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    i got lab in my garage i love my computer
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    im 13 i cant work


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  1. Hello! We have created a science forum. Researchers, professors, post graduate students and undergraduate students are invited to join/register our forum.


    This is the link to my forum. It is still under construction and will be fully active from 1is august. Last date of registration is 15th august, so please join it as soon as possible. It will be a great pleasure for me, if you join it.


    Nikhil aggarwal

    University of Delhi, India

  2. lol i know much more than just the low order stuff. there are just too mnay blackpowder recipes too know them all. i just dont think it would be wise to use something like astrolite-G for a small explosion to kick up dirt. i need to make dirt clods fly in a an explosion, not vapoize them if its too much trouble then ill just go somewhere else, im just using what i have to make thee things and i dont have potassium nitrate.
  3. nah its just they wouldnt sell it to me and the dont sell it at our hardware store anyway ill try to use the sodium bisulfate as a subsitute ill just have to scratch the experiments using concentrated sulfuric acid thanks guys (YT discluded) youve beena great help
  4. yt do youy always have to find ways to insult people and their intelligence in every thread you take part in. i ask a question and want to recieve an answer not insulting little phrases fromt he moderator here, stick to your job "oh resourceful one" and just give me straight answer thats all i asked for here.
  5. it always seems yt that you finda way to insult me in every thread i create, i was not saying that i am a skilled chemist in general, just in my age group. to top this off i come to this site for help from the intellectuals who tend to hang around here and get insulted and taunted by the one person who is supposed to be moderating the threads for innappropriate posts. why dont we cut this down to business instead of chatting and trading insults YT? i need sulfuric acid in a home laboratory i cant buy it froma chemistry store for my age and would liek to make it or buy it some othere way can someone help me?
  6. plz stop it yt ive had enough of your arrogance, im the tech advisor because im not the lead tech for this... mats the lighting guy and will is the electical lineup for the editing.. im the pyrotechnic for this amature group. its jsut a fun bit of chemistry . a bit of a break from all the science fair work ive been doing.
  7. thanks for the more straight forward answers i have a kevlar plastic container that i do not believe will shatter with the SO3 woelen your a nice guy its just a few other people on this site who are a bit too arrogant for their own good, judging peoples knowledge and experience before they know the truth. back to the sulfuric acid... the atmosphere i take it for this reaction to occur should be devoid of O2? since this is decompsition, the supply of sodium bisulfate is a pool chemical. thanks WOELEN
  8. sorry about that ive just been kicked out of other forums cause of my age and am tired of getting taunted for it. and anyway i have an oxyacetelyne torch. ive been to the state science fair twice and am 13 and in senior chemistry. i cant do crap in my home lab because my parents wont buy anything online for me and you cant get anyhting in stores thats good. nothing better than maybe occassionly KOH. i have to make everyhting myself, now i need help making sulfuric acid for a fuel cell catalyst for sci fair and for a few other experiments where the chemicals need a reagent. i have about 2kg of sodium bisulfate and an acetylene torch. can you plz tell me how to do this, ive tried to work this out on paper but i keep gettinfg fried answers. can you help me plz witha straightforward answer.
  9. you cant sell sulfuric acid on ebay and im a skilled chemist and so is my dad, i may be young but that doenst make me incompetent to be included, second im not playing around with these chemicals, i happen to need them for about 30 different experiments and a fuel cell project. now can you tell me how to make sulfuric acid from sodium bisulfate.
  10. intersting... wow thats a curious site, very explosive orientated. ill try that if i can but maybe i should stick to potassium chlorate, i dotn have a lot of time till the show. im the pyrotechnic artist in this stunt me and a few of my friends are doing. i need a good blackpowder recipe using chlorate and/or a good smokebomb recipe with the chlorate if possible my deadline is in 5 days.
  11. yah its part of the act. im the technical adviser for a group of about 30 people. i dont have access to any potassium nitrate since i burned my 3rd desk to cinder, is there any way i could make a fuse with potassium chlorate, a sulfur/chlorate mix would be nice but i cant get enough to stick for it to hold a flame/ sparks
  12. hey im making smokeboms for this stunt my friend is doing on his dirtbike, i have the actual bomb but the fuse is sadly lacking... it just wont burn down to the igniter. ive tried gunpowder coated string, potassium chlorate (and KClO3 + sulfur)coated string, KClO3 coated paper... and many others is there some secret to the perfect fuse? oh and btw i cant get like the green kind from fireworks, dont sell them here, only the weak SAS (safe and sane)kind with fuses too short for my use-i got to make them myself. Any suggestions?
  13. parents are useless things they just stand around and ask questions. anyway my dads way too protective with his credit card online unless it has paypal... u got any good online chemical suppliers that use paypal?
  14. oh well... anyone know how i can get sodium chlorate, getting the potassium from matches is because i cant buy anything else im 13 you need to 18 or over for most of the stuff i want
  15. i have recently discovered that it is impossible for a 13 year old to buy sulfuric acid... i have sodium bisulfate just where do i go from there?
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