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  1. I think one of the better things I will do is while I'm in college and bored, I'll watch a movie or play a game in my head.
  2. I've got that gift too. Not a lot of people have it. It's said that people who are into spelling bees and such can visualize words before they spell them out. I usually don't think about spelling words anymore or stuff like that. Of course I haven't done a spelling bee in some times. I still do think of words once in a while and have visualizations. Sometimes it's like a flash of white text on black. I use to be a lot more intelligent, but I snapped mentally and went on a downward spiral. Of course I find that visualizing things helps a person learn a lot faster. When I read a book, i imagine things such as building a computer or other technical features of something. If you were to follow me around, you'd see me touching everything and anything I come into contact. I remember the feel of things and so forth by thinking about them. It's almost always white on black. Like DoS. If I'm going to go crazy I think like Action Man and plan all of it in my head. I think of explosions, speed, shrapnel, distance. My mind just does the equation work for me even though I don't know the equations or math work to do it. It's like seeing into the future kinda. I think I only use my memory processes when it's pitch black in my house. I create a virtual world in my mind of the house and I walk around. My favorite use of my mind would be in recreating the image of someone's face and body from just seeing part of it. Becomes a problem when I don't have my glasses on though. I have that problem with holding dimensional objects in my mind also, but I've learned to overcome that. It seems there's like a subsection that I can place that object in and control it form there. And then i place the objects back and forth between areas. Practice makes perfect. A lot of people are considered crazy when they start talking about this stuff, but I encourage people taking time out to train their brain to do this kind of thing.
  3. Once they pinned him, they could have used a tranquilizer or put some sleeping technique on him. In my personal opinion, it was wrong for the cops to kill him. Either way you look at it, you could have put the dude to sleep instead of killing them. Cops are such freaking idiots, i hate cops. They usually have tazers or stun guns on them. They could have just used a tazer on the dude once they caught up. Those things are so strong they'll expand your muscles so you can't move and you end up in the fetal position. You could shoot him, freeze him, and then revive him once you realize he's not a bad guy......
  4. Cornelius, it's called a nuke, we've used them to stop wars, or else we could use chlorine gas, a nerve agent, or something that takes effect really really quick screwing up interal body parts. Remember, the body parts weren't effected by the cold too much in this article? ---Keep reading if you want to read hypothetical idealistic crap in my post--- Anyways, I see this as a brink for something called immortality. I've taken interest into cybernetic organisms along with brain-computer interface technology. Now that I have seen this article, my awareness in Cryogenic technology has increased. It seems that this will be a practicle thing for usage in keeping a few more years of life onto the body. I'm thinking with cryogenic technology, enhanced brain features in the hippocampus, and cybernetic parts, we could bust out a super-human that would pretty much be awesome but more than anything, dangerous. I would volunteer.
  5. Recently I've had a fly problem in this house because it hadn't rained for the longest time. When it did rain however, a bunch of flies decided to move in and live in the house. The first few days I had problems swatting them with the fly swatter and decided to just give up. About three days ago I began to pick up catching flies by hand. Once they land I'll try and grab them. The first day I did this, I sucked. Now I'm on the fourth day or so and I'm catching flies with lightning quick speed. A fly may land on my head and BAM! i'll grab that sucker in about half a second. How come my body was able to create such lightning quick moves in such a short period of time? It's only been four days or so.
  6. I'd like to think of it this way. Prove it, otherwise I'll think about it however the heck I want. Along with however crazy, hypothetical, and half-baked it might be. Some of the most unreasonable people have come up with great things. About the best way to get someone on your side is either proof or persuasion.
  7. Many types of deli meat contain sodium nitrites which may cause mutations to DNA. Therefore, I try not to eat too much deli meat. I have drunk eggs in a cup and slammed it down before. Eggs seem to be the second best way to actually obtain a decent amount of protein. Since I weightlift I try to bring in at least 150 grams of protein a day for myself. Carbohydrates do have a tendency to increase appetite because they don't have as much fat and protein to notify the stomach that it has digested something and will be just fine. Tuna just seems to be one of the better options because you don't need to refrigerate or cook it. It's something that can be taken on the go. Now here's my next question: Let's say I ate three cans of tuna in one day, 5 hours apart. How long would it take for that mercury to get out of my body?
  8. I'm seeing this a lot more often and it's starting to disturb me because when I notice things like this I start to notice a trend on the web that I'm not aware of and is: 1. Forming 2. Some type of gang code 3. Some type of entry that people use from a certain group (nation, cult, w/e) So I'm wondering why people are putting Cheers At the bottom of their posts. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, I'm just noticing that it's coming around more and more and I don't understand why people are putting Cheers at the bottom of almost every post they have. Why is this happening? Is there some type of trend on the web that's developing?
  9. The cat is dead. It could be possible that the cat tapped into the Jedi Force and saved the world five times over from space invaders that are invisible that could have run a rampage. But I don't think a cat is seriously going to do that.
  10. In my finds I would like to think that it may in the end have to do with some type of genetic configuration, because that is what controls us for most of our life since we are born. However, that being said, I think it's more about the mental state of the human being more than anything else. I find that such people are open-minded or confused and a lot different than normal people. They just decide to to date whoever they like the most, this being the same sex. I find a lot of interesting attributes among homosexual and bisexuals but perhap the greater mystery is of homosexuals because bisexuals flow in either direction and flow of where they go for love or otherwise. I believe a lot of other social factors will come into play. Simply put, I believe everyone homosexual has their own reason. I find that talking to them gave me more information. During puberty they noticed they liked the same sex more and more and when people are in puberty it's hard to make choices and people usually do as they will and that determines who they are for most of their life. I think that homosexual people give into the urge for the opposite sex.
  11. Is there a type of linux that you can store on a 1.44 MB Floppy Disk? I know I could just use a Live-CD linux, but floppies can be written onto quicker.
  12. Alright, so here's the deal. I'm broke and and I'm trying to find ways to save money. Tuna in a can has an amazing amount of protein in it compared to other meat products and you don't even have to cook it. However, there is the mercury problem with eating tuna on a constant basis. From what I remember, it's advised that you eat about 4 cans a week at most. I think that is for women who are pregnant, children, and the elderly though. I want to eat a can twice a day for three months. I mean seriously, is there that much mercury that is going to screw with my body? I'm 5'10 200 lbs or so. 18 years of age. I weightlift and am pretty strong. I'm wondering what the effects would be on my body and so forth after three months. Would I get mercury poison anywhere around the line or what?
  13. Is it a good idea to store gallium in a glass container?
  14. I don't believe in the big bang. But the virtual world and the physical world have the same things in common. I'm just saying that I think Space has no end. If space has an end than you can't really have a true infinite. I'm done speaking gibberish, if I keep speaking, I'll go to hell.
  15. Would it be possible to command the the human body to have a certain part of the body regenerated? I've been wondering about this for quite some time. I wonder if there is some type of programming within cells that could be altered or perhaps a configuration within other parts of the body that could be altered to command cells to recreate or remake another body part. Let's say the eye for instance. The eye get damaged and you become blind in it. Is there a way to command cells to regenerate tissue and muscles?
  16. I like pi. Anyways, what's so important about understanding the approximation of pi? I mean can't we just keep it at 3.14? Cornbread r^3 m r not ducks o s m r c d e d b d wings?
  17. I'd like to think differently. But this topic is about infinity. So if the universe has a limit than so does the number system. Thus taking away the idea that inifinity actually exists. Imagine you have a bunch of foam numbers all collected together to resemble a number in the number system. The universe would eventually get full and couldn't hold anymore. Hmm..
  18. You could also use alumnium from alumnium cans. I'm too much of an improviser though. When a heat sink is on a CPU you don't want the heat capacity to rise and accumulate. That would only fry the CPU. Instead, you want the heat to dissipate with a conductor to throw the heat around in different places.
  19. Dude, I've been on the internet to breeze through that like simple English.
  20. I haven't actually introduced myself. I'm Evangelante and I'm basically an internet loser. Intermediate Interests: Language:Spanish:Japanese: Explosives Security Engineering:Lock Picking:Hacking Web Development Other than that I'm trying to build more information in basically everything located on this forum except astronomy and things that have to do with animals. I'm very interested in cybernetics and bio-chemistry because those will be my goals. I'm currently a College student.
  21. Sound of Yoda you will if you speak this way...Yes.
  22. Interesting. Recently I've noticed that there were many recent attacks into my paypal. I just ignored it since I didn't have any cash in there. Since my password couldn't be cracked the account was locked up. Heh, alphanumerical crackers don't work too well on my most important stuff. By the way, even 15 year olds are scammers. I've read many interesting stories about 15 year olds taking trips with their friends to extravagent places.
  23. I'll say it now. I was on Atkin's but that isn't full protein. I do know what will happen if you start eating pure protein. 1. You'll get constipated. No doubt that will happen, you'll have very little fiber to run things down and have them digested better. 2. You won't get all your vitamins. No way that's going to happen. Sure other creatures contain vitamins, that doesn't mean you'll get all of them you need as a human. Now if you eat protein for a period of time such as a week, you will be able to do just fine. However the digestion period will be slowed down and you may not go crap until you actually eat some fiber. There is also the idea that you may have a heart attack since everyone's biological system is different. You have to remember that fiber helps attack certain types of fat within the body. Fiber is a very needed component of the human body.
  24. I think the next best way to combine genes would actually be to mutate one of the species first to be close to the genetic order of the other creature. Then from there you could possibly mix genes. I wonder about the gene order of the so called werewolf human people. The ones who have a lot of hair all over their body that is unnatural. Perhaps with more of a mutation in them they could possible become closer to actually splicing.
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