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    the soul

    The soul. It is kind of a philosophical conundrum. We live in a universe where information is forever. The atom is, if not indestructible, then at least its components are eternal, if not put through a collider. So the thought of our qualia and personality to likewise be eternal (information) is not that far fetched. If we take some steps further down philosophy lane, we stumble upon the simulation "hypothesis". The idea/ontology that our universe and everything in it is simulated by some super computer made by aliens in another universe. In that scenario our body is just an avatar, and the real substance of us is the complex programming making our personality. Or soul. One could imagine that these aliens might want to save a few copies of us, because they find them interesting. Like Socrates, Einstein and of course me. That could be an afterlife. So, the soul and life after death is really not that far fetched, if you widen your horizon of possibilities. They may not end up in their classical forms, but the general ideas are sustainable. Somewhat.
  2. Thanks for the info! I love it, when I discover a classic as a cover. It's amazing!
  3. I will translate what you just said to german, and time it (no online help!): Ich glaube dich nicht, must du verstehen. Du verstehst nicht deutch "perfect" wenn du das nicht sprächt. Mein frau kann es vollständig und manchmal kann sie nicht worte und ****. Sprache sind zu komplex für die *** des verstäehns das du ***. Du versucht wünchen zu denken. Die symbolen involviert in des matematik sind serh viel mehr kompleks. Ich finde deine perfekte verstendness vonn dem vahnsin. Vieleicht davonn kommt deine früliger ***, und nicht vonn teorien diskutieren. Time: 10:30 minutes. And some words I had to give up on. Many of the others are probably spelled wrong too. I can watch a movie in german without problems, and understand it all. I understand the words when I hear them (in context). But finding the words when I need them is harder. It's because I have higher priorities - I think.
  4. I have never claimed anything I've suggested to be superior. If people do that, they ask to be ridiculed. So we can agree on that.
  5. Maybe not from your end. But from the other side it's a thin line. I understand German perfectly. But if you ask me to speak it, it would take me ages to complete a conversation. Understanding is one thing, expressing is another.
  6. I'm not gonna ague with that, because new unsupported ideas tend to be ridiculed here, but I'll just say that we have no inside data from black holes, only mathematical theories. Theories that I don't necessarily agree with (at least not all of them). But to counter argue you have to show the math, and that's my achilles' heel, coz I am a bad mathematician (although I understand it perfectly).
  7. I think it's a part of Susskind's Holographic Principle. Found a couple articles about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2018/03/29/the-black-hole-information-paradox-stephen-hawkings-greatest-puzzle-is-still-unsolved/ & https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/86391/how-many-bits-are-encoded-on-the-surface-of-the-smallest-black-hole (Didn't read this!) You might be right. Gonna have to dig into that again soon.
  8. I concur, but with a more simple explanation. I think the repeats are due to two (or multiple) objects colliding with the black hole. Simple and elegant. But honestly, I have no clue. Gotta start with something though, right?
  9. Further down it says I'll try to find it when I have time.
  10. Look again. It says "close to 0 kelvin" in big black holes. The matter distribution on the surface might not have been mentioned in that article, but it is a commonly known theory, as far as I know.
  11. Sorry for the delayed response! I got it from Fraser Cain (Universe Today): https://phys.org/news/2016-09-cold-black-holes.html
  12. I've learned that small black holes are warm, and big ones are cold. And the big ones are the most intriguing. But what I would like to learn is what happens to the heat. Is it wrong to assume that it escapes with Hawking radiation? If so, why?
  13. We know that the sphere inside the black hole itself is almost at absolute zero Kelvin. Totally cold. We also know that matter absorbed by the black hole is distributed equally on its surface. And we know it emits Hawking radiation when that happens. The theory is also that the temperature just beyond the event horizon (as I've understood it) is millions of degrees hot. But can we be sure of that? How do we know that there is heat around the hole? Could it not be that all the energy absorbed, escapes as Hawking radiation? (Sorry for any factual mistakes. I'm not a pro.)
  14. Almost a year ago they managed to reflect light from a single strontium atom. I know it's much larger than a particle, but still amazing. https://epsrc.ukri.org/newsevents/news/single-trapped-atom-captures-science-photography-competitions-top-prize/
  15. I'm only ever disappointed in humans. Never nature, reality or science.
  16. Only we can make reality a more pleasant experience. Why not try? It's free.
  17. Okay. Thanks! Now I wont have to waste more time on that. No need to get nasty
  18. The extremely high pressure down there. The pipe's made strong enough to withstand it, so there's less pressure inside it, than outside it. Therefore it acts as a pressure release, sending water upwards. Maybe it won't work, but as long as it hasn't been tried - who knows?
  19. The idea is to exploit the pressure in the deepest parts of the oceans with (very) long, thin pipes, to create an ongoing circulation.
  20. I have the "how to do it", but not the means. Poor explanation, sorry.
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