxy, instead of ourselves. As for the microbes, I was thinking more about sending probes to planets to "kick start" life, obviously this would take billions of years. The emphasis is on how to give life the best chance to survive and continue to evolve. I disagree when you say it's not even difficult, surely the distances would make it highly improbable? What about air, you could be travelling for thousands of years between stars. I do think that there are aliens in the solar system, but not big green things though, microbes and bacteria.
  23. Never really believed but didn't not believe either, just accepted it (god) as normal when I was I kid in U.K., started to really think about god during the famine in Ethiopia, seeing pictures of snipers killing kids in Bosnia didn't help either, not to mention the holocaust. There have been times when I've leaned towards religion in the past though.
  24. No idea, but what a stunning photo, better than any painting.
  25. I personally think that human intelligence/complexity is a double edged sword, it's allowed us to become advanced, but the next stage of human evolution is space, and space is the most extreme environment there is, it seems impossible to practically get humans out out the solar system, too much energy, we need stimulation, prone to disease, food, water, vitamins etc... Its this reason I think the next "branch" on the tree of life won't be a more advanced version of us but more of a devolution, just basic life forms, microbes that we send of towards planets in habitatal zones, after that I think the next branch will be new civilisations. What do you think? Do you think we're just to complex to realistically leave the solar system? I think in the future the emphasis will be to get life out in to the universe, rather than humans. This is also why I think UFO ( aliens ) is nonsense, there'd have the same problems as us, so unless they were born in the solar system it would be impossible. Not sure if this should be in speculations.
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